Gene Cosgriff from March 27 2015

Original post wassubmitted on my old blog on March 27 2015, while my Dad was still alive and in the hospital. This has been recopied here to save as part of a memorial to my Dad who passed away April 30,2016 at the age of 86.

Thankyou to all those who voted for him during the contest~


Please Vote for my Dad~! GENE COSGRIFF

He truly deserves this accolade for all he has done for the people pf Staten Island and surrounding areas as well as for all he has done for our family too. though he is still in recovery from his recent illness, it has been announced that those dreaded LNG tanks that he fought and won to prevent their ever being filled and endangering the entire NYC -NJ area, they have been left standing for years as those who lost would have wanted to fill them some day are now to be torn down finally~! What wonderful news that this should happen hopefully still within his lifetime…

Anyway he and my mother became top world experts on the dangers of LNG and led an almost 20 year protest against it under tremendous odds and at last won an had legislation passed to keep such dangerous gas away from populated areas.

He is 86 yrs old right now , married to my mother going on 65 yrs this Sept and is patriarch of over 114 offspring including 14 children and 100 grandkids and great grandkids.

After they beat the tanks, my parents worked tirelessly for the Right to Life movement in NYC for decades.They have been civic minded all their lives and volunteered for numerous duties in their church and community.

I know he would truly appreciate this accolade and he most certainly truly deserves it~! We hope considering his illness that this may make him feel a little better.

Please pass this on to your friends as anyone can vote with just 1 click to Vote for GENE COSGRIFF~! Thanks~!

THANKYOU~! This accolade would really make his day~!



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