How easy is it for a military strategist to kill and get away with it?


Although I am not afraid of any personal liability in this matter, because the investigation is technically still ‘open’, I have changed the name of the person I believe is guilty of this crime….


BEVERLY is a fictitious name and the military branch she belongs to has been generically changed to MILITARY and her deployment location was changed to not indicate where she was deployed to when overseas as well as the other overseas  military place she was at with Jim [ whose name she changed while they were legally married!]  Other names are merely first names and last names have been omitted.

IF BEVERLY is ever prosecuted successfully, I will then reveal all the names involved here…but she planned it so carefully, patiently over a course of 5 years that it is likely she will never be brought to justice~! Basically she already got away with it~!

Well things have been upsetting so far.

No progress as the case is going no where.She even wrote a book on manipulative strategies on controlling people when she was a captain in the military back in the 90’s… planned murder was an experiment for her to use her theories and put them in motion with someone she thought didnt matter.

The DA has a 100% conviction rating, which means short of a confession, he wont even file any charges against Jim’s internet MILITARY wife! She  managed to talk her way out of being held accountable~!

So the lesson to be learned here is that  if you want to kill someone, do it in Alexandria Virginia and you will most likely get away with it. as long as you are patient and document it to look innocent! Be sure to plan it out thoroughly  before picking your victim~

Jim met her over 5 yrs ago on the internet on a chat site.

He was recently divorced, out of work on disability and living alone in senior citizen housing.  He had been an alcoholic and was on a DUI probation. She offered to even pay off his fines and clear the decks for him to eventually join her on her ‘web’…

He was a perfect candidate for this Pentagon Predator , who hated her own father for molesting her as a teen causing her to live on the streets before joining the military.

She purposefully sought out someone on the internet,  she thought no one would care about as she was in her mid 40’s single and probably a dyke. Don’t ask, don’t tell!!!

She said she  wanted to change her name to make her look like a normal married woman,  so she told Jim and that she would pay him to be her internet husband~!

At  first, he didn’t even have to live with her, just go to a JP and she would pay him.. So he did, even though she already beat him up once when visiting him , leaving him with a broken collar bone. She later bought him some gifts and gave him some more money, so he never pressed  charges, since she was his benefactor.

10 months later she convinced him she would give him more money IF he would join her, so he did. That was the beginning of the end for him.

He then suffered more spousal abuse from her and his pride caused him to suffer in secret, til he began telling his kids about it a few years ago.

Society looks at domestic violence as a man abusing a woman. When it is the other way around, most law enforcement agencies don’t take it seriously and look down on the abused man – so much that most won’t report it or admit it…They just suffer it..

Other men will say they deserve it if they let a woman get over on them like that! Most men are embarrassed and ashamed and live depressed isolated lives til their abusers finish them off!



In recent times it has become more fashionable for women to kill their husbands ~ even more so to marry old men for a few years and insure them, and cause them to have an accident or aggravate their medical conditions to cause them to die prematurely..Then these merry widows cry all the way to the bank! Most get away with it.

Last year however I heard on the news in California how 2 women were successfully prosecuted for this scam and caused their unwitting husbands deaths…

For the last 2 yrs of his life, “JIM”  sought a way be free from and to divorce this sociopathic woman and find some peace in his old age, but that wasnt to be had.

Usually it is women that are victims of domestic violence and many stay in abusive marriages because they are financially dependent on their abusers, as Jim now was!

Jim finally got the nerve up to consider seeking a divorce or at least a legal separation. He needed his medical insurance however for his diabetic supplies and doctor’s visits.

Jim had his daughter, look up Virginia divorce law for him and started saving every email his internet bride sent him, that would show the kind of mental abuse she was putting him through.

His daughter said that even if he didnt want to get the divorce, that he could live with her and her husband at their military base in California as his TRICARE would be acceptable there as well and he could get the now needed medical treatments he desired.

After 5 yrs of marriage to this woman who hated and abused him privately, but socially looked clean and innocent to others.

Then his diabetes got worse and he was going into renal failure since last July08 and  BEVERLY kept him a virtual emotional prisoner in their apt.

This way she didnt have to worry about any divorce settlement and wouldn’t be stuck supporting him if he left to live with his daughter.

She wouldn’t even leave him cabfare to go anywhere as he got dizzy often and had swollen legs ,so he couldnt walk far, unassisted, so he couldn’t go to doctors, unless she brought him. She openly told family members that  she was refusing to bring him anymore doctor’s appointments!

They had been talking divorce for over several months prior to his last illness and he asked for a settlement to leave her and she said she would see him dead before ever giving him a penny.She meant every word!

When she was deploying for 6 months to WARZONE  in July 2007  for 6 months, almost a year prior to the onset of his kidney disease.

They signed mutual Wills in which he only read the clause she had pointed out that said his kids would get whatever he was entitled to as well as his personal effects. He didnt read the other parts that basically negated that.

He said didn’t read til after she left for overseas duty, that the kids only get something, if she died over there, that he would become her heir, so he signed everything.

He got mad later on after reading the fine print realizing he was being deceived and started talking divorce via phone and email to her and it was decided they would wait til she returned but she made it clear she wanted nothing more to do with him and she was finished with him.

Her net worth was over a Million dollars due to her skills in investment and her tightwad spending habits and his own life insurance policies totalled over $100,000- She made over $100,000 a year and never bought a house and saved most of her money.

She had an investment portfolio for her retirement and as she nears her retirement, she was now ready to rid herself of the man she lured on the internet to become another of her investments, whose return was his life insurance. Before marrying him, she baited him with saying 1/2 of all she had would be his as well![like hell~!]

She tricked him into agreeing and signing all her papers, since she was going to a secure base as an administrator and was never to see any combat anyway.

He mused about being her benficiary but prayed for her safe return. Although she had once broke his collar bone and hit him other times, he didn’t think she would actually kill him, so gambled his time with her and remained in that abusive relationship in quiet desperation biding his time.

Her plan was set in motion even back then!

She found an old man in a chat room, lured him in to become her dependent, a way to vicariously punish her own father whom she claimed had sexually abused her as a teen and whose mother didn’t believe her and kicked her out at 16 yrs old.

She had mental problems and became sociopathic!

She wanted her parents acceptance but also revenge, vicariously through punishing and killing another old man.

She would  get even with her abusive father, by taking it out on Jim, the substitute whipping boy!

All she had to do was wait him out, when he developed the kidney failure, not obtain any dialysis or medical treatments for him and he was doomed to die within 3-6 months.

When we offered to take him for treatment she told us okay but told him she would sue him for abandoment and that he would get nothing from her unless he agreed to stay and not involve his family anymore.

He finally was going to accept our help when he began to feel sick, but then she pushed his death up sooner by harming him in ways that didnt show readily on autopsy and fell within the prognosis of her doctors, whom he said he didnt trust.

She refused to bring him to any more doctors for treatment after he went for a second opinion last August to our doctor. He was told to go over to the hospital up here for labs and return the next morning to our doctor but she didnt bring him for the labs and took him back to Virginia to die a slow painful death since she documented he would die within 6 months without dialysis and said he didnt want to return to her doctors, so they verified that.

She also made a staged  memorable commotion at her doctor’s office last July, pretending to plead with Jim to get the dialysis right away, while letting him know how he was going to be at her mercy from then on.

She then stalled his other future  medical treatments by cancelling appts and telling them, he didnt want to go even though he kept asking to go to the doctors.

She told me by phone that she didnt have time to take him to doctors as she had to work, so I offered back in Nov2008 to help out.

She said he would have to decide and he later told me that she would cut  him off if he had us help him and he knew we couldnt afford to support him, so he was stuck at her mercy and whim.

Then when Katy decided to fly in from California to take him out of there and move him to her place, BEVERLY pretended she was getting him help so she would look like a dutiful wife and got a hospital bed the day before he died,pictures show she must have beat him up and confined him.

Since Christmas, he told us he wanted to get the dialysis right and James even offered him a kidney in early January and called our doctor who said it was still possible as he was allowed to go onto the kidney transplant list up to age 70, but BEVERLY had lied and told him that the cutoff was 60 and that it was too late for him and that he was soon going to be with Jesus, sarcastically.

I have phone records of over 120 calls he made to us here that he discussed what she was up to and warned us that if anything happened to have it investigated. I told him that anytime he wanted to bail out of there, that we were 5 hours away and would get him out fast, but apparently not fast enough.

He was walking and talking on Mon 1/26 and Katy told him she was flying in on Fri 1/30 to get him. Up til then he had been sleeping on a floor like a dog as BEVERLY and him had been fighting since she was in  WARZONE and more once she returned.

She is a cold blooded narcissist that claims she was molested by her father when she was a teen and her mother kicked her out to the streets. She must have been sociopathic even back then and perhaps her own mother recognized that in her when she kicked her out!

She finished school and joined the MILITARY and was married briefly 2 other times and when she met Jim online , he was 60 and she was about 40.

She talked him into getting married, saying she only wanted to change her name and paid him $50 a day to do so initially, until she conned him into going to OVERSEAS ISLAND  and began the abuse and mind games.

His diabetes had caused him to totally stop drinking and he was into health foods and when they returned they lived in Alexandria Va.

Since she was out most of the time, he took care of her cats and had his own computer, electronics and was basically kept never having to go out as all his food was delivered in . He found life tolerable while she was away.

She received an allotment of spousal support from the military for him, so he became her dependent which was what she had offered him in the beginning, but she cut off giving any money once he moved in with her.

Then he was stuck on her spider’s web with her, as his SSI was cut off and she discarded most of his belongings,including his furniture, so he had no way to start over without help.

They gave some of his things to James who was always ready to let him come and live with him, but James moved in with me and so Jim didnt want to cause any more problems so he chose to stay with BEVERLY for the time being until Katy said he could live with them.

BEVERLY abused him and even beat him up occasionally, [april 2003 she broke his collar bone and gave him a black eye!] but he wouldn’t call police, as he was too embarrassed and getting weaker, so he told Katy more about what BEVERLY was doing so Katy looked up Virginia divorce law and when

BEVERLY hacked his email, she read about their plan to take him to California for treatment and to live at Camp Pendleton with Katy and her husband David & their baby.

BEVERLY deleted all his files holding the emails where she made threats against him that he was saving for a divorce lawyer to look at. She was good at hacking into other people’s email. She also changed computers annually so that hard drives were lost, always deleting or erasing his life as they went along. She also refused to call him by his real name and called him Patrick instead….

One of those emails however he sent to Katy and she has forwarded it to me to send to the Alexandria Police Dept along with the phone records, story and photos of his death.

Katy said she had the time and they had medical facilities out there that his Tricare card would be accepted for treatment.

BEVERLY knew Katy was coming so she then hired a hospice to come in to attend his death. In Virginia, if a person is under hospice care, the police do not have to be notified when they die~ another part of her plan.

BEVERLY told Katy after he died that he didnt like the hospital bed that was delivered on Tues 1/27 and that she was up all night with him as he struggled to get out of the bed and apt., so that she had to take away the electronic bed controls, put up the guard rails and even barricade furniture all around it and block the door so he wouldn’t go out!

Why, we can ask and we believe he was trying to get away from her!

He told me a while back if anything went wrong [like if she was trying to kill him] he would do whatever it takes to get the hell out of there and to a hospital. She wasnt letting him do that as she had too much to lose had he lived and separated from her.

She would have had to pay his support had he gone to Katy’s.

When the hospice arrived next morningTues 1/27, for the first and last time, he was already semi comatose from his night’s ordeal and since they hadnt met him before thought it was the natural progression of his kidney disease and one hour later he was dead.

BEVERLY[his wife] took before and after pics of his death.

She told Katy he didnt want his oxygen, but he told Katy on Monday he was asking for oxygen as he ate alot of cough drops and was having a harder time breathing as he was swollen and scared that BEVERLY was up to something.

In the pictures taken by BEVERLY, before and after, his nose was swollen and bloody which raised alarms in us, as we could also see that his right hand knuckles were bruised or scuffed and bloodied and his arms above the elbows were bruised in a matching pattern.

It looked as though she might have even sat on his chest, pinning him down maybe to shove a pillow over his face and maybe her palm into his nose thus flattening it, depriving him of needed oxygen long enough to make him semi comatose.

He was wiped clean but had some blood showing still when the photos were enlarged!

He must have had quite a nose bleed, as one ear shows it was wiped, but not all blood removed,as did his nostrils and mustache had blood on them.

BEVERLYmay have  made a mistake of using a high resolution camera that when enlarged showed those details.

On the other hand, it may have been her way of bragging  about what she did, feeling confident that she had enough documentation in place to remove any suspicions the authorities may have had.

If he had been in such bad shape with his kidney failure, he couldn’t have struggled as much as she claimed,  and wouldn’t have needed to have been restrained. How could he have gotten out of bed anyway? Why was he trying to leave? He already said he was afraid of her!

Why didn’t she call an ambulance and let him go to the ER for his nose bleed or — how novel– if he was dying ??

WE believe his kidney failure wasn’t necessarily as  accute yet, since he often fooled his doctors in the past with higher than normal numbers in his bloodwork.

We believe his nosebleed was deliberate and keeping his bed lowered and depriving him of oxygen, lowering the back of his hospital bed & restraining him,  caused his Congestive Heart Failure to worsen and that contibuted significantly to  his sudden death.

I even told BEVERLY that in November when she said he would be dying soon  that he always had higher stats in his blood work for many years that baffled doctors.

I offered her back then to help and she said I could take him away but then she told him that if he left, she would stop his support.

He was also missing his frontal lobe from his car accident many years ago and had a big cyst in his forehead where his frontal sinuses were so instinctively always protected his face!

Why did she barricade him & terrorize him & restrain him with such force as to bruise him?

The Insurance policy making her sole beneficiary for $100,000 was motive enough~

She also had his back of the bed lowered with no pillows, so with congestive heart failure, he would have had a hard time breathing and that would have stressed his heart more. [I have congestive heart failure and can not lay flat without a drowning feeling of suffocation~]

Anyway, BEVERLY told Katy & me that the hospice worker asked if he wanted to make any last calls, but said that he didnt want to talk to any of his kids, but in the pictures it shows the phone and internet were out of reach as well as the controls of the hospital bed and that the Oxygen was also out of reach.

Jim talked with us all , every day when she was at work~ and if he was really dying , that he would have at least have wanted to have been on the phone with his beloved daughter, Katy,  til his dying breath!

Katy talked to her fatehr 2-3 times every day up til Mon 1/26.

Karen sent the hospice worker’s phone number to Katy and she gave it to me and I called and asked the woman how he died.

The hospice worker told me he was laying still when she arrived, with his eyes open and never said a single word to her!

That meant BEVERLY lied about him saying ‘ No ‘ to the worker about making phone calls.

BEVERLY made the hospice think she cared about Jim but needed his body removed immediately without the police being notified. Again no red flags?

The other hospice worker also ‘forged ‘the death certificate~ enabling his body to be removed without police notification, delivering it to the funeral parlor.BEVERLY also changed his clothes only a minute after his death..

Why we ask?

She then took more pictures of him and emailed them to Katy so she wouldn’t fly out on Fri 1/30~ The body was removed without any authority notifications. Reason enough wouldn’t you agree, if you planned on killing someone that is ~ ?

So just hire a hospice when you want to kill someone and make it look natural~!! They can help you get rid of the body, no questions asked…

The funeral director was told he had no family and that there were to be no announcements and that she wanted him cremated ASAP.

When I called the funeral director to ask if they had him there [ I called 8 funeral parlors looking for him] I was told my timing was odd as she was sitting before him when I called so he asked to call me back and he did.He said their was no viewing but we said we wanted to see him and were coming down there.

The only thing holding up the cremation, was that the death certificate was improperly signed by the hospice worker and not a doctor, so it had to be re-written and the hospice then had their on-call doctor sign th new cert based on his last doctor’s appt last July~ It was part of the plan as it enabled the body to be removed from the apt.

I brought James & Kyle and Jim’s sisters Kathleen and Dorothy to the funeral parlor on Mon 2/2 and they agreed his nose looked broken but that he arrived that way, so we notified police and had the DA go get the body for autopsy under suspicion of foul play.

Since he had many chronic medical problems which baffled doctors all his life and he was diseased, their autopsy showed no obvious foul play to cause his death.

His injuries could have been accidentally self inflicted.[???] Any explanation was acceptable to the police, since BEVERLY admitted nothing and had documents showing he would die without treatment and her claims that he didn’t want treatment!

They said the nose wasnt actually broken [even though the cartlidge was separated from his nose bone and it was twisted! They did toxocologies that will determine which organs failed first, but nothing is enough to charge BEVERLY with any wrong doing without witnesses.

We wanted to visit Jim numerous times over the last six months, but he always said that BEVERLY was giving him a hard time and that he didnt want to make waves. He didnt count on her getting violent with him, as she must have the night before he died. I think he thought he could get away if it got that dangerous, never expecting to be barricaded in a room in a hospital bed, unable to escape!

When his phone didnt answer on Tue 1/27, Katy became alarmed, as her last call was Mon 1/26 when he said he was afraid of BEVERLY and that she was up to something and that waiting for Fri 1/30 when Katy was coming was like playing ‘Beat the Clock’.

He had asked Katy that when she came that he wanted her to take him to the hospital to get his dialysis started, since BEVERLY wouldnt take him. Katy agreed to do so.

Jim said he couldnt speak or say what he wanted in front of Karen as she intimidated him . He hoped she would leave him alone long enough with the hospice workers when they were to come, so he would ask them to take him to the hospital.

He never got that chance as BEVERLY took off work and did all the talking for him to them.

Katy called me and James to go get him Tues 1/27 night but it was snowing heavily and the weather forecast said it was going to snow all day Weds 1/28 so we decided to go Thurs 1/29 to get him to a hospital, as Katy couldnt get there before Fri 1/30.

WE planned on getting him to an ER in Alexandria and that as soon as he could travel to bring him up here for initial treatment and then have him fly back to California with Katy when he was able.Katy was then going to change her flight to here.

Weds 1/28 his cell phone called me and I answered and it was BEVERLY telling me he was dead and that we didnt need to come for him! I told her we were coming on Thursday and she said she ‘knew’…She also called Katy, sent her email pictures and told her disturbing details.

I notified his family and they said they hadnt talked to him since Christmas and they wanted to see his body for closure,so I picked them up in Phili and we all went down to the funeral parlor for a private viewing where we saw it was obvious to us she had done something to him but he was scheduled for cremation the next day, so we had a hard time getting that stopped and told them what we suspected and that it would look almost natural since he did have kidney disease but we suspected she had partially suffocated him and that he cut his knuckles trying to defend himself.

We told the Police of the blood in his nostrils and his nose being flattened out looking like it was broken.

In the very least, it was long term elder abuse and neglect on BEVERLY’s part, in facilitating his death for the insurance policy.

She planned it all out very well and who knows who, she may have paid off, since she is a high up in the Pentagon~ a LT Col in the MILITARY in their xxxx  dept.

By him not getting treatment, he died far sooner than he would have naturally and she gets $100,000 for it, so had no reason to prolong his life since they couldnt stand each other!

I warned him 6 years ago that she was dangerous and he was a fool to trust her, but he thought he had it under control. I even told him never to let her insure him as she would probably kill him…because here she was a professional, successful  and 20 yrs younger than he. It made no sense she would want to marry such a poor old man from the internet.

Now it actually happened and she is getting away with it!

That prevents us from having any closure.

It nags at us, while she- the merry widow cries all the way to the bank! I wish had it had to happen that it would have happened in NYC ,where something more would have been done about it by the police.

The Alexandria Police seemed to have been dragging their heels when they heard she was a Lt.Col and he was socially a nobody. So ‘nobody’ deserves justice?

Our children and his sisters call me crying and demanding we do something but what can we do? I am only the former wife who divorced him and even took him to the plane when he went to live with BEVERLY 10 months after they were married on paper… he said he was going there to get an annulment but never returned.

She was a black widow and he got bit and devoured.

Who cares? Can it happen to anyone else??……..

She isolated him for the last 5 yrs from his family. She demeaned and persecuted him and only allowed him to visit his daughter once and sons 3 times. He leaves behind 5 children and 11 grandchildren , 2 sisters , a brother, his former wife and friend and other relatives. They cared and want justice for what happened to him, but in Alexandria Virginia, that may never happen..


First the devil said it to Eve… now he says it to Obama~!!

What If ?

 What about It?

What if you were in..?

What about?…

Supposing this happened….?

What if it happened to your child?

What if it happened to you?

What if it happened to a friend?

What if everybody else was doing it??

What if he did it first?? or she did it first?

What if you didnt get caught ??

What if God wasn’t looking…?

What if God ‘didnt care’?

What if God is dead?

What if God didnt answer ?

What if God changed his mind ?

What if man vetoed God?

Will God wink his eye because man made his own law ?

Will God bend his almighty will to the will  of the man who can say what if?

What IF the devil was right?

What if the devil has a better plan ?

What if the bible isnt real ?

What if you can do as you please as long as it is right in your own eyes?

Why serve a God who allows you to be tempted and tried?

Why serve God when you can serve yourself, you surely will not dier?

Why believe in God when you can take over the job yourself?

Why care  that others kill murder steal usurp deceive and even rule over you?

Why care about anyone other than yourself?

Why not charge God with wrong when that fictious child is raped?

Why bother with proof when you have plenty of supposition?

Why listen to the voice of reason when you enjoy your own opinions?

Why consider what Jesus would do when you can be your own Jesus and do what you want?

Why worry about the future as you are the master of your own universe!

Why not hold a form of religion, just deny the power of it !~

Why not do what’s right in your own eyes and back it up with convenient verse and law?

The bible says, that ‘There is a way that seems right to a man but it ends in death.’

‘My ways are not your ways says the Lord…’

‘Try to  learn what is pleasing to the Father…’

‘Choose this day whom you will serve”

“If God be God, serve him, if not serve …” Job, the devil said ,”take away all that he has and he will curse you to your face.”

‘Jesus said the devil was a  liar and murderer from the beginning.’

‘The devil seduced Eve with “What if’s”….He does that to everyone…so that they may find fault with God and then become estranged  from God becoming prey for the devil.’

The devil tempted Jesus in the wilderness and tempts us the same ways as well…but Jesus rebuked the devil to told him to depart…

…to the pure HE[God] shows himself pure….

How do you seek God?

…to the ‘crooked'[those who seek to justify their actions]He[God] shows himself perverse[crooked].

If you *want* to believe that God is unfair, uncaring and not in control of the life you now live or the lives of those women /girls who become pregnant under various circumstances, then you are opting to play God by approving abortion!~ What else will you approve??

Each one is lured and enticed by their own desires…when conceived that desire gives birth to sin… which when full grown brings forth death!!

To compound any sin relating to conception with the choice of abortion is adding sin to sin by all concerned!

Can you elect yourself to be God?

Will he allow it? If He ‘stays judgement’ a day longer than demanded is that a weakness or a mercy on his part?

Medical abortions have been done through out time as lives were imperilled such as the fictitious scenarios such as of a child raped who conceived and couldnt birth…such cases have always been allowed to be medically supported and when it comes to choice between mother and child viability, decisions have always been allowed, some which result in medical abortions.

We NEVER  needed the phoney premised Roe v Wade to ensure rights of those medically needing an abortion.

Even the woman who posed before the law representing the Roe v Wade decision REPENTED AND SAID THE LAW SHOULD BE REPEALLED.


That is the carrot ,bait and justification used by PRO CHOICE brainwashers to perpetuate infanticide of the unborn.

Legal abortion is only legal murder.

The world is sick…the law most likely will never be  overturned..the innocent will keep being murdered.

Condoning it is become a participant of that sin.

It is being a co-conspirator.

When standing before God on Judgement DAy [if you believe in Him], you may be guilty of judgement resulting in hell, for embracing the seductive acceptance of abortions being  a woman’s right under any circumstance.

Most Abortions are performed for petty take back a mistake…to correct the results of fornication and adultery.

Pretexted by freeing a woman’s body of the infections of rape and its consequences.

I sheltered a young woman who had an abortion who I befriended for a few years.Due to her ignorance and lack of self control and limited education, she conceived 2 more times and each time held off getting an abortion til she was far enough along  so she was able to use abortion as her chosen form of birth control! She actually had the audacity to go to church the night before having an abortion performed at 14 weeks gestation. She didnt tell us what the medical procedure was for. Later when I was told of what she had done and that it was here 3rd time, I confronted her and she said she didnt want people to think she was a bad person for getting pregnant without being married! What a lame excuse to kill a baby – to kill 3 babies! but Roe v Wade made it possible for her to wait til the last minute and get an abortion each time~

There have not been 40 Million rapes of 5 yr old children over the last 30 years who got pregnant and would have died without Roe v Wade!

 There have been 40 million ‘choices’ of women who have been co-erced into thinking abortion was an alternative to giving birth.

Unfortunately many women who otherwise would not want an abortion have been  manipulated and seduced into getting abortions as well feeling  they had no choice. I know many of these women who still have regrets and nightmares about their abortions and some who have failed to ever conceive again even when they tried.

Our generation has become so self indulgent, self serving and callous towards the rights and needs of others, including the unborn that we allow them to be discarded, murdered in abortion mills.

Many Babies are considered an inconvenience to the guy who likes to play around without protection…so let him just pay for the abortion,right?  That makes it ‘okay’??? It makes him irresponsible for 18 yrs of child support, thats all~

Let the girl who was too drunk to say ‘no’ or remember who it was she was with or how many she was with, just ‘erase the mistake’ by not bringing an ‘unwanted’ child into the world??????  

Adoption is too much of a hassle anyway???

Why feel hurt or remorse for giving a live child away when an abortionist can flush it down the drain and make it go away in minutes???

After all ‘out of sight ‘…. no one else would know and then you can resume your life as usual with no strings attached ??? That lie haunts millions of women today.

Many men have found it convenient way to get them off the hook…

Women too, have found it a convenient way to get themselves off the hook….as they are convinced more and more to not become mothers .

Others have found it a convenient way to not have more kids in the ‘system’ for taxpayers to raise….

What if those children had lived?

What if the mother fell in love with her child the moment she held it?

What if that adoptive couple was so thrilled and gave the best education to that otherwise unwanted child who later could have developed the cure for cancer or other diseases?

What if that aborted child had instead been given human rights to save him or her from abortion and protect it til it could have protected itself and allowed the chance to live and grow up to adulthood and prove to society his or her worth in this world we live in…??

What IF God wanted that child to be born, regardless to how it was conceived?

What if God is now only holding back his righteous anger and judgement over all who have been seduced into having or defending abortion as a woman’s right ??

If abortion remains legal, “Why stop at pre-birth? What if the child is ugly or sick?If you could have aborted it a day earlier but now wish you had, why not be allowed to as they do in China?”….

What if your baby cries all the time and annoys you? Why cant you ‘post-natal abort?'[infanticide]

What if you have postpartum depression and smother your screaming infant?? Why is that chargeable murder and abortion not??

God forbid~ both are murder….Abortion is murder…no matter what IF?

If you say or think that God is Lord in your life and still you say you believe and follow Jesus, dont ever link him to condoning abortion.That is sick!

 Jesus died for all those aborted babies since they are , at least for the few moments of their existence ~ part of the world that God so loved! More over they are innocent~!

Back in 1978, I went through an Abortion Clinic to remove a baby that died in my womb but hadnt yet ejected and caused me to bleed for 3 weeks. My doctor said I needed a DNC as I was becoming ‘septic’…At the time , had I gone into the hospital for a DNC I would have had to remain in for 3 days and I had no baby sitter for my infant daughter.I was looking for a faster alternative to staying in a hospital overnite.

My cousin told me about a nearby abortion clinic that could to the comparable to getting the DNC in ust one day, as same surgery  and I could be back home that night with my daughter,so I did.

It seemed like the right alternative.

I was wrong! It was a glimpse of hell and judgement when I awoke in recovery alongside 16 other women who had abortions that day.

Hearing the moaning and cries and rants of the other women, made me feel like I was already in hell.

One woman kept cursing out the dead baby’s father…

Another cried that she changed her mind and that she didnt want to do it… but it was too late… we were all in recovery.. the procedures had been already done.

When the anesthesia wore off and I left there, I felt dirty and ashamed. I hadnt aborted a live baby, butfelt like I had.

I swore to God that if I ever needed a DNC again that I would never stoop so low as to go to an abortion clinic again.

I actually felt the spiritual evil that presides over abortion clinics!!

If you support the right to abortion, your very relationship to Jesus is wrong and you are wasting your time calling yourself a Christian, unless you repent of condoning such atrocities and follow Jesus rather than man.

A medically necessary abortion due to the mother’s physical capability to continue with a pregnancy that will kill her has always been dealt with medically, individually with DNC’s and there never was a need for Pro-Choice Roe V Wade legislation.

Back alley abortions [the old fashioned term] were done as a choice and not as medically needed, usually by whores or women who simply didnt want children, not that there were any reason beyond convenience that they could have given birth.

Roe v Wade was said to be supposed to be ending back alley abortions, but instead has committed genocide of the unborn for the last 30 years.

No matter how politically correct it has been ingrained into you or seduced you may be , Abortion is never God’s will and not the answer!





An answer to another blog asking ” Who can save you?”

Your title was eye catching. I dont have sound on my computer however so I dont know what the You Tube is about, sorry~!

But the answer is the same for all people.Only one person ever came from heaven to earth to save our souls. He was despised and rejected, a man of sorrows, very aquainted with grief. He tirelessly healed the sick, fed the poor & preached the good news on how to be saved from eternal damnation, but most werent satisfied with his answers & then killed him.

Well you cant keep a good man down! He came back a few days later, stronger than before as he conquered death & rose again. Many took note &listened.

Still many more didnt and then started lying about him & saying he wasnt for real & try til this day to make him out to be a scam, but he isnt. He is real!

So those who hate him or dont know him, look for alternatives, rather than listening to him & embracing his solution for gaining eternal life & making peace with God.

Cleverly and with devilish inspirations, many ways were created to divert seekers from the truth. Then societal implications called for people to tolerate their differences while here on earth & forced acceptance of the false truths to dilute the one &only real truth, which was spoken by this man & those who were enlightened &followed him throughout the ages til present.

Now however the pollution of all the lies and laws have demoted him in the eyes of most men to that of a good person or one of many prophets, while he is the only way the truth & the life and no one can attain heaven without him, yet the love of most has grown cold. People get caught up in their every day lives &put considering him on the back burner of their minds & priorities.

Many have embraced lies for their own gain or by their own ignorance of the truth and have rejected him altogether. Unless they come to see the light, they will be forever lost in eternity.

To address this, lies claiming eternity doesnt exist, or that punishment for evildoers isnt real, have lulled many into a false sense of security in that they choose not to believe and for them it is then ‘so’.

The world continues on its way, with murder, hate, lies, wars, stealing, rape,&more & he promised to come again to take us away from this all, but we have to persevere til his return and we are to spread the word to others so that they can have hope for their eternal future as well. His name is Jesus & he loves you!He will come again & we will be saved!~Ave

AVE HURLEY ILLUSTRATIONS : Got started again after 50~

Initially, I wanted to gather together all the sites I have been listing my artwork on and put them together and see if I am spinning my wheels or if there is a way to get working more this year, as I really need to work and get my art business going….

I put in about 20+ hours daily into my artwork and frequently pull all nighters so I can keep creating and making new pieces of art and reworking some of my best pieces into framable prints, cards crafts and more.

Can this dream become a reality or am I just too late to start over???

I raised 5 children, survived and , lost everything I owned , ruined what credit I had , my health took many wrong turns, now I am trying to salvage what is left of my life and while being a Christian is first and knowing Jesus is what kept me sane and has enabled me to survive thus far, ~ trying to keep busy and be productive , although I have been physically disabled for years and am starting out at a great disadvantage healthwise and financially.

Nevertheless I kept trying and in 2009 I created a new artwork, consolidating all the main sites I list on and am getting more organized all the time and now have begun helping other artists to do the same.

I did start selling on Ebay in 2007  and have had some busy times  that enabled me to buy better printing equipment and to expand my capabilities in how to produce my art for sale… Yet now on ebay,  you have to be careful as things get slow there and sometimes your auction might get overlooked or not even viewed at all..I have had at least a dozen items listed and they weren’t getting ‘hits’ or views, so that too gets really frustrating…

Spending so much time online has stiffened my joints even more and making me more sedentary. This winter’s cold keeps me indoor, lost on line trying to keep working.

I took a break in Dec 2008  and went to York and painted some theatrical sets for a ballet, but never got the photos of the work so I could display them online ~ and I did the work free, but was supposed to be reimbursed for my travel expenses and materials  used- but the people I did it for, although they claimed they appreciated it, stalled by asking for  an invoice and promised to pay me later, so I went back up north, home. They never paid…….Later on still  saying while they loved the work, they just no longer acknowledged what they owed me for my expenses and ignored me after I asked for it and later in the presence of mutual friends denied owing me anything.. although the play charged $10 a head and sold out nightly… and they got backdrops they can now rent out to other studios and do~ go figure. I wanted to help them, so I did. I just assumed they were going to repay me what they owed but  not all people have the same values or conscience.Live and learn…

Next I went to visit my daughter in July 2008 in Phoenix. She had a baby girl and her husband was deployed to Iraq  but home on R&R for the birth which was wonderful. The weather was hot there so my joints weren’t as stiff and the house she had was lovely  but I needed to get back to Pa and left the end of the month. While she had room for me and I could have set up  a large studio/office area which would  have been ideal for getting more organized in this endeavour to be self sufficient in my 50’s, I still felt I needed to work  it out myself back in Pa.

I am glad to work online and feel so much  more productive despite the economy.  I have done alot of research and looked for what I needed on other websites about art and presentation and have built my own network, launched publically in June of 2009.

I have met many artists from around the world and we are collectively showing and selling our art right on my own network~!

Visit my  network. to see my art and prints for sale~

ART PRINTS ACEOs ATCs Art Collectors Editions and Originals

Ave Hurley Illustrations is currently making available most of her favorite artworks into the newest format of ACEO’s and has been selling them privately til last summer when she began selling them on ebay in 2007 under screen name : avehurleyillustrations
I still sell occasionally on Ebay but do most of my online sale and promotions from  my own network site now.
I also now make larger framable giclee prints up to 13 x 19 and 8×10 & canvas prints.
All artwork and printings are done individually by the artist, altered for originality and collectibilty.All work comes with CERTIFICATES OF AUTHENICITY and each one is ARTIST SIGNED AND DATED.
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Available for custom work as well as private sales, my websites are available to show my  artwork to the online shopper and delivery is within 24-48 hours of receipt of payment, through Paypal, so you can buy with confidence and security.

Contact me for any of your art requests. I specialize in land and seascapes, country scenes, farms, fields ,lighthouses and more.


Thankyou and have a great day~! Ave



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How should we pray to God and when and what to pray for??

We all are to pray and are equally ale to come before the throne of grace.

Our salvation is the gift and we are told to pray one for another and to pray without

Let everything that  has breath praise the Lord.
Reminded that there are many hindering spirits out therewhose job it is  to try and stop
us from praying as we should, along with a spirit of doubt and others that try to prevent us from approaching God in prayer.

We need to first resist the spirits  to doubt and fear and trust like Jesus did when he said he thanked his Father who hears his prayers always since Jesus told us greater things can we do as we follow him, prayer being our greatest weapon against evil we are told to ask for what we will without doubt or being double minded as the double minded receive
nothing from God.

When I finally began to pray more effectively, it was when I was healed back in 1987 along with my sons when I asked a pastor to pray for us as I felt my prayers wouldn’t be good enough or maybe not heard. I doubted! I was double minded.
The Holy Spirit however taught me a lesson that day, that those thoughts that go through our heads that tend to prevent us from praying as we should are from the devil to cause us to doubt or feel too unworthy or be double minded with disbelief or prejudging God’s
response so as to not feel sincere enough to commit to the prayer itself and simply ask our heavenly Father that whatever it is, if it be his will and not my own if he would like when dealing with Hezekiah, not necessarily answer my prayer because of my words but to
answer it for his name sake and glory. So I had to tell God that I was experiencing doubt and tld him that I believed but to help my unbelief.. He did! I prayed and accepted God’s mercy, humbly and was healed.

If praying with the motivation to seek what is pleasing to God for the person or request of the prayer, as long as it is to place the decision into the hands of God while trusting in his judgement to be as what will bring him glory and honor that I trust him to do what is
right regardless to how I see it since his ways arent my ways etc., that it makes it easy to pray for a right reason. WE are reminded to examine ourselves carefully, check our motives and to pray with right motives. We can even ask God to give us that right motivation and cleanse our speach- touch our tongues with that spiritual coal of fire of the Holy Spirit!

For example, I wouldn’t pray for a new mercedes benz or a new color tv or for something that I am jealous of that someone else has.[like that old song from the 70’s]i wouldnt pray for worldly treasures or to satisy mine or someone’s quest for power or position, although for example if there were a saved politician [?}I would pray that God’s will be done
in his life and that he be elected IF it will give God glory. I would also pray that if it is not God’s will that he not grant the request and trust him over myself.

I would pray for revelation of his will for me or others or spiritual wisdom in a matter to do what would be best and seek God’s will in different situations. I would pray for forgiveness, mercy, direction  and strength to do his will and that even in everyday life as attempting to live peacefully with all men that he be center and foremost in my decisions no matter how trivial they may be.

It is easy when caught up in day to day humdrum to neglect to pray or to put it off or even feel inadequate to present requests and to make them known before the Lord. He knows anyway, but waits for us to ‘ask’. That sometimes means swallowing our spiritual and or human pride.

Praying confidently and while trusting the Lord is something we all need to do and embrace as we are all told to pray without ceasing.

It is always easier to humanly surrender our tongues to our own minds and thoughts, but just as his thoughts arent our thoughts, neither are ours since the enemy is a whisperer always adding in his 2 cents to our minds in seeing negative or the wrong way to handle a
situation which will easily supply us with justifications [ hath God saids?] in order to appeal to our desires & lusts and thus cause us to sin, disappointment and even despair and guilt.

The Holy Spirit will convict us of our sins in order to bring about repentence. The devil however will slam us with guilt and shame and cause us to run and hide from God, breaking fellowship with him. Once estranged, we become targets easily sought, so even when we make a mistake and sin, we should still run right to the father and ask forgiveness and try to make peace with whomever we sinned against if possible.

One of the biggest word assaults we get from the enemy is to use snap judgements and to speak without thinking. How many times when say my temper was flared that I would blurt out an insult at someone that wasn’t in agreement with me! I think we all have done such at similar times..but the bible tells us to guard our words and to let our speech always be gracious and seasoned with salt.. a spiritual etiquette that most lack at some points in their daily struggles.

Humanly speaking, it is easier to ‘snap out’ and condemn someone than to try to understand them and or speak civilly to them to resolve a matter. Pride and temper cause us to make matters worse when we walk away without resolving the matter.
Communications is everything nowadays and miscommunications lead to most of the problems we experience with others.A brother can be more unyielding when they have been wronged or perceive that they have been wronged.

Flip the coin and we are reminded that it is better to suffer wrong than to retaliate, so ‘honing in’ on our spiritual walk and relationship with Jesus is an ever learning process for us all.

We are also told to be slow to speak, slow to anger but that too is an area that most of us have been weakened to at some point.

With all this and what we say and do, ever idle word we will be held accountable for, as we learn to speak right and edifying to one another, we should also find it easier to speak to our Lord and to be able to pray without ceasing as we continue to resist the devil and
therefore the impulses to mis-speak that he readily supplies to slip off our tongues in moments of frustration anger or weakness.

Learning to pray as we ought also teaches us to esteem one another as worthy since Jesus died for each of us. Suffering a wrong rather than making someone out to be an offender by perhaps the way they talk or appear is also a consideration as we are admonished not to judge by the obvious appearances but with right judgement and told to get logs out of our own eyes before we attempt to pluck a splinter out of someone elses, so again
let everyone be slow to anger and slow to speak and lets all guard our tongues and continue to pray for one another giving thanks always and rejoicing that God actually made it all very simple for us to serve him when we do it his way.~!


Marriage…divorce…God….? What about it?

I think people lock themselves into ‘words’ and the ‘lawand not the spirit of the words.

What actually is a marriage anyway?

Cant a person easily recite a sinners prayer in a church, at an emotional or deceptive moment and walk away, [like the seed along the rocky road] and never grow? .. an insincere verbal commitment perhaps??

Was that  person ever really ‘saved’ or is that person ‘backslid’ and/ or apostate ?

Likewise how  many people have entered into a legal marital union thinking they understood the committment, yet found they didnt even understand each other?

How many mistake lust  for love? 

How come so many quickly fall out of love when the honeymoon is over?

Like the love God has for us, which is pure and holy, how many actually have a marriage that starts out that way or remains that way?
Divorce is rampant.

Infidelity is considered normal in the world.

Adultery is encouraged by society as a whole. Look at TV..

Still that vulnerable little plant of love that one ‘can feel for another’ and then ‘marry’ can sometimes last a  lifetime as evidenced by people who have remained married over 50 yrs and still have a twinkle in their eyes for one another….they seem to be the exception to the rule anymore..

The dirty devil has polluted every facet of life and religion that he can and never ceases to devise ways to torment God’s people.

We all are sinners and all make mistakes and often out of guilt, fear or ignorance can remain in an ungodly marriage for decades because they believe it is God’s will not to divorce..

Well it is also God’s will not to steal, kill or be a glutton, but those are sins the eyes get winked at.

It is easier to receive a death row reject who found religion and listen to such a one than to accept a person who has had a heartfelt change and a new or better relationship with Christ but has a divorce on their record.

I knew one such couple that had a great music ministry and were allowed to perform at church but because both had been  previously divorced, legalistic members would never allow them to be names as official music ministry members, which eventually led them to leave.

In another instance the pastor’s 16 yr old daughter shockingly got pregnant so he married her to her boyfriend to make it ‘right’….

3 yrs later at the ripe age of 19 they split up.

She was allowed to be the music minister of that church, simply because she was the only one who could play the piano [ gotta love a country church~] that went on well til she was mid 20’s and fell in ‘love’ again

Now to remarry, her dad had the dilemma on how to justify it, since the bible says so much against divorce and then remarriage, especially for a woman.

They decided to call her ex – gay~ After all, he once was quoted as saying he would rather be with a man than to ever have anything to do with her again… so he just had to be gay… [couldnt have been her constant attacks and her 400 lb stature]….no couldnt be…could  it?

This compromise and legalistic justification seeking,  on her dad, the pastor’s part eventually led to him leaving the pastorate, as he couldnt legalize everything he was so ignorant of.

So the point I am trying to make is that God has called us to peace but with the devil’s intervention on our ‘browns’ ,has interfered in our relationship not only with God but in every facet of life, primarily in marriages since God has called the marriage bed to remain undefiled and often it is not.

Jesus said that divorce was allowed because of the hardness of heart but only justifiable in cases of adultery…

Now consider spiritual adultery and God divorcing Israel because she went after the baals… false religion, defiling the spiritual marriage bed with the devil..his devices primarily… like changing animal sacrifices for sacrileges and temple desecrations, or the marriage bed defiled by adultery with another husband [ or wife whoever it is that commits the adultery]… and is adultery merely the sexual act??? 

Not necessarily… since it is a break in faith with the one you are married to and consummated symbolically by the sexual act [ or joining of house to house]..

It can also be, as to look to another with the eye, as Jesus said to look at a woman wrongly is to already have committed adultery in their heart… so it is more than mere ignorant infidelity.

So what if you are legally married on paper but have a spouse who has not committed their soul to you?

Isnt it the same as a person mouthing the sinners prayer insincerely?

I think there are people who are considered ‘legally married’ but have failed to be married in the eyes of God since He searches the hearts and minds of men[and women] and knows us better than we know ourselves.

Some churches out and out reject a divorced person but embrace a repentent murderer.

Other churches split hairs and will allow a divorced person if they were divorced prior to getting saved.

Still some churches will allow a divorced & remarried couple to attend but not become members or anyone of importance.

God has called us to peace, but Spirit of Religion has wormed its way into Christianity and the devil with his ‘has not God saids’ has managed to manipulate even churches who claim to know the grace of God and walk by it, take exception to those who are divorced without regard to whether they ever were or werent truly married in the eyes of God.

Why is it then, that many churches will recognize that a sinner who nonrepentently says a sinners prayer in another church will be required to ‘get saved over again’ or baptized in another church ‘over again‘ … not recognizing the previous feeble perhaps attempt, but will hold a past marriage in an iron clad condemnation?

Better yet, that person is considered to not being capable of managing his own household and therefore not allowed to be a pastor or preacher…

If all the exceptions were to ever be considered, who could ever stand before a church and be counted worthy at all?

GBU~! Ave

A Word from the Lord Jesus to whoever will listen……..

Who will hear what has been said?

Who will yield to fulfill My Word?

Who will stand when I bring this test?

Do not lean to the left or to the right!

Do not hide within the pit of shadows~

Come out from the shadows-

Stand before Me and walk!!

Walk in My Light, I am the Way~

Pick up your pace to follow Me.

Look up and behold ~ I make all things new!

The shadows vanish before the brightness of My Light.

Walk into My Light.

Do not stray to the left or to the right.

Follow Me!

Do not delay~

Who is worthy to be My servant?

Who is able to come to Me?

He who doesn’t bend his knee nor wink his eye to the shadows~!

Do not turn to the left or to the right!

Do not turn back into the shadows.

Walk into my light.

I make your path straight and narrow- it’s true-

I gird your loins with strength.

I give you sight to see My path.

I make your lameness vanish.

You hear My praise in your heart.

You hear My Words pass your lips.

You see My works by your hands.

Your labors will not be in vain.

Vanity for all who stray from My Light.

No striving after wind as you follow Me!

Don’t look away-

Who will swing his sword to defend My word?

Who will stand with Me and speak My glory?

Who will carry his brother into the chambers of My court?

Who will take the hand of the blind and say , “This is the way, let’s walk in it, together.”

Carry My brother, shout My arrival as I come & I come soon.

I am coming for you who have not departed from the way, who have not strayed

into the shadows.

Keep looking to the light , My light.

Keep walking on My path. My Way is the only Way.

I will lead you, I protect you.

Do not turn to the left or to the right.

Do not be frightened of what You see along the way

and in the shadows.

I have brought you and paid the price of your passage.

Discard your burdens for I have lifted them.

Let go , let go of your troubles as they will not come with you.

They hinder you from your walk. They draw you back to the shadows.

Do not lean to the left or to the right.

Do not look into the shadows.

Follow Me~! Seek Me~! Look to My Light.

Do not yield to the taunting voices.

Do not call upon the past~

I am the same , today, tomorrow and forever. I know My sheep .

Know me~! Come to Me~!

Take My hand~ Do not resist My Holy Spirit!

Do not delay. Do not wait to bury the dead,

I am alive forevermore. Where I am My servant will be also.

Be with me~

Do not look away- trust in Me.

Hear My voice- Listen to no others~

Shut the door to the shadows.

Let night not overcome you.

I have overcome the shadows……

I have looked into the Light.

I have not strayed from the path.

I have not bowed my knee to trials.

I have run the race and passed the finish……

I know the Way and am showing you, calling you, leading you , guiding you.

I protect you . My angels encamp about you.

Do not listen to the voices of the shadows~…….