CHOLESTEROL: Statins NO! Niacin, Lysine, Carnitine, Red Yeast Rice YES!

After every STATIN my doctor prescribed for me made me sick & gave me excruciating leg & even esophageal spasms, it got to the point I stopped them altogether, which then allowed my cholesterols to go dangerously high & my health continued to decline, I began researching alternatives and cautiously trying supplements~taking tiny amounts~ gradually increasing them til relief was obtained & my cholesterol began to go down.

I began taking Niacin – the kind that burns and flushes as it releases sludge from cells that then get excreted out. 100mg Niacin a day helps lower cholesterol, slow but sure.

After a few years, I found and added low doses of Red Yeast Rice– 1/2 or less what was recommended, every other day – just the same as the doctors had told me to do with Lipitor & the other prescribed statin drugs.

Their reasoning was “better a little than none” – so ok – I used same premise with trying the supplements to be safe.

Problem with cholesterol is one might consider it a symptom of a greater problem  or one of many syndromes, illnesses & or cause of [heart] diseases.

Statins may work for some but wreak havoc on others like they did to me.

Having high Cholesterol , finding out why may also lead to a specialized treatment through investigating why it may fit many other conditions of the same initial diagnosises & why not all meds work the same for different people, unless your doctor is dedicated to you alone researches every other waking moment looking for answers, you many never find the “root cause” of what ales you, or a cure or proper treatment or management.

Every time one treatment failed & more tests were done & pointed in the direction of my complicated illness, more symptoms began to appear every year, so they began adding diagnosis upon diagnosis – all having something to do with the heart & immune system & eventually being given the same standard doses of what would be appropriate for any average diagnosis while not making me well at all.

Finally reduced to palliative pain meds, there were no more answers, much like care for the terminal.

Then I began my own research – reading about symptoms, diagnosises , treatments, trials & looking for those common threads among any & noting any found to see if there were ways to combine or eliminate some & try to hone in on what is wrong with me & not just what is the normal average of everyone else.

Noteworthy~Big Pharma wont go down the same yellow brick roads to find cures unless there is a patent & profit, so while some of what they offer may help in part, I found I can no longer settle for the limited results they chose to invest in & promote to the medical industry. I refuse to keep falling through their cracks.
Next blood test
After 5 years of my cholesterol climbing while on and off the statins, now that I am taking supplements, it is now declining & I’m NOT getting those horrid leg spasms as I did with the prescriptions.

I never looked for overnight cures for anything and knew it all would take time, trial and error but was determined not to give up. I am my own best guinea pig..

So meanwhile I read up on every supplement  I come accross looking for its benefits and dangets and to see if I can safely try it so need to be made fully aware of any & all possible side effects & risks, as I am a highly allergic individual & have found out the hard way with laryngospasms from such as Pennicillin, Beestings, Nubaine, Levaquan, Cipro that just because the doctor prescribed them. doesnt mean they wont potentially kill me.

Supplements can be great but also can cause bad reactions, so I initially stick to the lowest possible dose & try it for a while to see if it allows me to take it safely & then look for results.

Meanwhile, not related to my cholesterol issue, I’ve been having arthritic issues with my joints & possibly auto immune related issues in my muscles which have been loosening my joints to sometimes feel disjointed & then at other times, stiffening to the point of crippling me , so badly that  I now have to use a walker & cane to get up & move about & have been feeling weaker overall.

I am already diagnosed with CHF, hi LDL along wirh  Fibromylagia, Chronic Fatique, Degenerative Disc Disease, COPD, LUPUS SLE, Sarcoidosis, Neurosarcoidosis, Carpal Tunnel, chronic Diffuse Tendonities & Diffuse Bursitis~ No fun to add to the mix!

My doctor gives me Cardizem [ heart & BP], Methocarbamol [muscle relaxant] Gabapentin [Nerve anti-inflammatory] & hydrocodones or ultram [for pain as needed ] which I refused to take for over a year, not wanting to coverup the pain while whatever it is kills me.

I wanted answers & relief ~,treatments or even surgery as I dont want to die!

Recently the pain in my hip got so bad that now I am considering the hip replacement I was told I needed 5 yrs ago and am awaiting my ortho appt for that.

Still I need to lower my cholesterol and get my enlarged Congestive Heart ready for possible surgery. It stings all the time and has added pressure feelings, so I dont know if I will even be able to get the surgery.

For now I will focus on lowering my cholesterol more .

While researching, reading up on anything about heart & cholesterol I came across some Amino Acid study by a doctor who found links between Amino Acid deficiencies, dietary malabsorptions,& more that led to conditions syndromes & overlapping disease diagnosises relating to heart & cholesterol.The study however went further and it appears that the treatment is for other things as well.

It pointed me to LYSINE & CARNITINE  – building block amino acids, like the ones found in baby formula, so I looked them up, bought & tried them along with my other supplements.

Less than an hour later, many of my other nonrelated symptoms & pains stopped or lessened,  so significantly, its nothing short of miraculous!.

I must have been missing the Lysine & Carnitine, although my diet is good, apparently I was not absorbing it right and now just taking 1 pill of each is making a remarkable difference overall.

The Lysine works as good or better than hydrocodones and there is even a clinical study about that bearing the same findings !!

MY PROGRESS CONTINUES! Not only will these 2 basic building block amino acids help with my heart and cholesterol, they are helping with my arthritis and other health problems  and there is proof for it all online in different clinical research studies that discuss individually tests that have been done and also found conclusive to work to do these things. I am just counting myself blessed or lucky that for once  I found part of a solution to my own health care that is really helping me in more than one area.

If you have medical problems that aren’t being solved, take action, start researching your problems and look for answers. Keep looking til you find them~!


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