Merry Christmas to all. My thoughts & prayers & best wishes to all, especially in the Philippines

Merry Christmas 🙂 Couting my blessings & paying it forward~!

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Merry Christmas to all who have breath, but particularly to those in places of devastation, where even the smallest kindness or donation is so greatly appreciated and so desperately needed in order to continue providing for the needs of those facing such drastic changes in their lives.

God bless those who are in such situations or environments that so desperately need to receive every gift large or small, that is helping to rebuild their lives shattered by the storms such as the recent typhoon in the Philippines, also to those still struggling in Haiti , Japan, the Midwest USA , in Chile and other places around the world where people have been left homeless, without shelter or possessions or jobs, many who have also lost loved ones or have been left permanently disabled by accidents, acts of nature, illnesses and so much more…

Let us never become apathetic or…

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