Unique Designer Bags, Handbags, Messenger Bags, purses & more for gift giving ~!

Unique Designer Bags, Handbags, Messenger Bags, purses & more for gift giving ~!.

Bucket Bags
Bucket Bags
Chain Bags
Chain Bags
Classic Handbags
Classic Handbags
Classic Shoulder Bags
Classic Shoulder Bags
Coin Purses
Coin Purses
Cosmetic Bags
Cosmetic Bags
Messenger Bags
Messenger Bags
Oversized Office Bags
Oversized Office Bags
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Recycle Bags
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School Bags
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Shoulder Clutch Bags
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Sling Bags
Toiletries Bags
Toiletries Bags

ArtRave Arts &Artists are Now Expanding Coverage on Facebook~!

ArtRave Arts &Artists are Now Expanding Coverage on Facebook~!.


At ArtRave, we promote decency and family values in art. We have over 315+ artist members from around the world that share in our vision for promoting and showing art that is tasteful and suitable for all viewing audiences.

Basic membership is free and any artist can join and all its affiliate sites. This is good news for artists trying to promote or advertise their art , prints and art items they have available for sale on many websites, including :

and more sites they utilize,m including Ebay, Plunderhere, Artbyus and other auction sites.

Viewers have choices. Viewers that want to see a large variety of art without concerns of what willl ‘pop up’ have not worries when visiting ArtRave since only family friendly art is allowed to be displayed and promoted.As the owner of ArtRave, I personally review every submission and approve only ones that I would show my children, my parents, my preacher and anyone with moral conservative values.Most artsites will show ‘anything’ including adult content. There is no adult content on ArtRave.

Buyers can visit and look for art by topic, categories provided, price range and by approved sites where our members have their art products available.

Over the passed few months, ArtRave has been setting up groups and pages at Facebook for artists to post links to t their work and where it is available.Many artists have their original artworks for sale and many do custom work, such as portraits or familiar scenes from photographs. ArtRave.Company : Artists that have upgraded their memberships on ArtRave can name their affiliation with ArtRave ~ to obtain recommendations and promotions. Art Rave (Ave) is My Facebook page~! Artists can share ideas and their profiles and current artworks and links to sale sites.

Image ArtRave Group for all ArtRave Artists and friends of ArtRave on Facebook~! ArtRave Categories- Sales Promo Group is where Artists can post the URLs to ArtRave where they are showing their current works in the Categories menu – This enables viewers to search and shop by topic~! is ArtRave Gallery- Showcase Group a group on facebook for artists to show and display their art from their ArtRave Gallery and include any other websites they belong to. ArtRave Mall – Group Many artists now participate in larger promotions of their art online and have shops on other sites that they show and promote in the ArtRave Mall – which is easy for viewers to use and click on the links to visit their shops online. ArtRave Gallery promotes art from ArtRave Gallery on the site. Member artists can link their pictures here to reach more viewers.

Image ArtRave- Fine Art America Artists from ArtRave that have shops on Fine Art America promote their art shops and links to their art here~






Image Ave Hurley Illustrations My Own Art Page:) ArtRave Gallery Like Page~!

There are many buttons and links on ArtRave to make searching fun and relaxing.

Check for new Facebook “Like” pages & groups coming soon~!

Come Visit
ArtRave today 🙂 Ave

Hobson’s Lighthouse by Ave Hurley & Art Promotional tips

“Hobson’s Lighthouse”


by “Ave Hurley”

Based on my original [mirrored] image acrylic painting done several years ago, this digital repainting has taken on a new life and appearance of its own, as I manually, digitally repainted it at 1200% resolution, one pixel at a time,creating details that my finest 10/0 sable brush never could have done.

In particular I digitally repainted this using a pointalism technique, adding in details to the US Flag and windows of the house and lighthouse. The US Flag is proudly flying and added in a double masted sailing ship going off into the distance. I added new details to the foreground and changed the coloring overall and re-painted the waves and water.

RELEASE: April 2012, so, if interested, please bookmark this page and come back soon, or email me and be among the first to obtain a copy of this fine digital painting.It will initially be available as a limited edition, hand signed Artist’s continental sized glossy finished postcard, meant for framing.

SIZE: 4.27″ high by 5.25″ wide.

LIMITED SIGNED EDITION : I will only have 100 printed of this and will number and date them when the printing is commissioned.

Price: $5.00 for a collectors first edition art postcard with free shipping.

Other sizes will be available by special order as this can be printed in any size up to 16×20 which will be on my POD Sites shortly. I will be making Giclees of this in sizes up to 12×16 by the end of April when my print shop is once again set up here at my new shop. Just contact me here at ArtRave.

Above is being used as an example of what you as an artist should do in describing your art when posting.

How to ‘use’ [ArtRave] & any galleries to help promote your art work & increase chances of making sales:

1. List your art in the Gallery [ and other galleries you belong to]

  • Use your Artist ID# [if you have one, or use your name in the title bar along with the title of the art, ] I personally assign a page # to create a uniform inventory online that I use on all sites I belong to.
  • Give full description of your art : size, Medium used, Price, contact info.
  • Let viewers know if the original is for sale or not and give a price.If you sell this art as a print, let viewers know if they can purchase directly from you or not and if there are any limited editions, signed versions and what sizes are available.
  • Provide your contact information and correct URLS to where your art is being sold.Also include your profile page URL since viewers may want to read your BIO and check out any other information you provide there.
  • Viewers are unlikely to search for your art, unless you provide accurate information
  • Check your Gallery page URL using your ID# & page number [example: AH-001-034] at the end of the URL being assigned. This will identify your art in search engines along with the info placed correctly in the Title bar
  • Use the same title info, separated by comma’s and quotation marks and paste into the Tag line along with other descriptive words, so searchbots can index your work on Google, Bing, Yahoo etc..

2. Repost your art into the FREE Promotional ArtRave Categories that apply – even if more than one.There are over 100 & this is a free service to all artists from any art site. Only rule is it has to be ‘family friendly’ since ArtRave is a family friendly network, geared to helping emerging artists online to succeed and promote all t heir art sites collectively.

3.Open a second window, to start a blog post on the piece. Be sure to upload the picture and put the Gallery URL as well as the Category URL for the work and the complete copied description you provided in the Gallery, including any sites you have this art for sale at.Keep the blog open til you have all the pertinent information copied there.Tie your info together across the net~!!

4. In the blog, write a short paragraph about the art, whatever inspired you or details about the location of where the art took place or any info that might stir more of the viewer’s interest. This may mean the difference when the viewer is making their choice in buying your art over other art they are checking out. Remember art is competitive and viewers are swayed by many factors, including the topic or appearance, the story, the price and how the art makes them feel. You need to make the feel good about your art without making a hard sell. The viewer must always feel in control over what they are seeing, but you need to present your art in a way that will make them want to see it enough to own it.

5. Copy your blog into any other blogs you may have online. The more you spread the news about the same piece of art, the more it will show up in search indexes and be more available to art viewers.

6.Copy the URL of the blog into our Facebook Group and or other promo pages that are available. Be sure to use the Like buttons on the Gallery and Category pages as well as on the Blog pages when available.Twitter it too. Do each and every Like available – Twitter, Facebook, Google+1 and also post urls & your short paragraph about your art into any of the clubs you belong to and on the sites you belong to.

If you learn to repeat this process for each work of art you upload online, you will be self promoting your work using these tools and your art will get noticed and have a better chance of reaching the viewers that may choose to buy it.

It is not enough to just upload a picture to a random site and hope that some millionaire will come along and ‘discover’ you and make you rich overnite. If you dont go about presenting your work properly and energetically online, you will remain unlikely to sell your work .

This process or system I have laid out is simple and works.I have sold alot of my art this way.

Now for more promotion and advertising, you can use ad agencies, but they are expensive.

If you want an alternative, collective low cost advertising for your art, consider buying a banner ad here on ArtRave. I was doing them for my art but now do it for other artists as well. [or read my forum on ArtRave & do it yourself~!]

While other sites charge alot per day to advertise, you can buy a low-cost ad that will last an entire month for less than you would pay for one day on most sites. [this just covers bandwidth & site support] You can choose what art and site you want viewers to go to with your banner ad.

I also have a Top Artist Ad services which are banner ads with per clicks. Unlike other banner services, I DO NOT CHARGE PER CLICK – ~!

Most adlists charge over $100 a year and up to $.35 per click thru~

I only charge $25 per year and have no click thru charges. I worked hard learning how and creating all these additional services to share with other artists to provide you with an effective way to show, promote and sell your art online.

Do not fool yourself by simply loading art and leaving it everywhere.

I created ArtRave as a promotional artist network, but it is not enough for you to simply post a piece of art and disappear as some have done. That is a waste of time and bandwidth on your part. You need to be proactive if you wish to sell your art online anywhere you go. If however you do it using ArtRave, you will see more results for your efforts and I will help you along the way more than any other site will.

Have a good day 🙂 Happy posting and promoting~!!


Zazzle really does a great job with Art & Photos

I am now having Zazzle use some of my artworks to print on clothing and coffee  mugs and a whole lot more… It looks pretty good~ I  want to buy my own coffee mugs~ !

AVE HURLEY ILLUSTRATIONS : Got started again after 50~

Initially, I wanted to gather together all the sites I have been listing my artwork on and put them together and see if I am spinning my wheels or if there is a way to get working more this year, as I really need to work and get my art business going….

I put in about 20+ hours daily into my artwork and frequently pull all nighters so I can keep creating and making new pieces of art and reworking some of my best pieces into framable prints, cards crafts and more.

Can this dream become a reality or am I just too late to start over???

I raised 5 children, survived and , lost everything I owned , ruined what credit I had , my health took many wrong turns, now I am trying to salvage what is left of my life and while being a Christian is first and knowing Jesus is what kept me sane and has enabled me to survive thus far, ~ trying to keep busy and be productive , although I have been physically disabled for years and am starting out at a great disadvantage healthwise and financially.

Nevertheless I kept trying and in 2009 I created a new artwork, consolidating all the main sites I list on and am getting more organized all the time and now have begun helping other artists to do the same.

I did start selling on Ebay in 2007  and have had some busy times  that enabled me to buy better printing equipment and to expand my capabilities in how to produce my art for sale… Yet now on ebay,  you have to be careful as things get slow there and sometimes your auction might get overlooked or not even viewed at all..I have had at least a dozen items listed and they weren’t getting ‘hits’ or views, so that too gets really frustrating…

Spending so much time online has stiffened my joints even more and making me more sedentary. This winter’s cold keeps me indoor, lost on line trying to keep working.

I took a break in Dec 2008  and went to York and painted some theatrical sets for a ballet, but never got the photos of the work so I could display them online ~ and I did the work free, but was supposed to be reimbursed for my travel expenses and materials  used- but the people I did it for, although they claimed they appreciated it, stalled by asking for  an invoice and promised to pay me later, so I went back up north, home. They never paid…….Later on still  saying while they loved the work, they just no longer acknowledged what they owed me for my expenses and ignored me after I asked for it and later in the presence of mutual friends denied owing me anything.. although the play charged $10 a head and sold out nightly… and they got backdrops they can now rent out to other studios and do~ go figure. I wanted to help them, so I did. I just assumed they were going to repay me what they owed but  not all people have the same values or conscience.Live and learn…

Next I went to visit my daughter in July 2008 in Phoenix. She had a baby girl and her husband was deployed to Iraq  but home on R&R for the birth which was wonderful. The weather was hot there so my joints weren’t as stiff and the house she had was lovely  but I needed to get back to Pa and left the end of the month. While she had room for me and I could have set up  a large studio/office area which would  have been ideal for getting more organized in this endeavour to be self sufficient in my 50’s, I still felt I needed to work  it out myself back in Pa.

I am glad to work online and feel so much  more productive despite the economy.  I have done alot of research and looked for what I needed on other websites about art and presentation and have built my own network, launched publically in June of 2009.

I have met many artists from around the world and we are collectively showing and selling our art right on my own network~!

Visit my  network. to see my art and prints for sale~

ART PRINTS ACEOs ATCs Art Collectors Editions and Originals

Ave Hurley Illustrations is currently making available most of her favorite artworks into the newest format of ACEO’s and has been selling them privately til last summer when she began selling them on ebay in 2007 under screen name : avehurleyillustrations
I still sell occasionally on Ebay but do most of my online sale and promotions from  my own network site now.
I also now make larger framable giclee prints up to 13 x 19 and 8×10 & canvas prints.
All artwork and printings are done individually by the artist, altered for originality and collectibilty.All work comes with CERTIFICATES OF AUTHENICITY and each one is ARTIST SIGNED AND DATED.
Some of my ACEO’S  have been sold on Ebay for  $23 each  and  ACEO’s grow in value consistently.
Ave Hurley has also opened online stores at other auction sites too and is featuring select items  starting as low as $.99 at .
I also keep my Etsy shop~ but all my shops , auctions & stores are all listed on my network for easy access and comparison~





Available for custom work as well as private sales, my websites are available to show my  artwork to the online shopper and delivery is within 24-48 hours of receipt of payment, through Paypal, so you can buy with confidence and security.

Contact me for any of your art requests. I specialize in land and seascapes, country scenes, farms, fields ,lighthouses and more.


Thankyou and have a great day~! Ave



Visit “Ave Hurley Illustrations ~ Featured Artists Network”

[free to join to show, promote and sell your art~!]

Check out some of my stores and auctions!


New Art Items & Christmas sale sets! I just listed them!

Mama’s Cottage NEW ART ITEMS


I’ve been up all night working on these and getting new pictures ready for sale. Some , like Mama’s Cottage & Mama’s Creek were just finished over nite..I have been trying to get ready for the holidays and make some item sets up for art lovers and those who’d like to give gifts to art lovers, so I have grouped some similar items in what will be called my “america the Beautiful” Edition starting with some waterway scenes and some sunsets by waterfronts.

While each of the pieces of art that is included in these offers has previously sold for the same starting amount or more, I am doing this as a sale and promotion for new works that are coming soon.

I just got a brand new wide format printer that I am currently remastering my image files so that I will be able to bring prints of my paintings in sizes up to 13 x 19, however currently I have some 10 x 13’s , 9 x 12’s and 10x 14’s available. Each one is individually set and printed and comes with a certificate of authenticity and is artist signed for collectors purposes.

Have a great day and happy holidays ahead!

HAPPY BIDDING TOO~! 🙂 Ave 2 year art calendar

I just completed 14 new paintings! I have listed them on Ebay~~!

I have been busy this week . I am finally getting out of the recent painting slump I was experiencing .

In just a couple of days, I painted 14 new ACEO’s of sunrises, sunsets, lakes, country scenes and more as miniature works of art and have listed them onto EBAY starting at a low nominal cost as a sort of experiment.

These arent my giclee printings, but actual acrylic full color paintings on acrylic textured acid free stock, mounted onto cardstock andc lear coated then placed in clear plastic sleeves as collectors items.

Each is painted with a tiny 10/0 brush and the paintings measure 3.5 x 2.5 inches in size and comes with a certificate of authenticity as Art Trading Cards, also known as ACEO’s.

ACEO collecting is a very popular way for people to own their own art collections and values on ACEO’s rise and rival larger paintings. They are unique in that they are sometimes collected like baseball cards and kept in albums however more often they are matted and mounted into larger frames. Since they are tiny, they can go anywhere and be displayed on miniature easels on desks and shelves or framed and hung on walls easily enough. If you were to look on Ebay you would see that 1000’s of these sell every week and they have become so popular that Ebay just gave them their own classification!!

One ACEO reported sold for $1.3 Million a couple of years ago.. Boy, I would flip if mine every topped $100 ~

This is the first time I have actually painted down to scale and made original acrylic painted ACEO’s where as I had been initially making larger paintings, then scanning or photographing them into computer files and giclee process printed them to ACEO size, clear coating and mounting then and those as time consuming as they are to make are also qualified as original works of art however hand painted ACEO’s are considered more valuable to collectors, so this week is ‘collector’s week’ as  I am trying to cater to serious art collectors that want good art at a fair cost.

Along with this sale I am selling a set of 9 painted rocks in a separate sale.Each is a one of a kind and make lovely decoration.

As Christmas is coming I am beginning to list Christmas items and will be publishing original art Christmas & holiday notecards for sale as well.

After obtaining a case of ‘sportsmen pins’ at an auction, which include dolphins, swordfish,tuna, bass, trout & ducks each individually mounted on velvet and in plastic cases ready to be wrapped as gifts, these pins had retailed at $10 each but I got them for a fraction of that and have set already  used the amount I required, I am selling sets of 6 pins along with an ACEO as one item auction on ebay right now. So if you like quality fishing and or hunting pins for your lucky fishing hat or hunting vest, check them out.. Or if you are looking for some good quality stocking stuffers for the sportsman in your life, you wont be able to beat the value of this as the auction is started at only $.99 on the 6 !

Here is a link to my current items listed on Ebay which will be over in less than a week…

Also if any of you would like to custom order cards for the holidays, email me and I can make up a custom order for you~!

Thanks for looking at my artwork and items for sale there,
Have a great week !