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Pitbull Politics- Trump for ALL Americans


Only hope for America is Jesus

Only hope for President is Donald Trump

He is a patriot, not running as a poilitician but fending them off in every direction.

If we the people elect Donald Trump, the corruption will start to end and the trickle down of integrity will benefit every office and agency that will be able to do their jobs right.

Govt waste will be slashed.

Foreign Govts we support will have to respect US and our values.

We will live once again according the the values our nation was founded upon.

Political Correctness has only been a bully term coined to remove truth & integrity from society. Truth MUST return AND  WE MUST D0 WHAT IS RIGHT.

Fairness to ALL patriotic citizens will be restored.

Subversives will no longer be able to manipulate our laws and good will to try and…

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Donald Trump would make the BEST President of the USA has had since Reagan



Mr Trump can provide hope to ALL Americans~

  •  -Rich & Poor
  • -Young & Old,
  • -All Races
  • -Able bodied & Disabled,
  • -Genders
  • -Winners & Losers
  • -Entitled and Unentitled

The Office of President of the USA is the “Executive” Branch of Govt and NEEDS a capable Executive – one that can DO the job.

Many in the media & demlibs say things about him ~ but his own success shows that he is the most capable in our country for this job~!

His talents, efforts and determination outweigh any negatives he opines about and still make him the ideal person to be placed in charge of establishing a Patriotic Cabinet that will run our Nation for the benefit of our Nation,

He is a true Patriot [no one can deny!] and cares about America [ although his interests are global & he has projects going on all over the world ]  and we the people.

He is raw and honest so even if and when he says something that could be considered a gaffe or joke –

remember others have done as much before he ever did! –

He is honest , speaks his mind and is willing  provide the leadership our Nation so desperately needs to succeed and to survive all the damage Obama and some of his predecessors have wrought.

Vote for Donald Trump~!!

Although I’m now a disabled retired American , I worked many years ago on Wall St in Stocks & Import Export companies as well as at the WTC  & in the restaurant industry as well as self employment in art & sign painting and other jobs.

I saw how both good and bad executives handled matters in larger corporations as well as mom and pop companies .

Its time we have a ‘real executive’ in the Executive Branch of Government.

I feel fully confident in the capabilities of Donald Trump to fulfill the executive job as President of the USA better than any other candidate.

The Executive Branch of government NEEDS someone who possesses the best ‘executive skills’ and can demonstrate his executive experience both at home and abroad.

A President needs to know how to effectively negotiate and run his business endeavors to make his company the most successful it can become and meets the needs of his employees and produces the products or the services he provides do what they are represented to do.
When expanded to the political arena, a President as the leader of his country represents his country and must be able to negotiate on the global political arena to do the best for those he represents, as well as be able to manage the course of government and focus on the interests of the people he represents.

More than needing someone who is merely political who would say anything to get elected and then let our nation down, such as Obama who has failed miserably as an executive or CEO of the USA plunging our nation into more incredible debt, weakened our military, failed in foreign policies resulting in the spread of terrorism and reversing military goals previously accomplished and divided our nation at every level imaginable.

We need a President that can negotiate with Foreign powers over trade and political concerns that affect our national interests, not one that sells our nation out to reduce its footprint on the world such as Obama has been doing.

We need a President that can stand up to foreign powers
[ like Reagan did with Russia to tear down the Berlin Wall ]
and who can fully relate to the will of the American people negotiating with all classes and races to address both social and economic issues.

We need a president who has the intelligence and capability of putting together a management level team or “cabinet”  that can effectively run the branch of government he has been entrusted with that includes the military and running of social & educational divisions of government that manage all the different agencies and who can resolve the matters that lead to running our nation more effectively reducing government waste.

We need a President whose actions command respect both globally and nationally who will champion the cause of democracy and the very besis for which America was founded.

We need a President who will not stand down under pressure but who is and will be be prepared in all circumstances to promote and expand the interests & security of the United Stated of America on a global scale.

We need a President that will actively work to promote and increase jobs & job training programs within America, protect its borders, regain control over and enforce immigration regulations, maintain a strong military as its commander in chief and rebuild & upgrade the infrastructure of our nation.

We need a President who can recognize, empathize and realize the needs of his people in all the diverse categories our nation has who can hob nob with the rich and famous, mingle and meet the needs of the middle class, as well as empathize and manage the agencies that can meet the genuine needs of all the dis-enfranchized including the elderly, the disabled, the under-privileged, the poor, so that every level of our society’s citizenship can become able to fit together and function as a the best collective society in the world.

We need a President that can unite our people and bridge the gaps of the racial and class divides.

Donald Trump is such an executive and in touch with all parts of society being a successful builder and a prominent, well known and liked by members of all parts of our society who can do and achieve everything we all need a President to be able to do!


to do his best and am certain that  his best will be best for our Nation~!


Donald Trump is the most qualified potential  candidate who ‘can make our nation great again’~!

Even if you like & believe in Obama, its wrong to re-elect him. He can’t deliver!

Sorry, I have to disagree with those who are currently convinced that Obama deserves a repeat performance. Sure he’s mostly likable in public and appeals to many based on the support he receives. But honestly most of his supporters are those who have lost vision and hope  in the USA because they have been disillusioned, downtrodden, impoverished and the only thing they look to the government for is food stamps and cash grants, unemployment benefits extended and SSI or SSDI and fear they will lose what little they have if he isnt re-elected.

He has acted as President for the last four years and accomplished close to nothing of his campaign promises and has never ceased to blame Bush and others for his own failures. If he had no solutions to improve the USA back in 2008 he has none for 2012 . Instead he resorts to using entertainers and seeking backing from those least affected by his incompetence.He uses them to appeal to those who have nothing or close to nothing and when he gains their votes, which are as valuable as any one who is rich, he has found how to gain mass support and the very people he is hurting most have been duped into empowering him to keep them downtrodden!

Although I have seen some arguments that  sound most compelling and are well written, I think Romney is exactly who we need to bring the rich back to our country and stop outsourcing jobs as they have been being driven away by socio-economic reasons over the passed 30+ yrs.

Every country where the rich invest to create corporations, factories, companies  etc., then employ alot of people who lived in poverty otherwise. It is a shame however that in those countries, there are little to no safeguards for their human rights and many live and work for food and shared shelters. At least in the USA  if a person can secure a job to make them self sufficient, they can get housing, a car, education for themselves and their children and can conceivably work their way up the ladder and achieve success.

Right now China now is the #1 manufacturer in the world, which while they are hard working and work for less money, which draws the rich to invest there, We need to become more competitive to get those jobs back here in the USA. China however has more control over their people and their economy and much of their wealth is invested  into making them the next #1 power of the world. We are contributing to their endeavor by keeping Obama and similar politicians in office. While Obama will appeal to the poor  vote, citing he will take it from the rich, unlike Robin Hood  he isnt giving it to the poor~ On the contrary, the poor stay on welfare and food stamps, below poverty,many homeless, while he himself has become a multimillionaire and boasted  with his recent statement “if you have a small business , You didnt build it”
He speaks from his own experience, since he didnt build any small business  to get all the money he now has. He has been receiving money from foreign supporters ever since he was in college and has had them backing him financially in every political campaign he has been in since Chicago~! He uses people, especially socialmalcontents as a commodity to trade off their votes to give him more wealth and power as he has been weakening our economy and military and promoting racism , socialism and communism.

If we keep driving the rich and big businesses overseas, acting like the government and the poor want to take away their wealth and profits, rather than working for them to earn it, we all lose.

While I personally am disabled and now part of the 47% I remember when I worked on Wall St for several firms,that I worked hard and was rewarded for it and was able to make a decent living .

They had great medical dental and some of the companies I worked at even had cafeterias with meals for only $1 that were great.

I would love to see more companies like those coming back to America, as when I was a teen, easily hired at entry level, but within a year doubled  my salary and was in management. 

Now I have grown children that cant find jobs like I had when I was young. We need  big business to come back to America~!!

What we dont need are the corruptible politicians that enable the rich to skip out on what they provide employees like happens now where its almost impossible to find any full time job with affordable benefits. I believe Romney has a better approach as he knows both sides of the fence and how to talk to the rich while trying to get the job creation going to help the poor become self sufficient.

I am now disabled, in chronic pain needing joint replacement surgeries I havent been able to get.

I can no longer easily travel anywhere or to work . I can not work any job requiring continual 40 hr per week, or repetitive tasks. 

I can however work in a limited capacity when I dont have a Lupus flare up  or when my Co0ngestive Heart Failure settles down.My mind and thought process is still employable, I can contribute to society.

I can from home and would love to find a real job that I can be proud to do that would require like I do online now. Instead I still do alot of volunteerism and short assignments just to keep busy. Life can offer more,especially to our young, if we can get more companies to come back to America and provide jobs  that are easy to train for.

Many who are forced to go on welfare and who give up seeking work, remain defeated, living below poverty, are desperate, depressed and that leads them to existing in survival mode and that causes so much discontent and anguish that they are easily manipulated by Obama, as their hope.

Best Obama offers is food stamps as many cant even get cash benefits. This causes even more desperation as many of them have to trade or sell the food stamps to pay rent in their boarding houses so they dont have to live on the streets, so downtrodden, most dont even have a decent enough wardrobe to go on a successful job interview~! It burdens the middle class and cultivates more class & racial warfare.

When I first went to start working in NYC when I was 17, all I had in my pocket was carfare, yet was able to go into a work agency, fill out an application, take some sample tests and then was sent  out on interviews and got a job the same day.

Then after working so many months and having trained at a particular job, it added to my resume. As I became proficient at what I did, I was able to go back to  a job agency during a lunch break, update my resumes and then schedule interviews for better jobs. I worked my way up the corporate ladder and did well. 

Nowadays, there are few to no jobs like that – at least in the region where I now live. 

My sons are now 27 & 29 partially disabled physically, but could easily do the type of work I did back in my day, IF there were companies here that would be  hiring.There arent any.

All they have found to do over the passed 3 1/2 yrs were temp jobs and part time manual labor jobs that laid off before the time frames that would have enabled them to at least get unemployment but they never could get jobs with enough days to ever qualify before the lay offs~! Often temp jobs wont even give a W2 at the end of the year, but many are forced to take such temp work just to survive!!

 So they are stuck living in misery, depressed & downtrodden, ashamed of themselves to have to be living home and not able to be on their own. Its like that for many of their friends too and we have often taken in those who have become homeless due to  not having jobs or anywhere to go.

We believe, that despite Romney’s 47% remark behind closed doors to some potential rich supporters, that  he had to speak to them in ways to encourage them into investing in America and sorry if people didnt like the remarks [which were never meant for their ears] that is all part of negotiations in giving rich reasons to invest.

If Romney said something like we want you[rich]  here to invest in me and the poor so we can suck off your fortunes and cut down your profits in doing so, then who in their right mind would be  interested in investing? They instead go to other countries where they can make a better profit!

Maybe its because I have lived on both sides of the fence and have never been jealous or envious of someone eles success that instead was inspired and emulated them to reach my own success at times that~

I find it hard to thing voting for Obama as he will never bring America anything more than class warfare, racism and reverse racism along with continued depravity of malcontents.

I think Romney’s approach is what we need and will give a boost of hope and new vision to the USA and stimulate the rich to invest in America which will then help all who need work.

America has been on the downslope for the last 30+ years and so each President could blame their predecessors,from both parties~!! Obama however was least qualified to tackle the task of being President and has made matters worse at an accelerated pace. He has brought the USA to the brink of bankruptcy since he has not worked towards solutions but instead kept giving excuses, blames and empty speeches and has been deceiving people as he has not produced the results his office was to do. He had hired a staff that was incompetent or anti-American and they have worked on agendas that will lead to the collapse of our government which will leave us vulnerable to be conquered by our enemies.


I am 58 and first became disabled from an accident in 1984 which made it possible only to work part time jobs on and off for several years til I developed new health issues and heart problems and Lupus. I have struggled now for more than 1/2 my life, with deteriorating health  that caused me to have to move away from NYC in order to find  a place to live and raise my children properly.They are all grown now and have children of their own.I have 5 children and 13 grandchildren.I also have 13 brothers and sisters who all have had promising careers as civil servants and military personnel. So with all my family and extended family have paid in taxes, they sometimes tell  me not to feel bad about being disabled  that at least then they see where some of their taxdollars go. That doesnt make me feel any better,  having once been the most affluent in my family to now be the poorest! Some say thats the luck of the draw, maybe it is,.

Still after living in survival mode for 1/2 my life, I have seen and been involved in the dilemmas commonly facing those living below poverty, those who have to struggle by on meager entitlements, who feel substandard or low caste~ I have been homeless,

I have lived in shelters, I have experienced sub standard class treatment and humiliation. I have felt the degradation and self loathing associated with failure.  I have received substandard medical care. I have witnessed judicial corruption in treatment of my family members because they couldn’t afford lawyers.

I have seen the hypocrisy in the system if society in so many arenas and can understand the pain and indignation suffered by those born into poverty, including those single parents and  kids growing up in foster care, elderly abandoned who need help.I have known some who have killed themselves or have broken laws and went to jail, others who have turned to God and yet were shunned by churches and on and on.

I have known those who have lost vision, hope and that if given a chance in life would speedily turn around , just to be given a second chance in life, a chance at a job, their own home and able to buy new clothing for their children instead of only hand  me downs, who can go out to a restaurant once in a while and get more than a $.99 McDouble~

There are many currently on or not on welfare that would jump at a chance for a job that would include  health care and a salary large enough to cover their rent, bills and transportation.

Sure its not all Obama’s fault, I don’t think anyone can blame him for the last 30 years of economic decline and social unrest in our country .

Since this job is supposed to be President of the United States, the most powerful job in the entire world, it needs to go to one who is most qualified to be able to use the resources that are afforded to the POTUS where such a person can hire the best and most powerfully staffed cabinet that can tackle to socio-economic troubles now facing our country,Obama has not been able to accomplish  what is needed. Instead he has alot of rhetoric that continues the hopeless complaints of the poor, and those listening fail to realize he has the power to change it but he hasn’t the vision or knowledge how to change it.He is not qualified and never should have run for a job he isn’t capable of doing well at.The job requires more than being able to give good speeches, which is all he has been able to do, Even his foreign policy is a failure.

Romney’s plan is most likely to succeed. Obama hasn’t actually presented any plans.

For that reason I am more convinced than ever that MITT ROMNEY & PAUL RYAN can effect more beneficial changes for our country.

Romney has handled success  very well and will bring his expertise to t he White House and will be able to balance the budget sheets and work out the best plan for getting the USA out of debt to China , be able to protect Medicare and streamline the administration of  the Medicaid based programs  He can work out provisions to privatize medical coverage  that would cause healthy competition between health care providers instead of them resenting having to treat the poor or retired. 

This would give quality care to all, without imposing fines on small businesses and individuals.

Besides since the Congress, Senate & Muslims are exempt from Obamacare, then the rest of America should also be also be exempt~! Romney knows we need  better healthcare but he has a much more reasonable plan on providing it that will be better for businesses and individuals alike,

Romney & Ryan have a vision to help save America and Obama has no such vision.We need therefore to consider not just our own private situation in life but the overall national situation and accept that we have to consider the good of the nation before we can enjoy our rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness as guaranteed under the Bill of Rights and Constitution. If we let the government bankrupt our nation we will lose all our rights, even our rights to complain~!


Check out Ted Cruz Blog, Vote for Romney and Ryan~!

Obama has to go~! We need ‘change’.

Abortion is a Hate Crime ~!

It doesn’t matter that Romney is rich~ Come on ~!!!

Obama’s funding comes from the Arab nations that are trying to ‘change’ America to suit their agenda and Obama is enabling them.

Obama’s cabinet is a joke – a sick joke… Atty Genl doesn’t know law, but breaks it….
Plain and simple – America would do ‘better’ with Romney & Ryan~!!
Ted Cruz is working to get Obamacare repealed.

It needs to be repealed~!! So hard getting health care now the way it is!
Delays are causing elderly & disabled to suffer and some are dying from not getting the care they need in a timely fashion due to all the bureaucratic red tape~!!

Welfare & Medicaid do need to be reformed. The administration of it needs to be overhauled and streamlined which will save taxpayers billions~!
Commonsense approaches would help the poor and the middle class without driving away our country’s rich~!

We need the rich to feel safe about investing in our country~! We have to work together to foster entrepreneurs as many new ‘investors’ to get their businesses going.

If we cultivate tax base to encourage the rich to invest in American jobs, we can rise again out of this recession!

Vote for Romney and Ryan


Vote Romney Ryan Ted Cruz Repeal Obamacare

First the devil said it to Eve… now he says it to Obama~!!

What If ?

 What about It?

What if you were in..?

What about?…

Supposing this happened….?

What if it happened to your child?

What if it happened to you?

What if it happened to a friend?

What if everybody else was doing it??

What if he did it first?? or she did it first?

What if you didnt get caught ??

What if God wasn’t looking…?

What if God ‘didnt care’?

What if God is dead?

What if God didnt answer ?

What if God changed his mind ?

What if man vetoed God?

Will God wink his eye because man made his own law ?

Will God bend his almighty will to the will  of the man who can say what if?

What IF the devil was right?

What if the devil has a better plan ?

What if the bible isnt real ?

What if you can do as you please as long as it is right in your own eyes?

Why serve a God who allows you to be tempted and tried?

Why serve God when you can serve yourself, you surely will not dier?

Why believe in God when you can take over the job yourself?

Why care  that others kill murder steal usurp deceive and even rule over you?

Why care about anyone other than yourself?

Why not charge God with wrong when that fictious child is raped?

Why bother with proof when you have plenty of supposition?

Why listen to the voice of reason when you enjoy your own opinions?

Why consider what Jesus would do when you can be your own Jesus and do what you want?

Why worry about the future as you are the master of your own universe!

Why not hold a form of religion, just deny the power of it !~

Why not do what’s right in your own eyes and back it up with convenient verse and law?

The bible says, that ‘There is a way that seems right to a man but it ends in death.’

‘My ways are not your ways says the Lord…’

‘Try to  learn what is pleasing to the Father…’

‘Choose this day whom you will serve”

“If God be God, serve him, if not serve …”

..in Job, the devil said ,”take away all that he has and he will curse you to your face.”

‘Jesus said the devil was a  liar and murderer from the beginning.’

‘The devil seduced Eve with “What if’s”….He does that to everyone…so that they may find fault with God and then become estranged  from God becoming prey for the devil.’

The devil tempted Jesus in the wilderness and tempts us the same ways as well…but Jesus rebuked the devil to told him to depart…

…to the pure HE[God] shows himself pure….

How do you seek God?

…to the ‘crooked'[those who seek to justify their actions]He[God] shows himself perverse[crooked].

If you *want* to believe that God is unfair, uncaring and not in control of the life you now live or the lives of those women /girls who become pregnant under various circumstances, then you are opting to play God by approving abortion!~ What else will you approve??

Each one is lured and enticed by their own desires…when conceived that desire gives birth to sin… which when full grown brings forth death!!

To compound any sin relating to conception with the choice of abortion is adding sin to sin by all concerned!

Can you elect yourself to be God?

Will he allow it? If He ‘stays judgement’ a day longer than demanded is that a weakness or a mercy on his part?

Medical abortions have been done through out time as lives were imperilled such as the fictitious scenarios such as of a child raped who conceived and couldnt birth…such cases have always been allowed to be medically supported and when it comes to choice between mother and child viability, decisions have always been allowed, some which result in medical abortions.

We NEVER  needed the phoney premised Roe v Wade to ensure rights of those medically needing an abortion.

Even the woman who posed before the law representing the Roe v Wade decision REPENTED AND SAID THE LAW SHOULD BE REPEALLED.


That is the carrot ,bait and justification used by PRO CHOICE brainwashers to perpetuate infanticide of the unborn.

Legal abortion is only legal murder.

The world is sick…the law most likely will never be  overturned..the innocent will keep being murdered.

Condoning it is become a participant of that sin.

It is being a co-conspirator.

When standing before God on Judgement DAy [if you believe in Him], you may be guilty of judgement resulting in hell, for embracing the seductive acceptance of abortions being  a woman’s right under any circumstance.

Most Abortions are performed for petty convenience..to take back a mistake…to correct the results of fornication and adultery.

Pretexted by freeing a woman’s body of the infections of rape and its consequences.

I sheltered a young woman who had an abortion who I befriended for a few years.Due to her ignorance and lack of self control and limited education, she conceived 2 more times and each time held off getting an abortion til she was far enough along  so she was able to use abortion as her chosen form of birth control! She actually had the audacity to go to church the night before having an abortion performed at 14 weeks gestation. She didnt tell us what the medical procedure was for. Later when I was told of what she had done and that it was here 3rd time, I confronted her and she said she didnt want people to think she was a bad person for getting pregnant without being married! What a lame excuse to kill a baby – to kill 3 babies! but Roe v Wade made it possible for her to wait til the last minute and get an abortion each time~

There have not been 40 Million rapes of 5 yr old children over the last 30 years who got pregnant and would have died without Roe v Wade!

 There have been 40 million ‘choices’ of women who have been co-erced into thinking abortion was an alternative to giving birth.

Unfortunately many women who otherwise would not want an abortion have been  manipulated and seduced into getting abortions as well feeling  they had no choice. I know many of these women who still have regrets and nightmares about their abortions and some who have failed to ever conceive again even when they tried.

Our generation has become so self indulgent, self serving and callous towards the rights and needs of others, including the unborn that we allow them to be discarded, murdered in abortion mills.

Many Babies are considered an inconvenience to the guy who likes to play around without protection…so let him just pay for the abortion,right?  That makes it ‘okay’??? It makes him irresponsible for 18 yrs of child support, thats all~

Let the girl who was too drunk to say ‘no’ or remember who it was she was with or how many she was with, just ‘erase the mistake’ by not bringing an ‘unwanted’ child into the world??????  

Adoption is too much of a hassle anyway???

Why feel hurt or remorse for giving a live child away when an abortionist can flush it down the drain and make it go away in minutes???

After all ‘out of sight ‘…. no one else would know and then you can resume your life as usual with no strings attached ??? That lie haunts millions of women today.

Many men have found it convenient way to get them off the hook…

Women too, have found it a convenient way to get themselves off the hook….as they are convinced more and more to not become mothers .

Others have found it a convenient way to not have more kids in the ‘system’ for taxpayers to raise….

What if those children had lived?

What if the mother fell in love with her child the moment she held it?

What if that adoptive couple was so thrilled and gave the best education to that otherwise unwanted child who later could have developed the cure for cancer or other diseases?

What if that aborted child had instead been given human rights to save him or her from abortion and protect it til it could have protected itself and allowed the chance to live and grow up to adulthood and prove to society his or her worth in this world we live in…??

What IF God wanted that child to be born, regardless to how it was conceived?

What if God is now only holding back his righteous anger and judgement over all who have been seduced into having or defending abortion as a woman’s right ??

If abortion remains legal, “Why stop at pre-birth? What if the child is ugly or sick?If you could have aborted it a day earlier but now wish you had, why not be allowed to as they do in China?”….

What if your baby cries all the time and annoys you? Why cant you ‘post-natal abort?'[infanticide]

What if you have postpartum depression and smother your screaming infant?? Why is that chargeable murder and abortion not??

God forbid~ both are murder….Abortion is murder…no matter what IF?

If you say or think that God is Lord in your life and still you say you believe and follow Jesus, dont ever link him to condoning abortion.That is sick!

 Jesus died for all those aborted babies since they are , at least for the few moments of their existence ~ part of the world that God so loved! More over they are innocent~!

Back in 1978, I went through an Abortion Clinic to remove a baby that died in my womb but hadnt yet ejected and caused me to bleed for 3 weeks. My doctor said I needed a DNC as I was becoming ‘septic’…At the time , had I gone into the hospital for a DNC I would have had to remain in for 3 days and I had no baby sitter for my infant daughter.I was looking for a faster alternative to staying in a hospital overnite.

My cousin told me about a nearby abortion clinic that could to the comparable to getting the DNC in ust one day, as same surgery  and I could be back home that night with my daughter,so I did.

It seemed like the right alternative.

I was wrong! It was a glimpse of hell and judgement when I awoke in recovery alongside 16 other women who had abortions that day.

Hearing the moaning and cries and rants of the other women, made me feel like I was already in hell.

One woman kept cursing out the dead baby’s father…

Another cried that she changed her mind and that she didnt want to do it… but it was too late… we were all in recovery.. the procedures had been already done.

When the anesthesia wore off and I left there, I felt dirty and ashamed. I hadnt aborted a live baby, butfelt like I had.

I swore to God that if I ever needed a DNC again that I would never stoop so low as to go to an abortion clinic again.

I actually felt the spiritual evil that presides over abortion clinics!!

If you support the right to abortion, your very relationship to Jesus is wrong and you are wasting your time calling yourself a Christian, unless you repent of condoning such atrocities and follow Jesus rather than man.

A medically necessary abortion due to the mother’s physical capability to continue with a pregnancy that will kill her has always been dealt with medically, individually with DNC’s and there never was a need for Pro-Choice Roe V Wade legislation.

Back alley abortions [the old fashioned term] were done as a choice and not as medically needed, usually by whores or women who simply didnt want children, not that there were any reason beyond convenience that they could have given birth.

Roe v Wade was said to be supposed to be ending back alley abortions, but instead has committed genocide of the unborn for the last 30 years.

No matter how politically correct it has been ingrained into you or seduced you may be , Abortion is never God’s will and not the answer!