What does ArtRave mean to you? Would you want to buy ArtRave.com URL to develop?



It means many things to many people

To me it was for family friendly art for the passed several years – art that was safe for all viewing audiences and that it was non-offensive , no nudity, no violence, no nasty agendas


To others it meant quite the opposite and more.

Some have used the term to describe grand openings of certain entertainment parties.

Others used it to promote their tours and venues internationally

Some use it to rate things

Others use it in conjunction with other names and terms to promote contemporary ideas.

Overall ArtRave in google and wikipedia has taken on a meaning all its own, however to own the Dotcom – the NAME – could open doors to endless business possibilities for future development in ANY area of busness entertainment , that a person could want to point it towards~!

Its a powerful promotion-able name~!

Most other relevant dotcoms have already been taken.,

Most art relevant dotcoms that have any significance in search engines are even rarer~

Of those for sale most names don’t even make sense and while they may have short URLS they wouldn’t be suitable to be the name of the company or person.

ArtRave.com is one of the last and few available that makes sense~!!

Now that our direction has been different of the popular things associated with ArtRave we decided not to fight the name and its associations.

We have decided to change our name to ArtRevu so no longer need to hang onto the coveted ArtRave.com domain. though we will be sad to see it go 🙂

I am  handling the SALE. Best offers will be considered. Obstacles for tranfer have been eliminated so this dotcom once sold can be up and running on your server in a few days.Transfer will be quick and seamless.

While estimates of Dotcoms such as ArtRave vary –

Most are estimated at $10M or more.

ArtRave will consider all offers but the desired list price now is $2,750,000

(No offers below $1,000,00 will be considered)

For an up and coming company or business this si a rock bottom price for a domain that will last you a life time~!


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