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Now LISTING OVER 300 Pcs and adding more Jewelry every day

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As time permits I am listing now on Facebook, many of the pages and groups I manage  as well as on my  twitter, ArtRave.com , Pinterest, tumblr, stumblupon blogs  and more but am beginning to use my facebook jewelry page a main hub as well as my most popular shop pages on

Ebid http://artrave-jewelry.ebid.net and


While I manage this page along with many  other sites I dont get alot of time lately for my missed regular social chit chats, as I have been very  busy 20+ hours a day online 7 days a week buying and selling jewelry ~ getting ready and making my jewelry available for this holiday shopping  season!

I still sell my art but began buying & selling more  & more  higher quality imported & handmade jewelry this year.

Most of my jewelry is superior to anything you will find for a simple example ~  in Walmart ~  [and other stores with jewelry departments] I am always searching and comparing quality and prices as I seek out  the  best deals  to be found worldwide.I check trends in buying and look  for  what people  would want, especially keeping  it unique and rare  as most people understandably want to be the only one in their circle  of friends  that  wears a certain piece of  jewelry.

I buy and inspect every single piece that I offer and in most are one of a kind – rare- or closeouts.

I seek out mostly unique gold filled rings, bracelets,earrings, necklaces and more so than gold plated as gold filled is more durable and contains more gold and is usually made better.I look to buy low so I can offer great discounts compared to many other sellers.

Some of my imports have taken up to 2 months to arrive as they are rare or one of a kinds and made in remote regions around the world.

After receiving and inspecting them I prepare their pictures and details so I can present them online to you for sale – so – you dont have to wait as I did that all for you before posting !

I ALSO MAKE CUSTOM JEWELRY using real gemstones and natural gemstones, sterling silverwires and charms and take specific orders.

I keep competitive and stay on top of retail pricing. My prices are lower when compared ~ although after comparing at Walmart I found my jewelry is also superior while still less expensive !

I began to still sell online thru private messages but now also on my new facebook jewelry page, ArtRave. Ebid, Webidz, WordPress  and more.

Check my listings in my ebid store site ~ http://artrave-jewelry.ebid.net ~ which is becoming my most used site.
I provide clickable links that make it easier for anyone wanting to buy any of my great jewelry can do so online.

On any of my ebid pages there is also a ‘store icon’ that will link you too my 350+other auctions and sales there as well….

I am now located in Elk county [moved from Mansfield, Tioga Pa.] so those who live locally can still come to pick it up or I can mail it to you.It takes alot of time posting online but its more convenient for most .

I can ship usually within 24 hours as all items listed are alredy here in stock unless special or custom orders which are handled privately.. https://www.facebook.com/JewelryArtRAve


A Word from the Lord Jesus to whoever will listen……..

Who will hear what has been said?

Who will yield to fulfill My Word?

Who will stand when I bring this test?

Do not lean to the left or to the right!

Do not hide within the pit of shadows~

Come out from the shadows-

Stand before Me and walk!!

Walk in My Light, I am the Way~

Pick up your pace to follow Me.

Look up and behold ~ I make all things new!

The shadows vanish before the brightness of My Light.

Walk into My Light.

Do not stray to the left or to the right.

Follow Me!

Do not delay~

Who is worthy to be My servant?

Who is able to come to Me?

He who doesn’t bend his knee nor wink his eye to the shadows~!

Do not turn to the left or to the right!

Do not turn back into the shadows.

Walk into my light.

I make your path straight and narrow- it’s true-

I gird your loins with strength.

I give you sight to see My path.

I make your lameness vanish.

You hear My praise in your heart.

You hear My Words pass your lips.

You see My works by your hands.

Your labors will not be in vain.

Vanity for all who stray from My Light.

No striving after wind as you follow Me!

Don’t look away-

Who will swing his sword to defend My word?

Who will stand with Me and speak My glory?

Who will carry his brother into the chambers of My court?

Who will take the hand of the blind and say , “This is the way, let’s walk in it, together.”

Carry My brother, shout My arrival as I come & I come soon.

I am coming for you who have not departed from the way, who have not strayed

into the shadows.

Keep looking to the light , My light.

Keep walking on My path. My Way is the only Way.

I will lead you, I protect you.

Do not turn to the left or to the right.

Do not be frightened of what You see along the way

and in the shadows.

I have brought you and paid the price of your passage.

Discard your burdens for I have lifted them.

Let go , let go of your troubles as they will not come with you.

They hinder you from your walk. They draw you back to the shadows.

Do not lean to the left or to the right.

Do not look into the shadows.

Follow Me~! Seek Me~! Look to My Light.

Do not yield to the taunting voices.

Do not call upon the past~

I am the same , today, tomorrow and forever. I know My sheep .

Know me~! Come to Me~!

Take My hand~ Do not resist My Holy Spirit!

Do not delay. Do not wait to bury the dead,

I am alive forevermore. Where I am My servant will be also.

Be with me~

Do not look away- trust in Me.

Hear My voice- Listen to no others~

Shut the door to the shadows.

Let night not overcome you.

I have overcome the shadows……

I have looked into the Light.

I have not strayed from the path.

I have not bowed my knee to trials.

I have run the race and passed the finish……

I know the Way and am showing you, calling you, leading you , guiding you.

I protect you . My angels encamp about you.

Do not listen to the voices of the shadows~…….