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Obama Campaign Soliciting Money from Foreign Supporters over $500M

Soliciting foreign nationals to contribute to his campaign-

Obama.com which is owned by an American ex-patroit now living in China, the Obama sites have more than 43% total traffic which is internationally which is from search engine optimization –

Join his mailing list and his campaign sends out emails and donor solicitation to all , including foreign nationals and that is against law- Even if you are a US citizen in another country –

Obama site doesnt require foreignors [have no credit card credibility] so

If you want to donate you dont need any security CVS code as you would with buying a hoodie or cap… If you go to buy a hoodie you have to provide all the security code information to complete the transaction!! Obama is currently raking in billions from overseas~!

2008 raised $500,000,000 in donations under $200 that doesnt have to report the donors to the Federal Elections Commission..

Obama is circumventing law – being supported by foreignors –

This allow foreign and robo-donations can pound through a computer potentially can get 10s of millions from foreign concerns…its criminal.

systems engineers deconstructed Obama funding apparatius.

Obama currently personally owns 392 domain names!!
[but not obama.com ] – Obama campaign denied it,.

An American ex-patriot owns Obama.com & redirects foreign trafffic to the official Obama relections campaign donate page ~ enabling foreignors in Shanghai & elsewwhere such as the Middle East with help of search engine optimization to reach WorldWide and collect donations from anyone you can imagine~This is illegal!!

Media isnt part of the problem it is the problem as it lets the current administration get away with all this . We need to aggressively pursue this and expose it so people will not vote for Obama…

GO TO http://gai.org there is a 110 page report and analysis for all politicians soliciting illegal donations. If Obama gets re-elected this will still be investigated and is impeachable~!!IT IS TREASONOUS~!

Better to vote for Romney to avoid having Biden as pres after Obama gets prosecuted.



Obama: I was born in Kenya & America is getting increasingly naiive~!

Obama in his early political career, told his supporters he was born in Kenya and both he and his wife talked about Kenya being his homeland and Obama goes on to say the American people are becoming increasingly naiive!

Video clips compiled here into one show the progression of the great deception he has perpetrated on the American public~!
This information and video were suppressed during the last election, although the Kenyan Ambassador was interviewed about Obama, a native born Kenyan having done so well in America~!!

What does this all mean? It means that the agenda of punishing former colonist countries as he considers ours to be, that it isnt that he is inept but he is systematically breaking our country down by over spending and downsizing our military.He has written books about it including ” Dreams of My Father” and “Audacity of Hope” and openly stated he would stand with his muslim brothers, although he claims to be a christian as he was in former muslim turned racist christian anti american preacher Rev Wright and only broke away from Rev Wright [who married him & Michelle and baptised their children] when he rose in power to snatch the presidency under false pretenses.

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It is true that many Americans are naiive and or apathetic about politics and dont recognize there is a wolf in sheeps clothing among us and leading us to the slaughter.


2016 America Wake Up~!!! VOTE FOR TRUMP and lets save America before its too late~!