Something about Donald Trump Stands Out above the rest of those running for POTUS


Something about Trump stands out to me ~ Below is this letter from Mr.Donald Trump~

Unlike EVERY other candidate, he is not a politician – he’s in it to save America! He doesn’t have that ‘donate’ button – is doing it at his own expense.

Every other political message I have received from many other candidates
ALL ask for money and ALL promise virtually no solutions or plans and have track records showing that career politicians for the most part do nothing and at best most attack others character without addressing the problems our nation faces. None of them offer any viable solutions.

Trump talks about solutions and doing something about the problems.
Anyway so far, he is at the top of my list as someone worth following in this political arena and so far if an election was held now, I would vote for Trump~!

Have a great week 🙂


Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2015 06:15:59 +1000
Subject: Standing Up for What Is Right

– JULY 08 2015 –


A leader must stand strong, especially when under attack. I am being criticized in the media for speaking out about the dangers of illegal immigration. But many have shown me their support.  Bill O’ReillyRep. Trey GowdyTed Cruz,Ben CarsonAnn Coulter, and Pat Buchanan are some of the most prominent who have commended me for my strength and leadership on this issue.

Others in immigrant communities have praised Trump for pointing out this problem, going so far as to say that assuming Mr. Trump meant his statements negatively towards legal immigrants would be a total disregard for the facts.

With the right leadership, we can Make America Great Again!

Our border is not secure and it is costing us American lives. Just last week an innocent young woman, Kathryn Steinle, was viciously murdered by an illegal immigrant. This SHOULD NOT have happened and was easily preventable. The illegal immigrant who committed this terrible act was previously deported five times. He has even admitted that he crossed into San Francisco because it is a sanctuary city.

Our cities should not be sanctuaries for criminals. We must fix our country’s broken immigration system and not let Kathryn Steinle become part of a larger statistic.

Illegal immigration is a threat to our safety and national security. It also hurts legal immigrants economically.

A nation without borders is a nation that cannot survive. I am a builder, and as President of the United States I will build the wall fast and build it right.

I will continue to be bold in my stance against illegal immigration.

The Establishment and elites are criticizing me because I want a secure border and people entering our country to follow the rule of law. No surprise. They are politicians controlled by big money donors, lobbyists, and special interests. They want amnesty– I will bring jobs back home and strengthen the middle class.

I want to thank the great people of Bedford, New Hampshire for hosting me last Tuesday. I always love visiting the Granite State. We talked about the need for leaderswho can negotiate great deals for the United States. When I spoke to attendees, they told me our country needs a leader who won’t shy away from problems or adversaries.

Meeting great people on the trail in New Hampshire.

You can count on me to tell the truth.

It is time for action and it is time for results!

Our campaign will never stop being bold and unapologetic.

We can Make America Great Again!

With Best Wishes, 

Donald J. Trump 

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P.S. I will be traveling this week to meet with voters. Follow me on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to keep track of our progress and find events you can join us at!


One thought on “Something about Donald Trump Stands Out above the rest of those running for POTUS

  1. Reblogged this on Pitbull Puppies for Sale and commented:

    Trump could be the solution for America’s economic disaster & illegal situation – Whoever becomes President in 2016 will have a nearly impossible task ahead of them BUT he has the executive skill set to get the govt running properly – that would be a start….

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