Rescued Abandon Kittens~Ruby’s 2 Ordeals


5-27 7 06PM 0

5 days of being near death several times and one time mistaken for dead, #4 has rallied and can once again lift its head and focus as well.It shrunk so much while ill.

Gatorade saved the day when it wouldn’t take any formula and dehydrated so terribly.

I was afraid it would develop organ failure so gave it between 5-10cc Gatorade every 10-15 mins for hours til it literally reinflated. It had a fever on the 23rd so I broke a baby aspirin and took a few crumbs of it smashed into Karo Syrup after reading that cats can take aspirin, but didnt dare give it more than 3-4mg.

Then I read it takes up to 48hrs to totally digest/work so I began reading more of what a cat/kitten could take for pain or fever and I looked for an alternative. I was lucky to see that cats/kittens can take Gabapentin [Neurotin] – which I happened to have in 300mg capsules that were prescribed for me, though I now take larger caplets so using one of the 300 mg capsules I was able to reduce it to work for the kitten..

I diluted one capsule with 20cc of water and began giving it 1/2 ml every 6 hrs so was administering approximately  5-7 mg at a time. It would loose a little of any of the meds as it dribbled some out, but I read better too little than too much so tried to be as careful as I could be under the circumstances.. I tried to get as close to dose as I could in though.

I was so worried about its dehydration I read they can be Sub-Q’d with sterile water with electrolytes or ‘field emergency technique’ using a little salt and dextrose,  but I had no way to get a new syringe and no longer had the one used on our puppies from a few years ago. As I was becoming more desperate for the kitten ,I considered that I  would have bleached and boiled an old syringe that I had for the dogs, if I could have even found it.

I did find an unused syringe that came with my printer ink to do cartridge refills and sterilized it in case I may have had to use it later on, but only as a last resort if she was fading fast as #5 had done before it had died with little more than holding it, not  knowing anything to give it. #5 died on my lap while I desperately searched online for answers, so after it died I continued searching  in case any of the other were to get sick like #5 and #6 had been [luckily #4 began consuming enough to not need that field technique so I didnt have to try it or have to face any of the complications it could have  potentially caused].

I still had to continue to try and force feed even a few drops at a time of gatorade down its tiny throat, being ever so careful not to let any get into its tiny windpipe as I read that could cause pneumonia in a few hours,  more concerned because earlier when it had seemed to stop breathing and went limp.

I jossled it and blew in its mouth, feeling its heart was still beating, so as a last ditch effort to try and save it, I took my own albuterol spray and sprayed 1 puff into the air in front of the kitten, then moved my hand around in that air space,  so it would hopefully, breathe in just a little, which it did, to stimulate it to breathe  though causing its little heart to speed up and its body began  to twitch alot.

Its eyes had been kind of cloudy,  so I knew it was most likely near death, doing its dropped mouth breathing shallow, so this was a last ditch only attempt as I had read that it is safe to give cats albuterol ~ but didnt know it when #5 died.  Cats can have it every 2 hrs whereas, I can take it only 2x a day~ My fear though was how much can it take as I have to be careful not to take much when I use it so didnt want to risk giving it directly to the cat but allowing it to partly dissipate into the air in front of it so it would only get a small whiff, which it did and though it caused twitching and tremors similar to a seizure, it withstood it and began breathing better and began to rally more.

It was good that I had these meds in the house, since I couldnt get this poor baby to a vet and I am grateful to those who posted on kitten sites, which meds could be taken by kittens and those who gave details on the pros and cons of the meds.

That one whiff of air with a little albuterol in it was a NO turning  back point for the kitten, though the next several hours were terrifying to me , holding her during some violent twitching which may or may not have been from the albuterol, as it also could be coincidence.  I just kept it wrapped in fleece and stroking it to sleep in between dropping gatorade on its tongue and karo syrup on my finger placing on its tongue to keep it licking.

On the 26th,  it began trying to move around and was holding its head up wobbly and moving its front legs. Its hind legs were straight out and arched still and it could only squirm around.

It didnt show any signs of pain and responded to my face and voice. It was now taking more gatorade up to 6 ten cc syringe fulls at a time, but I feared kidney damage as it hadnt gone pee or poop and was beginning to  show signs of bloat. I also wanted to get it switched to kitten formula as soon as  it would tolerate it as it was becoming smaller compared to its thriving siblings.

I was very relieved when it finally peed that first time and then began to pee after every feeding.
Next obstacle was to get it to poop~ I read up and found  that the laxative generic of the propylene glycol was ok – though I had to be careful as there is another one that spells similarly but is not ok for cats or dogs as that other one has similar ingredients to  auto ant-freeze, so I checked several websites to confirm before adding any to her liquids and gave her the minutest dosage and within 24 hrs she pooped. So now that her plumbing was working again and she was beginning to eat willingly, she finally was on the road to recovery.

After those several intense days of continual care, Ruby [as we now call her] began to rally though remained a bit off balanced for several more days. At least she was eating, drinking, pooping and peed several times a day.

During her illness she became noticeably smaller than her siblings and seemed behind in milestones. We were concerned if she may have had some brain damage but later on she caught up and became as playful as the rest – perhaps a bit too playful.

We have kept a Facebook Page ” Adopt-a-Kitten” still up showing their initial progress and hoping to have some step forward to adopt them, but now we are in Month 5 and no one’s been interested other than to look at pictures..

We now know 3 are female and 1 is a male.They are in their 5th month so soon the cycle reproduction repeats, so I need to get them spayed/neutered to prevent more kittens. We have 5 dogs and a rescued declawed spayed Himalayan who feels they are competing with her space, though she tolerates them now, she makes it clear she can live without their company.

Ruby again has had an issue when she discovered Kittens dont fly~! Adter shooing her away one day when she was dive bombing furniture chaits and me, she came walking in from the living room holding up her front paw. When I went to see if perhaps she had a splinter she bolted under the bed and I had to get my son to catch her and there was swelling on her forearm.

We called a Vet and rushed her in. She broke the 2 middle bones on her forearm clear through~ most likely landing the wrong way from a high jump off a door top or something.

X-ray showed 2 side by side clean break but they were in line so the Vet splinted them and said to return in 3 week and to keep her initially isolated from the rest. After about a week in the kennel we’d let her out for a bit and at the beginning of the 3rd week let her interact wth her siblings as they all seemed to miss one another so much.   They all reunited well and were curious about her soft cast, so I  had to separate them when any got to rambunctious, including Ruby.

She also became a little daredevil with leaps and bounds and running fasts, crashing into and off things but keeps a sweet lovable temperment which may now make it difficult to rehome her as we are  getting attached.


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