Donald Trump ~ Still the Best Choice for President ~ FOX Business Debate

Not big on watching SNL but found it online and liked how well Mr Trump handled just being on it.

Also liked his performance at the Fox News Debate last night.

To me the debates just give me more info on other candidates and validate more on eliminating them from selection. I think Donald Trump has the best resume and is best qualified for the top CEO job of the USA. He can turn around whats wrong in America and best equipped to undo the damage Obama & others have done.

Being a disabled older American and a woman, I hear all the rhetoric that sways other women or claims to.
I also hear what Donald Trump says and can read between the lines.

As a well studied Christian, I see how Carson has manipulated Evangelicals but also see through his Jeckyl Religious Hyde although some Christians take him surfacely.

I also look at Mr.Trump, being a born Presbyterian,which in and of itself many ‘bible belters’ wouldnt readily accept as they look for adult conversion stories, thus Carson’s gaining [temporarily]

I think however as the campaign unfolds that Carson’s true nature will become more apparent showing he is NOT qualified to be the chief executive of our country where as Donald Trump has what it takes to run a tight ship and get things accomplished. I have every confidence in his ability to read people and judge characters so that he will pick the cream of the crop to be in his Cabinet and Administration, all with the same goal of making America Great Again.

While some spout about narcissism, they fail to recognize that if that is to be a consideration – that the best leaders have a positive degree of narcissism as proven in their leadership skills and experience whereas those with narcissism that enter the medical or psychiatric fields are more inclined to have a god like complex and more comfortable with smaller inner circles where those in business often lead businesses to greater success.

That being said it is only another reason to choose Donald Trump over Ben Carson.

Also when coming to adult conversion stories, knowing his past and personality as a self proclaimed violent man who would have hit his own mother with a hammer, that shows bragging about being a bad boy and a danger as a personality like that does NOT belong being the chief executive of our country.

I think that makes Carson more of a liability to the American people than an asset.

Compare Carson to Donald Trump, whose skills and successes will only lend more respect to our country and place us in better negotiating positions with our adversaries.Trump is the better choice.

Until Donald Trump made his announcement to run as President, our future looked bleak considering all the damage Obama is doing.

With Mr Trump running for President, there is a new hope for a better future for our country,our children and for our grandchildren.

I dont care – if – Mr Trump is outspoken or considered offensive by some. I see his boldness and honesty as strength and what our nation needs.

I dont care – if – Mr Trump gives what seems to be quick snap judgments or assessments of matters as, so far, as he proves to be right each time. He doesnt mince or waste words like other politicians.

I prefer Mr Donald J. Trump ‘s strength integrity honesty& fresh approach to be the next and best President of the USA and find with every debate and news article, that

I rather trust my children’s future to Donald J. Trump than any other candidate out there~!



One thought on “Donald Trump ~ Still the Best Choice for President ~ FOX Business Debate

  1. Not a very well-written or structured article, to be sure, but another one supporting “The Donald”. People are beginning to get over their fear of being ridiculed for publicly stating how they feel about Trump for president. This is a good thing. Obviously the polls show that there is a huge portion of the population that supports Trump yet it’s rare that I hear someone openly admit that they think Trump would make a good president. It’s becoming more and more common though, and will snowball as people realize that a lot of the people they live, work, and shop next to share the same perceived shame that they do: A desire to see Trumps ideas in the white house…

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