Pitbull Politics- Trump for ALL Americans


Only hope for America is Jesus

Only hope for President is Donald Trump

He is a patriot, not running as a poilitician but fending them off in every direction.

If we the people elect Donald Trump, the corruption will start to end and the trickle down of integrity will benefit every office and agency that will be able to do their jobs right.

Govt waste will be slashed.

Foreign Govts we support will have to respect US and our values.

We will live once again according the the values our nation was founded upon.

Political Correctness has only been a bully term coined to remove truth & integrity from society. Truth MUST return AND  WE MUST D0 WHAT IS RIGHT.

Fairness to ALL patriotic citizens will be restored.

Subversives will no longer be able to manipulate our laws and good will to try and…

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Islamic Terrorism Cell Hit San Bernadino ~ NO TIME FOR TONE – STOP REFUGEES Til Proper Vetting is Fixed

NO TIME FOR TONE~! BIPARTISANS UNITE ~Stop the inflow of terrorism in the USA – With NO real vetting of refugees we need to stop allowing them into the country the way the President is enabling them to do. 

We need the equivilent of an Ellis Island as immigrants first went to when coming to our country. They had to take citizenship classes and had to renounce their home country and pledge their allegiance to America. This was the way it was done and needs to be implemented again. The time of their confinement would enable a new political agency to research them and determine if they would become good citizens and not coming here to be colonists and subversives that will lead others into terroristic actions.

The Govt has gone so liberal and corrupt that the Obama method is merely unleashing anyone calling themselves refugees who have no real documentation or who have false identification that are sneaking into our country as bad or worse than the illegals sneaking in by our southern borders.The enemy has learned our ways and uses our weaknesses and laws against us to occupy and to later take over. We need to stop and re-evaluate  how immigrants are being allowed into our country. Its insane to let enemies infiltrate occupy and then randomly attack and strike fear into the hearts of all Americans.
Donald Trump for President – Stop the influx of terrorism in the USA – Govt has to get act together~!
We are Patriotic American People for Trump

Despite any MSM & political perceived minor or accused shortcomings
I think its time for bipartisan support for Donald J. Trump as a

strong leadership skills needed to restore our nation

brilliant economist.,
tough character,
very smart
learns very fast to be
able to attempt to deal with the darker days ahead
as he seems to have the most
common sense and is the
least apologetic concerning the threats we face as a society and nation.

If America is to survive we need Donald Trump for President Trump to bring back many of the things we lost to other nations and ideologies while America has been sleeping for decades on some matters. He takes the heat when bringing these matter to the forefront in news and politics. While man condemn Trump for saying to Ban Muslims temporarily, he knows better than most that this  is where we need to begin and stop the flow of terrorists into our country waiting to attack anywhere anytime. 

.Featured Image -- 21


Whats so hard to figure out? Terrorism by any name is still terrorism.

We say Caliphate – they say Khalifa  [like saying  tomatoes tomatas]

THEN THE ISLAMIC CULTS~ SEEKING TO BRING ABOUT CALIPHATESancient persian empire turkey syria lebanon israel jordan iraq iran afghanistan pakistan

Islamic based Caliphate Cults however lure, cultivate and breed unlimited offspring of mass murderers ~ seeking out those who possess enough resentment towards society ~ who have the guts to follow through ~

As many sects/cults are destroyed, more and more rise up all led by the same spirit of hate and murder~ all have the same ultimate goal with slight variations on who will be leader.

Modern day youth are very wrestless, disgruntled, bored, angry, lonely and depressed.They lack purpose. Many lack mates and jobs. This makes ISIS very prolific in being another, perhaps the most successful  cult of death, an army of satan infecting every corner of the earth.

ISIS uses people at any and many levels- one type being the religious side of islam~ so some of their members will come in through dreams of redemption or glory for allah while ‘good’ islamics claim no association.

Guess the few that do the killing,  make up for it, as it sure seems muslims do a heck of a lot of killing worldwide with all sorts of alu branding.

Others that join islamic terror groups such as former city gang members or ex-cons from prisons, with a limited conversion seeking redemption or a wife by killing for allah.

Considering workplace violence in gun free zones – most often perpetrated by islamic extremists, shouldn’t Our president resign since this pesky work place violence thingy is proven islamic terrorism – like  Ft Hood ~ in Little Rock in 2009 and Chattanooga 2015 at other gun free zones –

The President didn’t even fly the flag 1/2 mast for the dead Marines at Chattanooga for several days and didn’t do so til there was a media back lash – but the this time at San Bernadino, he is flying 1/2 mast flags over a proven terror event where the terrorists got killed .

Nidal Malik Hasan FTHOOD


In 2009 had Ft Hood not been a gun free zone, our own military casualties could have been avoided and that terrorist military psych could have been killed and others saved~

OBAMA KEEPS Calling it workplace violence- what a slap in the face to America – but the president got away with it then AND AGAIN AND AGAIN…

Kind of like the 2009 Little Rock recruiting office shooting took place on June 1, 2009, when the American Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, born Carlos Leon Bledsoe, opened fire with a rifle in a drive-by shooting on soldiers in front of a United States military recruiting office in Little Rock, Arkansas. He killed Private William Long and wounded Private Quinton Ezeagwula.

Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, Cattanooga shooter

Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, Cattanooga shooter

After his arrest, Muhammad acknowledged shooting the men.

He told police that he had intended to kill as many Army personnel as possible.

The Obama administration hasn’t learned anything from the massacres at Fort Hood in 2009 and 2014 or the Washington Navy Yard in 2013 OR HAS HE?

Washington Navy Yard in 2013.

Washington Navy Yard in 2013.Islamic Terrorism nicknamed Work Place Violence



OKC beheader

OKC Beheader Jah’Keem-Yisrael-Alton-Nolen

Once they find they cant climb their ladder of success such as the OKLAHOMA CITY BEHEADER [9-25-2014] who was seeking a wife~found got over 116 new islamic ‘girl’ friends [on Facebook only 2 wks before~he was prompted to kill his coworker in OKC~Guess those virgins are virtual.

Still others still join for love or friendship they haven’t found in society & willingly go over to the ‘dark side‘ for some sort of personal satisfaction or to just ‘belong‘ to a cause even if its a murder cult,

Anyone who is that vulnerable/volatile  who feels like a societal reject in any way is more apt to jump at the chance to join any extremist group simply out of frustration or loneliness. So be nicer to nerds & outcasts~!!

This type is best used for “Lone Wolf attacks” because some of them still wrestle with whats left of their conscience and may need to be prodded along to comply.These are often used earlier on when they are more pliable.

These are the ones that wont be brought overseas to fight ~but used to fight locally and to die along with their victims.

These are the ones that pose a “higher threat level” to every nation
and they are hardest to find and unknown until tragedy strikes. They
often aren’t given any clear association or connection to the cells that may enable them to commit their heinous crimes.

Local recruits for ISIS are at the bottom of their terrorist food chain are the most expendable.Often never meeting anywhere but online and prepped and prompted to strike out anywhere anytime.

The internet is used by all types of people but the “vulnerable” or should we call them the “volatile
are the easiest to cultivate to commit murder impetuously and locally. These are easier to manipulate by promises of sex disguised as love or by loneliness seeking redemption before a god, any god.

Here you will find men/women doing things no one would ever expect
because they are quickly attracted and addicted to their evil girlfriends/boyfirends or wives/husbands.

Some join to kill, others just to get married or for brief companionship, but then become trapped and called to pay the ultimate price – an act of terrorism.

Others once married and with children- like maybe was the case in San Bernadino~ do it thinking its to save their own children ~ as often their heartless spouses will threaten to take away or even kill their children or some other family members if they don’t and go as far as to say if they are in a secret cell ~ that their cell leaders will kill their entire families
~if they won’t go out and kill some innocents for them
as evidenced & documented cases in Africa and other places have said~!

Same tactics would be used here and are kept secret, so we have to be concerned as they can happen anywhere.

Despite the president, MSN & other political talking heads
seeking or finding excuses for the murderers while in effect disrespecting the families of the victims.
[as some are now doing]

So looking a little closer at San Bernadino…..


Farook & Malik Murdered 14 Wounded 17 in San Bernandino

San Bernadino

Wife was radicalizing husband, who was a lonely heart she captured online, but who was a deeply religious islamic.saying “it was the wife”
leading the husband or not –
It really doesnt matter as he chose her and to do what he did.

Men like him are a particular threat to our safety since it broadens the threat to all, changing the known profiles of killers to include any lonely heart guy or in some cases the reverse- women.

What does it matter that Farook used to be a good guy?
He obviously followed his heart and changed .

He killed 17 people and wounded 21.

What matters is this recruiting method.
It is tapping into an unlimited source of many young people who are loners
and it will recruit them and
use them locally when least expected.

Bottom line is like taking a person out of a mental hospital
and giving them a gun and telling them to go kill,

…only we are talking about
people already established in society,working and living among us.

Now its not just the youth but business people and coincidentally well educated people  in some medical related fields.
No one is safe anymore – maybe we never were – but now its worse

So anyone can be a suspect,
Anyone using the internet, not just islamic but anyone, as they will use even those they consider to be infidels to carry out their plots to murder and commit acts of terror.

‘They’ will continue to do this til they can take over even if it takes decades.

They got the “Manipulation of Human Nature” formula down pat and  know how to convert any vulnerable/volatile  weak-minded, disgruntled, dumb ass [Bible called their top ascendant leader, Ishmael a wild donkey <dumb ass> of a man always fighting]

They recruit anyone to do their dirty work.

ISIS leads its <dumb ass> followers into sacrificing all to help bring about the next barbaric bloody caliphate -khalifa which will be a literal hell on earth~!

When one lures a new recruit/member by any means including ‘love’ they gain very intimate control over that person.

In San Bernadino, the isis loving wife may have even used her baby as  bait to get her ‘led-by-the-nose husband’ to do what she said.

Still he knew the difference between right and wrong and he CHOSE her. She chose ISIS.
He chose to participate.


Syed Rizwan Farook 28 US Born Islamic Terrorist Killed 14 Wounded 21 San Bernandino Ca

Even if ambivilent, he still went into his job that day to find the best opportunity~ to set it up for maximum impact –
He chose that Christmas Party to send a double message against Christians and Capitalists. She was set and ready for action.
He went to the party scoped it out~ found the best time to do it ~ got her, went back and did it . They fled.

ISIS Woman - murderer

Tashfeen Malik 30 – Islamic Terrorist Killed 14 Wounded 17 San Bernadino Ca,

People wonder why he did it and how could she do it having a young baby at home. Luring a person by love or sex is a basic cult tactic used for decades or more. Kids are collateral. Hers was to live which to her was more than it deserved.This bewilders the MSM and lefties.Why leave a baby behind? Well it may take a few generations to establish their beloved Khalifa and that baby may be needed to do more terrorism in her early adult days.She was bred for it.

Now Obama is trying to get away with it over San Bernadino but upping his efforts to disarm the rest of America ~ to make it even easier for terrorists to commit their atrocities on innocent people.

God bless the law enforcement that took out the 2 terrorists in San Bernadino. Obama couldn’t save them!

San Bernadino Shootout Isis Wife shot from rear while husband drove. Police were fired upon over 70 times before unloading rounds into the SUV till return fire stopped. Both terrorists were dead at the scene.

San Bernadino Shootout Isis Wife shot from rear while husband drove. Police were fired upon over 70 times before unloading rounds into the SUV till return fire stopped. Both terrorists were dead at the scene.

Obama sent in people from Washington to San Bernadino and also had them take crucial evidence back to Washington ~ which now due to their alleged corruption in DC ~ we may or may never get the detailed truth or find links to other cells that may have had ties to these 2 terrorists.

This couple was obviously an ‘arsenal station’  for others – lone wolves or cells or malcontents – wanting to further the cause of ISIS by supporting ISIS -murdering innocents here in America.

Maybe later on some will be saying shame on the FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation if they failed to obtain any needed evidence in the home of the terrorists.

Many say they were releasing their apt so early made it an open field day for reporters,who now forever destroyed any possible evidence that could lead to any more clues to cells or others involved~! Hope they already got that info and are acting on it but keeping it on the down low til they capture them.


In Palestine women proudly breed babies to place in harms way to get hurt or killed simply for propaganda value against the Jews !
They don’t think like normal people. They are twisted – all of them as far as that goes.Thankfully we are told that most aren’t violent.{?}


Guess the few that do killing,  make up for it, as it sure seems muslims do a heck of a lot of killing worldwide with all sorts of alu branding.

Once they commit to the gal/guy, then they commit to their cause no matter what it is- either a slave or a murderer~.In Africa its widespread.

muslims slaves

Slavery is sanctioned by the Quran. Although the Koran encourages humane treatment [food & beatings] it still accepts slavery over death & they traffic in it still

initiated Islamic slavery by enslaving the women and children of a number of Arabian tribes

 Islamic slavery~ enslaving the women and children of a number of Arabian tribes

Islamic slavery~ enslaving the women and children of a number of Arabian tribes

Now consider the 70s non-muslim cults like Jim Jones, Children of God and even the Halbot Cult etc. [though none of these were ISIS type]

They all used ‘flirty fishing” to lure young lonely hearts, guys/gals, losers ex-cons, mental cases, weak minded, and disgruntled into their ideologies to do their bidding.

With the 70s Jesus Movement, Gurus and Christian Cult Leaders  lured more young and disgruntles who readily followed and exalted  their leaders – however most often members were used for money, willing slave laborers and were nonviolent in nature ~like the Church of Bible Understanding [COBU] who converted its members into a workforce of carpet cleaners who donated their salaries back to their leader Stewart Traill.

Jim Jones cult group became kind of like militant separatists and yet imploded their group down in Guyana with an horrific mass suicide and murder of those who wouldn’t drink the KoolAid ~as they were religiously deluded and controlled.

When Jones thought the govt was closing in, he began to have everyone drink the poison to all die together. Those who refused, were killed.

The Halbot cult-another cult winner~  lured and led their followers into mass suicide based on a comet coming near the earth and thought they’d be beamed aboard by some one like Scotty~!.

Everyone now has to prepare themselves to defend themselves .
The Law Enforcement groups help but are limited, especially as these people/cells blend in among us.

Watch your neighbor.

Balance your paranoia as it rises and it will have to rise somewhat as we are living in an increasingly dangerous world.

Many Separatists have seen it coming as well as conspiracy theorists and they are the ones now best prepared and so it seems some of them at least are not as crazy as some thought.

Emotionally it may be like walking a tight rope or on eggshells from now on unless we find  strong bold leadership that is not corrupted ~who can restore our government and its agencies to stop the corruption that has been allowing our country to be destroyed and disrespected..,


Pitbull Politics- Trump for ALL Americans

Whats so hard to figure out? Our president is flying flags over a terror event where the terrorists got killed this time.

Had Ft Hood not been a gun free zone, our own military casualties could have been avoided and that terrorist military psych could have been killed and others saved~

Calling it workplace violence was a slap in the face to America – but the president got away with it then. Now he is trying to get away with it over San Bernadino and upping his efforts to disarm the rest of America to make it even easier for terrorists to commit their atrocities on innocent people,

God bless the law enforcement that took out the 2 terrorists in San Bernadino.

Obama sent in people from Washington and also had them take evidence back to Washington which now due to their alleged corruption in DC we may never get…

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Something about Donald Trump Stands Out above the rest of those running for POTUS


Something about Trump stands out to me ~ Below is this letter from Mr.Donald Trump~

Unlike EVERY other candidate, he is not a politician – he’s in it to save America! He doesn’t have that ‘donate’ button – is doing it at his own expense.

Every other political message I have received from many other candidates
ALL ask for money and ALL promise virtually no solutions or plans and have track records showing that career politicians for the most part do nothing and at best most attack others character without addressing the problems our nation faces. None of them offer any viable solutions.

Trump talks about solutions and doing something about the problems.
Anyway so far, he is at the top of my list as someone worth following in this political arena and so far if an election was held now, I would vote for Trump~!

Have a great week 🙂


From: webmaster@donaldjtrump.com
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2015 06:15:59 +1000
Subject: Standing Up for What Is Right

– JULY 08 2015 –


A leader must stand strong, especially when under attack. I am being criticized in the media for speaking out about the dangers of illegal immigration. But many have shown me their support.  Bill O’ReillyRep. Trey GowdyTed Cruz,Ben CarsonAnn Coulter, and Pat Buchanan are some of the most prominent who have commended me for my strength and leadership on this issue.

Others in immigrant communities have praised Trump for pointing out this problem, going so far as to say that assuming Mr. Trump meant his statements negatively towards legal immigrants would be a total disregard for the facts.

With the right leadership, we can Make America Great Again!

Our border is not secure and it is costing us American lives. Just last week an innocent young woman, Kathryn Steinle, was viciously murdered by an illegal immigrant. This SHOULD NOT have happened and was easily preventable. The illegal immigrant who committed this terrible act was previously deported five times. He has even admitted that he crossed into San Francisco because it is a sanctuary city.

Our cities should not be sanctuaries for criminals. We must fix our country’s broken immigration system and not let Kathryn Steinle become part of a larger statistic.

Illegal immigration is a threat to our safety and national security. It also hurts legal immigrants economically.

A nation without borders is a nation that cannot survive. I am a builder, and as President of the United States I will build the wall fast and build it right.

I will continue to be bold in my stance against illegal immigration.

The Establishment and elites are criticizing me because I want a secure border and people entering our country to follow the rule of law. No surprise. They are politicians controlled by big money donors, lobbyists, and special interests. They want amnesty– I will bring jobs back home and strengthen the middle class.

I want to thank the great people of Bedford, New Hampshire for hosting me last Tuesday. I always love visiting the Granite State. We talked about the need for leaderswho can negotiate great deals for the United States. When I spoke to attendees, they told me our country needs a leader who won’t shy away from problems or adversaries.

Meeting great people on the trail in New Hampshire.

You can count on me to tell the truth.

It is time for action and it is time for results!

Our campaign will never stop being bold and unapologetic.

We can Make America Great Again!

With Best Wishes, 

Donald J. Trump 

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P.S. I will be traveling this week to meet with voters. Follow me on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to keep track of our progress and find events you can join us at!