What would I do IF I were to be President?

New Presidential Candidate… If you dont want either of the ones that are running..!


There’s an effort to elect an unknown random person as President…so I agreed to be their candiate !

What I would do IF I were president ?~ Well let me tell you~ Here are just some of the things off the top of my head that I would like to see happen and would work hard for.. I have alot of other ideas as well~

But to get started this is what I would do IF I were president….

Just like in the old days when politicians would promise a chicken in every pot, so I can promise a chicken in every pot [with the help of the USDA Food Stamp Program]

Cheaper gas prices [following Sarah Palin’s approach to taxing oil companies]End the war in Iraq not by pulling out, but by taking over unconditionally and if need be , imperialistically for at least one generation [like England in India] and earnestly go wiping out any known or  suspected terrorist camps worldwide]

Impose a trade Tax on countries we are outsourcing American jobs to.

Increase military strength and not succumb to world pressures in telling us how to administer our foreign policies.

Compel nations relying on our foreign aid to join ‘our union’ in order to receive funding from us, they should be one with us, instead of using our money while continuing to hate or malign US.

Cut federal spending on executive jobs, eliminate waste in government spending by reducing administrative costs of agency operations~ If they want funding, more than 70% has to go for the actual purpose that it was intended, rather than red tape.

Make term limits on ALL government positions in Senate,Congress, eliminating their inflated expense accounts and pensions.

Make Government for the people, as a public service and trust rather than for power and lifetime of benefits.

Increase spending on education with a job placement payback service for all student loans, thus eliminating loan default~ Let them work it off!!

Make a new Civilian Conservation Corps to rebuild the infrastructure of the country, thus providing jobs to all who are unemployed  but able bodied.

Overturn Roe V Wade and re-educate America on the sanctity of life. Provide counselling and funding that would make our children the prize possession of America and educate them with discipline and pride so that the next generation will not be a bunch of self indulgent couch potatoes~

Bring ‘God’ back into the courts and place criminal sentences and fines on all who use government or religion for their own selfish gain,by re-evaluating tax exempt status annually of all who apply for non-profit status.

Place limits on administrative salaries in order to qualify for tax exempt status {why should any group pay its administrators $100,000+ a year while soliciting donations and tax exemption credits to provide their services?

Bring back honor, integrity and a sense of civil duty to all walks of life.

Reform prisons by making them into factories to make products currently being made by outsourcing.Our prison system should be able to compete with the foreign markets!Funds earned can go for prison reform and salaries.Then when the inmate is released, he/she will have a skill to be able to work and make an honest living rather than having to  go on welfare.

Provide work for  welfare recipients work from home such as telemarketers and other computer data  jobs that they can be easily trained for if they can not be part of the new Civilian Conservation Corps.

Test and evaluate all students to see what jobs would meet their potential.Enforce the policy of no one left behind and make everyone who is capable, able to meet the work that will allow them to produce and make themselves and their families self sufficient.

Require everyone to register for the draft and commit 2 years minimun to civil service and national defense. Make overseas duty voluntary however.

Watch my online video about this surprising new turn of events:


Jot back a note to let me know what you think! 🙂

And IF I dont achieve enough backing to be elected this time, I want you to know that I endorse John Mc Cain and Sarah Palin for the presidency in Nov 2008 as the next best thing and totally am against Obama as not being fit to be president of our United States and if elected, believe America would fall an become a third world nation.

Too late to try to SAVE AMERICA  not enough Voted for McCain/Palin ~~~!!


3 thoughts on “What would I do IF I were to be President?

  1. I am Donald Traill, son of Stewart, head of COBU. LOL!!!

    I am currently writing my autobiography and considering a venture into being a representative of my district to the state legislature as a step to congress and possibly the Presidency. Baby steps first Ave…

    What would I do for Pennsylvania first?

    Pennsylvania already has policies to not tax the nessecities of life. There are minimum prices set for cigarretes and milk. I would expand this by setting a reasonable state wide minimum price for gas. This would allow the independant gas stations to thrive and not succumb to “price wars”. I would give a tax break per gallon of gas sold to stations that service cars on the premises. We have a nationwide abundance of convenience stores but a shortage of qualified mechanics. I would give a further tax break to gas stations that provide full service and maybe eventually make self serve gas illegal like it is in Jersey. The stations recieving partial tax breaks would partly repay them by providing a certain number of free vehicle inspection and emissions to be determined by lottery.

    The deregulation of electricity was a huge mistake. For instance electric companies now spend billions in advertising while still neglecting vital industry infrastructure. Who will pay for it in the end???

    The “war on drugs” has resulted in billions of dollars being spent to keep people in jail who arguably have only hurt themselves. So I would introduce legislation to sharply reduce jail time for those non violent offenders caught with a pound of any drug or less. The money saved could be half spent to finance drug addiction treatment centers located at State Hospitals that are currently underutilised. This is a stepping stone to the legalisation of all drugs. When cocaine was legal it cost about as much as soap and very few people were killed over it.

    If elected to Congress I would aggressively fight to expand these policies nation wide and fight to also give the President a line item veto.

    If there are to be tax cuts I feel the most fair way is an increase in amount of income can be earned before paying Federal Income tax. Also I would support increasing taxes for those reporting over a million dollars a year. Most millionaires are incorporated and only pay taxes on the amount of money they spend. One of the richest men in the world supports this, saying his assistant now pays more income tax than him.

    If elected President I will largely expand Obama’s foreign policy of engaging our enemies diplomatically. It is pure fallacy to think that America will ever rule the rest of the world against their will and it would be against every core American ideal to try. I would aggressively remove American support for regimes who do not grant their citizens the basic human rights listed in the Declaration of Independance. That will remove much of the resentment that fuels terrorrism. If that means we spend more for oil, so be it. I would support offshore drilling and other American based energy initiatives.

    I would tailor our military with the level of threat expected from an emerging China and other potential adversaries. Peace through strength.

    I am pro choice, though prefferably by the new pills that can terminate a pregnancy in its earliest days. I am against abortions in the third trimester, and totally against the death penalty. That makes me almost unique among prospective politicians and I believe there is a large untapped resevoir of voters who feel the same way.

    So what do you think Ave? And take it easy, didn’t we used to live together???

  2. Well Donnie~
    Good luck with your run for office and asperations for the presidency~

    I can readily agree with much you have to say.[except the abortion stuff, as I am totally against abortion for any reason and have lived through several miscarriages and had a son who was said to be 98% positive to be deformed , that I was encouraged to abort him, but didnt. He turned out fine and served 2 tours in Korea and 2 tours in Iraq, now has 2 daughters and lives in Phoenix- so abortion although advised for health reasons, made for a difficult pregnancy and delivery, but produced a fine young man nevertheless~!!

    I like your other ideas and some were already in line with what I agree with too.

    I am glad you are against late term abortions and suppose if they had to be legal that the earlier the better so as not to cause added suffering to the baby being killed, but I would personally rather die than abort a baby and I would have died to give birth as well.

    Your views are pretty middle of the line and could make for a good run of it, appealing more to prolife than Obama did, and offering perhaps a more sensible approach to dealing with people with drug habits.

    Capping gas prices and starting our own increased offshore drilling and using our oil reserves in Alaska, could make our nation viable again and decrease the national debt.

    Remembering you from back in the day, I am glad to see you are doing well ~! Some of the times back then were fun, at least to mid 76. I heard things got pretty rough for you for a while as they did for many others . We have some alumni groups online, that you are more than welcome to join in if you ever want~ 🙂

    http://xcobu4jesus.ning.com/ new interactive site
    http://groups.yahoo.com/group/xcobu4jesus/ old site & archives

    They are ‘open listed’ so membership isnt required nor any prerequisites if you choose to join.

    There are other support/fellowship/social related groups as well, with maybe more familiar former friends.

    Take care and great hearing from you~!!!!


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