Donald Trump would make the BEST President of the USA has had since Reagan



Mr Trump can provide hope to ALL Americans~

  •  -Rich & Poor
  • -Young & Old,
  • -All Races
  • -Able bodied & Disabled,
  • -Genders
  • -Winners & Losers
  • -Entitled and Unentitled

The Office of President of the USA is the “Executive” Branch of Govt and NEEDS a capable Executive – one that can DO the job.

Many in the media & demlibs say things about him ~ but his own success shows that he is the most capable in our country for this job~!

His talents, efforts and determination outweigh any negatives he opines about and still make him the ideal person to be placed in charge of establishing a Patriotic Cabinet that will run our Nation for the benefit of our Nation,

He is a true Patriot [no one can deny!] and cares about America [ although his interests are global & he has projects going on all over the world ]  and we the people.

He is raw and honest so even if and when he says something that could be considered a gaffe or joke –

remember others have done as much before he ever did! –

He is honest , speaks his mind and is willing  provide the leadership our Nation so desperately needs to succeed and to survive all the damage Obama and some of his predecessors have wrought.

Vote for Donald Trump~!!

Although I’m now a disabled retired American , I worked many years ago on Wall St in Stocks & Import Export companies as well as at the WTC  & in the restaurant industry as well as self employment in art & sign painting and other jobs.

I saw how both good and bad executives handled matters in larger corporations as well as mom and pop companies .

Its time we have a ‘real executive’ in the Executive Branch of Government.

I feel fully confident in the capabilities of Donald Trump to fulfill the executive job as President of the USA better than any other candidate.

The Executive Branch of government NEEDS someone who possesses the best ‘executive skills’ and can demonstrate his executive experience both at home and abroad.

A President needs to know how to effectively negotiate and run his business endeavors to make his company the most successful it can become and meets the needs of his employees and produces the products or the services he provides do what they are represented to do.
When expanded to the political arena, a President as the leader of his country represents his country and must be able to negotiate on the global political arena to do the best for those he represents, as well as be able to manage the course of government and focus on the interests of the people he represents.

More than needing someone who is merely political who would say anything to get elected and then let our nation down, such as Obama who has failed miserably as an executive or CEO of the USA plunging our nation into more incredible debt, weakened our military, failed in foreign policies resulting in the spread of terrorism and reversing military goals previously accomplished and divided our nation at every level imaginable.

We need a President that can negotiate with Foreign powers over trade and political concerns that affect our national interests, not one that sells our nation out to reduce its footprint on the world such as Obama has been doing.

We need a President that can stand up to foreign powers
[ like Reagan did with Russia to tear down the Berlin Wall ]
and who can fully relate to the will of the American people negotiating with all classes and races to address both social and economic issues.

We need a president who has the intelligence and capability of putting together a management level team or “cabinet”  that can effectively run the branch of government he has been entrusted with that includes the military and running of social & educational divisions of government that manage all the different agencies and who can resolve the matters that lead to running our nation more effectively reducing government waste.

We need a President whose actions command respect both globally and nationally who will champion the cause of democracy and the very besis for which America was founded.

We need a President who will not stand down under pressure but who is and will be be prepared in all circumstances to promote and expand the interests & security of the United Stated of America on a global scale.

We need a President that will actively work to promote and increase jobs & job training programs within America, protect its borders, regain control over and enforce immigration regulations, maintain a strong military as its commander in chief and rebuild & upgrade the infrastructure of our nation.

We need a President who can recognize, empathize and realize the needs of his people in all the diverse categories our nation has who can hob nob with the rich and famous, mingle and meet the needs of the middle class, as well as empathize and manage the agencies that can meet the genuine needs of all the dis-enfranchized including the elderly, the disabled, the under-privileged, the poor, so that every level of our society’s citizenship can become able to fit together and function as a the best collective society in the world.

We need a President that can unite our people and bridge the gaps of the racial and class divides.

Donald Trump is such an executive and in touch with all parts of society being a successful builder and a prominent, well known and liked by members of all parts of our society who can do and achieve everything we all need a President to be able to do!


to do his best and am certain that  his best will be best for our Nation~!

Donald Trump is the most qualified potential  candidate who ‘can make our nation great again’~!

Walmart : Great Value Brand Italian Sausage is FULL OF WITH WORMS !!

I’m still Gagging on Walmart ‘Great Value’ Mild Italian Sausage, cooked up, took a slice , tasted like Pine-sol.

So I thought, I better be sure,doubting my own taste buds, assuming the sausage was good since we just bought it and it had an expiration date of 7/14 and this was only the 8th~

So I cut & tasted a different piece from another sausage that also had a -soapy Pine-Sol type taste, but was clearly gamier, so spit it out~

Then I looked closely at the sausages I had removed from the frying pan and placed on a plate -It was FULL OF WORM 100’S OF WORMS springing out all over the encasement – long white strings~

So Disgustingly GROSS~!!!

Recapping my actions in shock and totally grossed out~!!!………

Since I had steam/boiled them in a frying pan, I didn’t see all those long thin white thread like worms that had broken through their encasements and were hanging out cooked, [ as they tried to escape being parboiled.. ] since the fat that was boiled out frothed the water.

[I always parboil/steam sausage, then take them out cut them up to add to sauce]…

Not this time~!!!

I took off a small piece while cutting them and popped into my mouth to taste.

Tasted like PineSol smells~

So I forced it down, thinking ‘agh’, just some different seasonings or maybe the frying pan was a bit soapy{?}, so I decide to test another bite from another sausage to see if they were good or not..expecting the next piece to taste right….

Stronger yucky taste~!
What the heck??

This piece I spit out immediately…I couldnt believe that I got 2 items of bad meat from the St.Mary’s Pennsylvania Walmart~!

The 5 lb roll of 80/20 hamburger that I had just opened earlier,made a poping sound when I cut the tube open and it let out a smelly gas, so it was bad and now the sausage was full of worms~!!

Earlier, before cooking their sausage, I had opened a new 5 lb tube of the 80/20 hamburger, which let out a gas hiss and had a slight odor~ I wrapped that back up planning to return it to Walmart.

It wasn’t supposed to expire til 7/14 & we only bought it the night before! So I had my son, James smell it to confirm it was funky and put it back it the bag, tied it and placed it in the freezer so I could return it next trip to Walmart.

Because the hamburger was ‘bad’, I had decided to make spaghetti & sausage~


I am glad I cook sausage separately before adding to sauce to cut down on the grease, but since I steam/boil it to get all the fat out, the water gets frothy a bit, so I didnt see that each sausage had these long thin white threads popped perpendicularly through the encasements!

I had cut off a chunk from the end of one sausage [before seeing the worms] and had eaten a piece that tasted kind of like soap or pine-sol, thinking my taste buds were ‘off’…

Then I figured I needed confirmation , so I cut another piece off another sausage and it tasted even worse so I spit that one out…

I took them out of the water, put them on a plate and then saw the little stringy things. I called James to see and initially he said it looked like it was just the encasements breaking down from boiling them, but ass we looked closer we then realized that there were more, as I turned the sausages over to look at the little strings, we then realized that they were long stringy white worms!!!!!

GROSSED OUT AND OUTRAGED, I IMMEDIATELY PUT MY FINGER DOWN MY THROAT- to try and vomit out the piece I had already stomach still remains queezy today!

James called up Walmart immediate and they apologized and said to bring them back, we decided to take the ride 15 miles to them and show them so they could put out a recall.

So we took them back to Walmart – grossed them out too~

Told them they better recall their crap~

They said they get it all premade, pre-frozen and even though it had the label and UPC that they weren’t saying whether or not they would send in a recall~ Come on~!!

If it was like that in my package, it had to be in others~!!

They gave me a $20 Gift Certificate [big deal!] but I can still feel that lump in my throat-

Although I know the worms were dead, its still grossing me out~!

Thinking about it, makes me wonder if at the meat plant perhaps when cleaning up and scraping away scraps, that someone must have put them into the vat and processed them into sausages- since they had a soapy, pine-sol type taste…sick~!

Disgusting – How many other packages will be like this??? Who else will be affected???

I normally love sausage, but now cant consider eating any.. especially their brand.

James and I then went to buy some non-meat food products, but I stopped by their sausage, seeing some packages still icy from being just brought out.

They had a 7/18 expiration date – so they either sold out all the 7/14 or maybe did know about it and removed them all.

Out of curiosity I started looking real close at their new packages and could see that under the encasements they those too looked like there were little white stringy things…that if boiled will most certainly pop through.

Where ever this pork sausage was processed at needs to have the FDA go in and inspect their plant and make them get rid of all their wormy meat!!



What would I do IF I were to be President?

New Presidential Candidate… If you dont want either of the ones that are running..!



There’s an effort to elect an unknown random person as President…so I agreed to be their candiate !

 What I would do IF I were president ?~ Well let me tell you~ Here are just some of the things off the top of my head that I would like to see happen and would work hard for.. I have alot of other ideas as well~

But to get started this is what I would do IF I were president….

 Just like in the old days when politicians would promise a chicken in every pot, so I can promise a chicken in every pot [with the help of the USDA Food Stamp Program]

Cheaper gas prices [following Sarah Palin’s approach to taxing oil companies]End the war in Iraq not by pulling out, but by taking over unconditionally and if need be , imperialistically for at least one generation [like England in India] and earnestly go wiping out any known or  suspected terrorist camps worldwide]

Impose a trade Tax on countries we are outsourcing American jobs to.

Increase military strength and not succumb to world pressures in telling us how to administer our foreign policies.

Compel nations relying on our foreign aid to join ‘our union’ in order to receive funding from us, they should be one with us, instead of using our money while continuing to hate or malign US.

Cut federal spending on executive jobs, eliminate waste in government spending by reducing administrative costs of agency operations~ If they want funding, more than 70% has to go for the actual purpose that it was intended, rather than red tape.

Make term limits on ALL government positions in Senate,Congress, eliminating their inflated expense accounts and pensions.

Make Government for the people, as a public service and trust rather than for power and lifetime of benefits.

Increase spending on education with a job placement payback service for all student loans, thus eliminating loan default~ Let them work it off!!

Make a new Civilian Conservation Corps to rebuild the infrastructure of the country, thus providing jobs to all who are unemployed  but able bodied.

Overturn Roe V Wade and re-educate America on the sanctity of life. Provide counselling and funding that would make our children the prize possession of America and educate them with discipline and pride so that the next generation will not be a bunch of self indulgent couch potatoes~

Bring ‘God’ back into the courts and place criminal sentences and fines on all who use government or religion for their own selfish gain,by re-evaluating tax exempt status annually of all who apply for non-profit status.

Place limits on administrative salaries in order to qualify for tax exempt status {why should any group pay its administrators $100,000+ a year while soliciting donations and tax exemption credits to provide their services?

Bring back honor, integrity and a sense of civil duty to all walks of life.

Reform prisons by making them into factories to make products currently being made by outsourcing.Our prison system should be able to compete with the foreign markets!Funds earned can go for prison reform and salaries.Then when the inmate is released, he/she will have a skill to be able to work and make an honest living rather than having to  go on welfare.

Provide work for  welfare recipients work from home such as telemarketers and other computer data  jobs that they can be easily trained for if they can not be part of the new Civilian Conservation Corps.

Test and evaluate all students to see what jobs would meet their potential.Enforce the policy of no one left behind and make everyone who is capable, able to meet the work that will allow them to produce and make themselves and their families self sufficient.

Require everyone to register for the draft and commit 2 years minimun to civil service and national defense. Make overseas duty voluntary however.


Watch my online video about this surprising new turn of events:  

Jot back a note to let me know what you think! :)


And IF I dont achieve enough backing to be elected this time, I want you to know that I endorse John Mc Cain and Sarah Palin for the presidency in Nov 2008 as the next best thing and totally am against Obama as not being fit to be president of our United States and if elected, believe America would fall an become a third world nation.

Too late to try to SAVE AMERICA  not enough Voted for McCain/Palin ~~~!!

Refugee Dilemma

Here’s the refugee video liberals do NOT want you to see

Note: this video collected a million and a half views in less than five days but was taken down by YouTube following an alleged copyright infringement. This article links to the video on Dutch website Dumpert.

Watch it, and you’ll see why the user who apparently originally posted the video on YouTube said, “This video will not be online long, download and mirror it while you can.”

As Breitbart saysWith Open Gates: The forced collective suicide of European nations’, a slick, hard-hitting film about the European migrant crisis is going viral in Europe, already watched at least half a million times.

Although the 19-minute film may feel like a dispatch from the future, it is cut entirely from recent news reports, police camera footage, and interviews. Kicking off with scenes of a modern car ferry disgorging thousands of illegals into Greece, the film then cuts to dozens of aerial shots of columns of migrants marching north into Europe.”

Sure to become targets from liberal trolls, the film features comments from our Donald Trump, as well as discredited politician Nick Griffin, former Member of the European Parliament and leader of the British National Party. While the film focuses on the influx of Muslims, it also makes mention of the one minority group which probably stands to lose the most from the population shift: Jews.

Donald Trump ~ Still the Best Choice for President ~ FOX Business Debate

Not big on watching SNL but found it online and liked how well Mr Trump handled just being on it.

Also liked his performance at the Fox News Debate last night.

To me the debates just give me more info on other candidates and validate more on eliminating them from selection. I think Donald Trump has the best resume and is best qualified for the top CEO job of the USA. He can turn around whats wrong in America and best equipped to undo the damage Obama & others have done.

Being a disabled older American and a woman, I hear all the rhetoric that sways other women or claims to.
I also hear what Donald Trump says and can read between the lines.

As a well studied Christian, I see how Carson has manipulated Evangelicals but also see through his Jeckyl Religious Hyde although some Christians take him surfacely.

I also look at Mr.Trump, being a born Presbyterian,which in and of itself many ‘bible belters’ wouldnt readily accept as they look for adult conversion stories, thus Carson’s gaining [temporarily]

I think however as the campaign unfolds that Carson’s true nature will become more apparent showing he is NOT qualified to be the chief executive of our country where as Donald Trump has what it takes to run a tight ship and get things accomplished. I have every confidence in his ability to read people and judge characters so that he will pick the cream of the crop to be in his Cabinet and Administration, all with the same goal of making America Great Again.

While some spout about narcissism, they fail to recognize that if that is to be a consideration – that the best leaders have a positive degree of narcissism as proven in their leadership skills and experience whereas those with narcissism that enter the medical or psychiatric fields are more inclined to have a god like complex and more comfortable with smaller inner circles where those in business often lead businesses to greater success.

That being said it is only another reason to choose Donald Trump over Ben Carson.

Also when coming to adult conversion stories, knowing his past and personality as a self proclaimed violent man who would have hit his own mother with a hammer, that shows bragging about being a bad boy and a danger as a personality like that does NOT belong being the chief executive of our country.

I think that makes Carson more of a liability to the American people than an asset.

Compare Carson to Donald Trump, whose skills and successes will only lend more respect to our country and place us in better negotiating positions with our adversaries.Trump is the better choice.

Until Donald Trump made his announcement to run as President, our future looked bleak considering all the damage Obama is doing.

With Mr Trump running for President, there is a new hope for a better future for our country,our children and for our grandchildren.

I dont care – if – Mr Trump is outspoken or considered offensive by some. I see his boldness and honesty as strength and what our nation needs.

I dont care – if – Mr Trump gives what seems to be quick snap judgments or assessments of matters as, so far, as he proves to be right each time. He doesnt mince or waste words like other politicians.

I prefer Mr Donald J. Trump ‘s strength integrity honesty& fresh approach to be the next and best President of the USA and find with every debate and news article, that

I rather trust my children’s future to Donald J. Trump than any other candidate out there~!



Jeff Sessions
Sen. Sessions, Chairman of the Immigration Subcommittee, shared the following warning concerning the Administration’s plan to resettle nearly 200,000 refugees i…n the U.S. over the next 2 years:

“The U.S. has already taken in four times more immigrants than any other nation on Earth. Our foreign-born population share is set to break every known historical record. Since 9/11, we have permanently resettled approximately 1.5 million migrants from Muslim nations inside the U.S. Ninety percent of recent refugees from the Middle East living in our country are receiving food stamps and approximately 70 percent are receiving free healthcare and cash welfare. All of the nearly 200,000 refugees the Administration is planning to bring over the next two years would be entitled to these same benefits the moment they arrive. Since we are running huge deficits, every penny of these billions in costs will have to be borrowed and added to the debt. This refugee expansion would be in addition to the 1 million autopilot green cards handed out each year by the government to mostly low-wage migrants, including a large share from Middle Eastern nations.

“Our schools, job markets and public resources are already stretched too thin. And, even at current rates, we have no capacity to screen for extremist ideology, as we have seen with the surge of ISIS recruitment in Minnesota’s Somali refugee community.

“Middle Eastern nations must take the lead in resettling their region’s refugees. The goal of responsible refugee resettlement should be to relocate displaced persons as close to their homes as possible and to seek their return to their country of origin in more stable conditions. It has also been reported that 3 in 4 of those seeking relocation from the Middle East are not refugees but economic migrants from many countries.

“At bottom, it is not a sound policy to respond to the myriad problems in the Middle East by encouraging millions to abandon their home. Absorbing the region’s migrants is not a long-term strategy for stabilizing the region; instead, we should look soberly at our most recent actions in Libya, Syria, Iraq and elsewhere while encouraging migrant populations to remain in the region where they can contribute to social and political reforms.”

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Something about Donald Trump Stands Out above the rest of those running for POTUS


Something about Trump stands out to me ~ Below is this letter from Mr.Donald Trump~

Unlike EVERY other candidate, he is not a politician – he’s in it to save America! He doesn’t have that ‘donate’ button – is doing it at his own expense.

Every other political message I have received from many other candidates
ALL ask for money and ALL promise virtually no solutions or plans and have track records showing that career politicians for the most part do nothing and at best most attack others character without addressing the problems our nation faces. None of them offer any viable solutions.

Trump talks about solutions and doing something about the problems.
Anyway so far, he is at the top of my list as someone worth following in this political arena and so far if an election was held now, I would vote for Trump~!

Have a great week :)


Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2015 06:15:59 +1000
Subject: Standing Up for What Is Right

– JULY 08 2015 –


A leader must stand strong, especially when under attack. I am being criticized in the media for speaking out about the dangers of illegal immigration. But many have shown me their support.  Bill O’ReillyRep. Trey GowdyTed Cruz,Ben CarsonAnn Coulter, and Pat Buchanan are some of the most prominent who have commended me for my strength and leadership on this issue.

Others in immigrant communities have praised Trump for pointing out this problem, going so far as to say that assuming Mr. Trump meant his statements negatively towards legal immigrants would be a total disregard for the facts.

With the right leadership, we can Make America Great Again!

Our border is not secure and it is costing us American lives. Just last week an innocent young woman, Kathryn Steinle, was viciously murdered by an illegal immigrant. This SHOULD NOT have happened and was easily preventable. The illegal immigrant who committed this terrible act was previously deported five times. He has even admitted that he crossed into San Francisco because it is a sanctuary city.

Our cities should not be sanctuaries for criminals. We must fix our country’s broken immigration system and not let Kathryn Steinle become part of a larger statistic.

Illegal immigration is a threat to our safety and national security. It also hurts legal immigrants economically.

A nation without borders is a nation that cannot survive. I am a builder, and as President of the United States I will build the wall fast and build it right.

I will continue to be bold in my stance against illegal immigration.

The Establishment and elites are criticizing me because I want a secure border and people entering our country to follow the rule of law. No surprise. They are politicians controlled by big money donors, lobbyists, and special interests. They want amnesty– I will bring jobs back home and strengthen the middle class.

I want to thank the great people of Bedford, New Hampshire for hosting me last Tuesday. I always love visiting the Granite State. We talked about the need for leaderswho can negotiate great deals for the United States. When I spoke to attendees, they told me our country needs a leader who won’t shy away from problems or adversaries.

Meeting great people on the trail in New Hampshire.

You can count on me to tell the truth.

It is time for action and it is time for results!

Our campaign will never stop being bold and unapologetic.

We can Make America Great Again!

With Best Wishes, 

Donald J. Trump 

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P.S. I will be traveling this week to meet with voters. Follow me on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to keep track of our progress and find events you can join us at!



Subject: Dont Dump on Trump – I support Trump for President


Donald Trump’s freedom of speech expression is being misrepresented by liberal media to cause racial tensions between Latinos who are being lumped together by progressive liberals . Not all Latinos are illegals.There are more law abiding educated legal Latinos that are being insulted as a result of the spin or twist the liberal media has created based on Mr Trumps statement. I want to show support for Mr.Trump

That’s why I created a petition to Donald Trump, Candidate.

Will you sign this petition? Click here: