Caring is Sharing of Your Positive Energies to Benefit Another

Caring is Sharing of Your Energies with Another


Simplistically, we are all “biological units”that are meant to exchange our energies in order to live, grow thrive and to survive.

We are “not plants” however and we have a mind to choose how and where to live our lives as well as how to interact with others.

Providing sustenance to others in need is good but not a substitute for sharing positive energies.Best to do both when needed but best  to share your energies.

How often we forget or neglect to share our energies and try to substitute that failure by providing sustenance or gifts or pay offs. Often one can send a gift to relieve theit sense of failure for not expending energies towards another when they know they should.Although its nice to receive, it is better to give.

1888663_10202656063234094_1467038684_nWhile for example, an elderly person in a nursing home or hospital, may enjoy receiving flowers or a card, they’d rather receive some time of energizing interaction without you hurrying off expending nominal energy and time with them.

Showing them kindness by spending time with them and assisting them will boost their own positive energies far more than flowers or a box of candy ! [which is also nice but not a substitute for your attention]

This also applies to younger people, perhaps in a hospital or isolated somewhere where they may not be flourishing and need you to expend and share energy with them, which in turn they would be grateful and want expend positive energies to you in gratitude.

We have a time limit to make a difference and impact our society, to expend our energies and live and then we cease and die.

The energies are at your core being and you decided where your you are willing to expend your energy efforts in order to learn to establish relationships you need to grow and survive with and to be a positive part of the lives you choose to interact with in your environment and society.

Positive Energies are what you expend in hopes of reaching gratification, success, either for yourself or some one else or both.

Negative Energies are what you expend in hopes of not reaching success either for yourself or to prevent another from attaining success.

Willingness to expend your energies  for a purpose are crucial to your well being and to attain what your purpose ~ is in life ~ and what you will expend of yourself  in order to achieve your purpose.

Lack of willingness prevents the flow of your energies to have an impact on others. It causes you to become irrelevant and to dwindle and weakens you leading to failure.

Two Sided Relationships  are a mutual exchange of energies.  that help cause each one involved to flourish and grow, to succeed both mutually and individually and form friendships and can lead to love.

One Sided Relationships are expending energies in hope of establishing mutual sharing and can be sacrificial in that you may not feel any return for your efforts..

Hate is a sharing negative energies to cause the recipient to decline or stagnate or to withhold extending your energies to assist another in achieving their goal or purpose.

Indifference is when we have energies to extend to another but withhold sharing them or choosing to not receive their energies in exchange.Indifference is lack of caring.

Purpose is what and why you were created and what energies you are supposed to be extending to others during your lifespan and the positive power placed within you by your Creator. We are created to serve our Creator by the actions and energies we expend towards others during our life cycle.

Failure to achieve your purpose can leave you with a sense of defeat or emptiness.

Emptiness is expending energies that yield no return either for yourself or another.

God is Love. He created us because He loves us and wants us to love one another.He is everything that is positive in this life and the next.He sent His only Son to show us how to expend our energies leading to loving one another as He loves us so much he went beyond the energies exchange and went all out for us despite being despised and rejected by men and being a man of sorrows acquainted with grief. He bore our sins and died for us but His Father, God loved him so much He raised Him up from the dead giving Him future dominion over all the earth as He conquered death on the cross for our sins – your sins – my sins.

What greater love has any man than to lay down his life [energies] for a friend [another]

So if we put on the mind of Christ and try to learn what is pleasing to the Lord

as Jesus always pleased His Father and is our example.

We can  choose to learn how to better expend the energies we now possess in this life and use them the right way so we can reach the next immortal life cycle and receive that crown of glory He promises to all of us who believe trust and rely on HIM.

He is faithful even when we are not and forgives us when we have a change of heart and decide to want to do positive things expending positive energy into the environment in which we live, to extend it to others, whether it becomes one or two sided, when we expend our energies for His gloty as our Lord and Creator, our Father God !.

God made us and knows we are flesh that are subject to the negative elemental spirits of the universe that  lure and entice us by our own selfish energy desires, which give  rise to negativity [sin] in our lives, causing us to become more dependent on expending our energies negatively , preventing us from having the positive impact we were meant to have and preventing us from achieving our purpose in life. Negativity [leads to sin] which leads to death. It prevents us from achieving eternal life.

God is willing that none  should perish but He gives us each a free will to decide how we will live and react to life and the environment in which we live. He wills for us to do good during this mortal life cycle we live in and offers us eternal life if we do it His Way though Jesus.






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