Subject: Dont Dump on Trump – I support Trump for President


Donald Trump’s freedom of speech expression is being misrepresented by liberal media to cause racial tensions between Latinos who are being lumped together by progressive liberals . Not all Latinos are illegals.There are more law abiding educated legal Latinos that are being insulted as a result of the spin or twist the liberal media has created based on Mr Trumps statement. I want to show support for Mr.Trump

That’s why I created a petition to Donald Trump, Candidate.

Will you sign this petition? Click here:




  1. Well done Mr, Trump. About time some one had the balls to tell the truth and stand up to Liberal politicians and so called Republican presidential wantabees who are so far up their selves,so afraid of standing up in case they get slated,the politically correct idiots who cant see whats coming.
    Im not a Muslim basher, I believe everyone has the right to his or her god but not to one has the right to use it to as a weapon,
    if your country is good enough to live in its good enough to fight for. Bring back The Draft for all eighteen year olds, three years service, You would soon know who is your enemy and who is prepared to serve their country.
    You would have a mass exit of the undesireables.
    God bless you and God bless America

  2. how can the public even think about a certain democrat? you people need to backtrack, and think of what kind of hell, and her former boss has put you people and me through. people, who are out there need to study your homework, MORE. God dam$&@%&$nit. because, if you turn your head and do nothing. Well I got news for you. you will HAVE NOTHING TO DO AFTER THE ELECTIONS. if not already now. GO TRUMP GO TRUMP, she knows the system. see you later MIDDLE CLASS, because she will kick your a#%$ss, if elected.

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