Jeff Sessions
Sen. Sessions, Chairman of the Immigration Subcommittee, shared the following warning concerning the Administration’s plan to resettle nearly 200,000 refugees i…n the U.S. over the next 2 years:

“The U.S. has already taken in four times more immigrants than any other nation on Earth. Our foreign-born population share is set to break every known historical record. Since 9/11, we have permanently resettled approximately 1.5 million migrants from Muslim nations inside the U.S. Ninety percent of recent refugees from the Middle East living in our country are receiving food stamps and approximately 70 percent are receiving free healthcare and cash welfare. All of the nearly 200,000 refugees the Administration is planning to bring over the next two years would be entitled to these same benefits the moment they arrive. Since we are running huge deficits, every penny of these billions in costs will have to be borrowed and added to the debt. This refugee expansion would be in addition to the 1 million autopilot green cards handed out each year by the government to mostly low-wage migrants, including a large share from Middle Eastern nations.

“Our schools, job markets and public resources are already stretched too thin. And, even at current rates, we have no capacity to screen for extremist ideology, as we have seen with the surge of ISIS recruitment in Minnesota’s Somali refugee community.

“Middle Eastern nations must take the lead in resettling their region’s refugees. The goal of responsible refugee resettlement should be to relocate displaced persons as close to their homes as possible and to seek their return to their country of origin in more stable conditions. It has also been reported that 3 in 4 of those seeking relocation from the Middle East are not refugees but economic migrants from many countries.

“At bottom, it is not a sound policy to respond to the myriad problems in the Middle East by encouraging millions to abandon their home. Absorbing the region’s migrants is not a long-term strategy for stabilizing the region; instead, we should look soberly at our most recent actions in Libya, Syria, Iraq and elsewhere while encouraging migrant populations to remain in the region where they can contribute to social and political reforms.”

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11 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS – Senator Jeff Sessions, (R AL) WARNING TO ALL AMERICANS!

    • Yes ~ and while many of us worked many years and contributed to this to protect our own futures, Obama is giving away OUR money to immigrant invaders~ Used to be people came to America to work and make new futures for themselves by becoming part of our great nation. Now they come to be parasitic colonists undermining our nation, manipulating our laws and politicians to steal our country out from under our children’s feet!

      • Sibgs 9/11/2001 there have been 1.5 million Immigrants from Muslim countries accepted
        Into the U.S. Obama has been in office for 7 of that 14 years, which means former President Bush approved many of those invaders and Obama is determined to outdo Bush in moving the Middle East to America. Our economy cannot support this mass influx nor should the American people be expected to!


      • Health coverage in my state is getting worse. Got more notices on how things that were approved last year now need pre-approval or are no longer covered, yet as you say, the premiums are going up, dipping into our checks more. Just got notice that since cost of living hasnt gone up neither is my check! Now who figures that out I dont know because my grocery cart costs alot more to fill now than it did even a year ago.

  1. So-called Republicans like Richard Shelby should be replaced by senators and representatives who refuse to rubber-stamp President Obama’s initiatives. We need leadership that votes their constituents beliefs and wishes. Republicans like Shelby parlay their votes for special interests rather than the wishes of the populace. No more open-door policy on immigration.

    • Politicians have become too free with our money while securing their own mini-empires like vampire’s first bite. They take for themselves and then take from us. They are whittling away the foundation of our nation and setting up our near future generation of our own children and grandchildren by taking in those not coming to be part but to take control of our nation and enslave our future.

  2. The reason Western countries are taking in so many refugee’s is too bring down our economies,, what get’s me how can a country that’s so much in debt lend foreign countries billions of dollars.. Thing’s look so grim for 2016 watch out for WW3..

  3. What Americans? We are becoming the minority so fast it’t hard to believe. If Congress hadn’t set on their ass this would not have happened. Just how many laws is Obama and Hillary going to break. The answer, all they want to for nobody is going to do anything. The Republicans rolled over. Never fought anything and kissed Harry’s butt.

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