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Obama: I was born in Kenya & America is getting increasingly naiive~!

Obama in his early political career, told his supporters he was born in Kenya and both he and his wife talked about Kenya being his homeland and Obama goes on to say the American people are becoming increasingly naiive!

Video clips compiled here into one show the progression of the great deception he has perpetrated on the American public~!
This information and video were suppressed during the last election, although the Kenyan Ambassador was interviewed about Obama, a native born Kenyan having done so well in America~!!

What does this all mean? It means that the agenda of punishing former colonist countries as he considers ours to be, that it isnt that he is inept but he is systematically breaking our country down by over spending and downsizing our military.He has written books about it including ” Dreams of My Father” and “Audacity of Hope” and openly stated he would stand with his muslim brothers, although he claims to be a christian as he was in former muslim turned racist christian anti american preacher Rev Wright and only broke away from Rev Wright [who married him & Michelle and baptised their children] when he rose in power to snatch the presidency under false pretenses.

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It is true that many Americans are naiive and or apathetic about politics and dont recognize there is a wolf in sheeps clothing among us and leading us to the slaughter.


2016 America Wake Up~!!! VOTE FOR TRUMP and lets save America before its too late~!


Check out Ted Cruz Blog, Vote for Romney and Ryan~!

Obama has to go~! We need ‘change’.

Abortion is a Hate Crime ~!

It doesn’t matter that Romney is rich~ Come on ~!!!

Obama’s funding comes from the Arab nations that are trying to ‘change’ America to suit their agenda and Obama is enabling them.

Obama’s cabinet is a joke – a sick joke… Atty Genl doesn’t know law, but breaks it….
Plain and simple – America would do ‘better’ with Romney & Ryan~!!
Ted Cruz is working to get Obamacare repealed.

It needs to be repealed~!! So hard getting health care now the way it is!
Delays are causing elderly & disabled to suffer and some are dying from not getting the care they need in a timely fashion due to all the bureaucratic red tape~!!

Welfare & Medicaid do need to be reformed. The administration of it needs to be overhauled and streamlined which will save taxpayers billions~!
Commonsense approaches would help the poor and the middle class without driving away our country’s rich~!

We need the rich to feel safe about investing in our country~! We have to work together to foster entrepreneurs as many new ‘investors’ to get their businesses going.

If we cultivate tax base to encourage the rich to invest in American jobs, we can rise again out of this recession!

Vote for Romney and Ryan


Vote Romney Ryan Ted Cruz Repeal Obamacare