A Word from the Lord Jesus to whoever will listen……..

Who will hear what has been said?

Who will yield to fulfill My Word?

Who will stand when I bring this test?

Do not lean to the left or to the right!

Do not hide within the pit of shadows~

Come out from the shadows-

Stand before Me and walk!!

Walk in My Light, I am the Way~

Pick up your pace to follow Me.

Look up and behold ~ I make all things new!

The shadows vanish before the brightness of My Light.

Walk into My Light.

Do not stray to the left or to the right.

Follow Me!

Do not delay~

Who is worthy to be My servant?

Who is able to come to Me?

He who doesn’t bend his knee nor wink his eye to the shadows~!

Do not turn to the left or to the right!

Do not turn back into the shadows.

Walk into my light.

I make your path straight and narrow- it’s true-

I gird your loins with strength.

I give you sight to see My path.

I make your lameness vanish.

You hear My praise in your heart.

You hear My Words pass your lips.

You see My works by your hands.

Your labors will not be in vain.

Vanity for all who stray from My Light.

No striving after wind as you follow Me!

Don’t look away-

Who will swing his sword to defend My word?

Who will stand with Me and speak My glory?

Who will carry his brother into the chambers of My court?

Who will take the hand of the blind and say , “This is the way, let’s walk in it, together.”

Carry My brother, shout My arrival as I come & I come soon.

I am coming for you who have not departed from the way, who have not strayed

into the shadows.

Keep looking to the light , My light.

Keep walking on My path. My Way is the only Way.

I will lead you, I protect you.

Do not turn to the left or to the right.

Do not be frightened of what You see along the way

and in the shadows.

I have brought you and paid the price of your passage.

Discard your burdens for I have lifted them.

Let go , let go of your troubles as they will not come with you.

They hinder you from your walk. They draw you back to the shadows.

Do not lean to the left or to the right.

Do not look into the shadows.

Follow Me~! Seek Me~! Look to My Light.

Do not yield to the taunting voices.

Do not call upon the past~

I am the same , today, tomorrow and forever. I know My sheep .

Know me~! Come to Me~!

Take My hand~ Do not resist My Holy Spirit!

Do not delay. Do not wait to bury the dead,

I am alive forevermore. Where I am My servant will be also.

Be with me~

Do not look away- trust in Me.

Hear My voice- Listen to no others~

Shut the door to the shadows.

Let night not overcome you.

I have overcome the shadows……

I have looked into the Light.

I have not strayed from the path.

I have not bowed my knee to trials.

I have run the race and passed the finish……

I know the Way and am showing you, calling you, leading you , guiding you.

I protect you . My angels encamp about you.

Do not listen to the voices of the shadows~…….


9 thoughts on “A Word from the Lord Jesus to whoever will listen……..

  1. To Whom This May Concern:
    Where did this prophecy come from? Did anyone bother to proof read this? I am sure Jesus would have preferred that someone would have looked this over once or twice before it was posted. My questions are, in line 43 “Do not turn tot he left or to the right”, shouldn’t it be ‘ Do not turn to the left or to the right’, secondly in line 66 What does it mean “I have looked into the light”, Jesus is the light, is He looking into Himself? Either you heard the prophesy incorrectly or wrote down incorrectly. These are the end times, you should be very careful what is written if you are not sure.
    Sincerely: Robert

  2. Dear Robert,
    The day the prophecy came was while I was at a retreat with other brethren when the Lord told me to ” Write this down.” The only other time I was clearly instructed by the Holy Spirit to “write this down” was on 11/5/1988 in a church in Towanda Pa and then gave it to the Pastor who gave it to the church. This time I received 2 messages to write down and wrote them by hand. I gave them to the brethren I had been with and they reviewed and confirmed that they believed it was from the Lord through the Holy Spirit. I was then prompted to share it with my brethren in an online fellowship I belong to and they too confirmed that they believed it was from the Lord. I wrote down what I heard.
    In retyping it however, I am not the best typist and yes line 43 is mis-spaced and’ tot he ‘is ‘to the’ and I thankyou for catching my typo. My eyesight isnt the best and I missed it in rereading it when I typed it.
    Yes Jesus is the light but he also was our Lord, King, Friend and Brother and said for us to follow him and while he was amongst us he said in John 8:12 that he is indeed the light of the world.
    The Holy Spirit is a person too, the three in the Godhead are one and yet 3 distinct personalities, in fact Jesus said ,” I go so the Comfortor, the Spirit of Truth may come.. and he will guide you into all truth..”
    Before Jesus was taken in the Garden he prayed for us to the Father and but we would not say he was praying simply to himself as some may argue the verse ..”I and the Father are one”…And concerning end times he acknowledged that of that hour no one knows except the Father, so that demonstrates a distinction in their personage and Jesus’s submission to the Father in that he said he always tries to do what is pleasing to the Father and that he was about his fathers business…
    Saying he looked into the light is as in the way.We are told ‘this is the way walk in it’ and I only wrote down what I heard, but to my understanding Jesus through the Holy Spirit is guiding us into the light, his Light although I do not totally understand the concept some call Trinity or if it ever has been correctly defined and who can judge the definition for now we know in part but THEN we shall know fully.
    We are to be careful as we are entering into end times as you know and yet we need to be careful not to make one another for a ‘word’ out to be an offender.
    If you read the account of the Rabshekah &,Sennacharib trying to cause Hezekiah to surrender the city and when asked to speak in Aramaic, instead spoke all the louder ‘in their own language’ to frighten the people of the city who could hear them and then again the promise of bringing those who surrendered ” to a land like your own til we come for you”.. is a good illustration of how they speak to us in our own language- like in our thoughts to seem like they may be our own thoughts, when in fact they are suggestions put into our minds by the enemy with the ‘hath God saids” like the serpent beguiling Eve or the devil temnpting Jesus in the wilderness by misquoting scripture demanding Jesus turn a stone into bread or to throw himself off the pinnacle of the temple.. the bizarro way the enemy tempts us into religiously serving God instead of hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit and being able to tell the difference is vital.
    The Spirit and the Word will always agree and never contradict one another as God cannot deny himself and scripture cant be broken. We are to test the spirits and hold fast to that which is ‘good’ .
    God bless you and keep you in his service.

  3. Dear

    I witness to the prophetic word you wrote. It is very wonderful and encouraging. It is what the Lord Jesus speaks to me very often… to stay walking in His path, to not look to the right or left especially at the beginning of my walk when the dark shadows would have tried with all their might to seduce me off of His path with their lies.

    Thank you for this wonderful word from the Lord


  4. Dear Ave,
    I also want to thank you for posting this word. I also witness to the words you wrote. For many months now the Lord has been instructing me that He will lead me in a straight path and not to look to the right or left. Do not call upon the past “Forgetting what lies behind” is scriptural. On 1/8/08 the Lord spoke to me ” your past is forgotten. Rise up and begin the new life” I have been instructed to cast all my burdens and anxities upon Him as I trust Him and He will lead me. Do not be afraid. Also, ” I have brought you out” is another wonderful revelation I can bear witness to. The entire word written here is confirmation to me of what the Lord is revealing and speaking to me too in these times. Thank you. I needed this to strengthen me this evening and I appreciate that the Holy spirit led me to find this to encourage me. True word from the Lord and I receive it with praise and wonder! Confirmation indeed!
    ” I know the way and am showing you, calling you, leading you, guiding you” Amen. Praise the Lord for He is faithful and true. You say ” to whoever is listening” Lord I hear your word and I receive it. Help us all Lord to hear it and submit ourselves into your loving care. Amen

  5. It was 3 am when the enemy wasc trying to shake up my life but I stayed calm. I put myself in a living situation with someone who is headed down the path of destruction. I thought we were geting married and I moved in because of emergency purposes. It all went down hill..he started dogging my son out..drinking …doing illegal things and I put myself in this! I am up tonight praying for a breakout!! A way out!!! I am praying for divine guidance and I came across your messages…The Lord is good all the time..I know he will see me through this situation!!

  6. dear ave

    thank you for the word you have brought,i had come across it at a time when i really needed it.please can you explain what is meant by ” do not wait to bury the dead “once again thank you and be blessed

    nb .do not be discouraged by people who pick up typing errors


    • “Do not wait to bury the dead”, refers to an example of an excuse which is considered acceptable to man in some circumstances but indicates less than 100% commitment in serving Jesus by delaying service to Jesus by putting others usually family]first or before serving Him.

      We are told to ‘choose this day’ whom we will serve http://bible.cc/joshua/24-15.htm

      Then we are to ‘pick up our cross daily & follow HIM’ ~ http://bible.cc/matthew/16-24.htm

      Some will say they want to ‘wait til they bury their parent ‘…. [thus putting that person first rather than Jesus] or another person of equal importance in their lives.

      People have many seemingly valid reasons for continuing in such a position
      Examples are:

      · Wanting to wait until the right time: (whenever that has been determined by the person);

      · Wanting to wait to get one’s personal life sorted out;

      · Not wanting to offend a family member;

      · Wanting first to do whatever personal thing or business is planned or scheduled;

      Jesus said ,”He who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of Me”. http://bible.cc/matthew/10-37.htm
      While we are taught to ‘honor our mother & father,’ we are likewise told to love the Lord that God with all they heart, mind body & soul. http://www.biblegateway.com/keyword/?search=+honor+your+father+&searchtype=phrase&version1=50&spanbegin=1&spanend=73

      The dead know nothing.http://www.bibletruths.net/archives/BTAR131.htm

      It is appointed unto man once to die & then the judgment. http://bible.cc/hebrews/9-27.htm

      If we love and serve Jesus, we and our whole household will be saved,http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Acts+11:14&version=NASB
      but that takes ‘trust in the Lord with all thy heart, mind, body & soul’ ~ a total commitment. http://bible.cc/proverbs/3-5.htm

      Jesus gave an example for us when his mother & brothers came to see him while he was preaching. Now we are told that he came to his own people but they received him not http://biblecc.com/john/1-11.htmand there are other references such as ‘ a prophet is without honor in his our country’~ http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew+13:57&version=NIV
      Jesus replied to them,” Who are my mother & my brothers?

      He who does the will of Him who sent me~” [ Mark 3: (34) Then he looked at those seated in a circle around him and said, “Here are my mother and my brothers! (35)Whoever does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother.”]

      When Jesus was first meeting and gathering his disciples he told them, ” Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men”[his witnesses] http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew+4:19&version=NIV

      One told him that he wanted to wait and bury his father (Luke 9:59-62) [ who was still living ] and Jesus said to him ” Let the dead bury the dead~! ” referring to those who were spiritually dead [ not yet born again ] .

      Unless a man is born again, he can not see [or enter] the kingdom of God [ John 3:3-5 ]



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