Mike Morgan KFOR TV CH 4 Meterologist caused panic telling Yukon residents flee storm~

While Ch 5 & 9 gave great updates and advice, I was watching all 3 channels on my computer and talking with my daughter in Yukon on speakerphone all afternoon.

Mike Morgan K4 Meteorologist :

She lives in Yukon. Ch5 & 9 and the Weather Channel were all on the same page – giving right advice for people to seek shelter.

I was watching the radar all afternoon and was shocked when that last little rounded storm cell, which looked benign compared to all the previous cells that already passed over OKC had come and gone and it looked that once this one would pass that the rest of the evening would have been calm til after midnight.

Then suddenly that rounded cell developed points and hook echoes in all directions and word was out that a tornado was on the ground outside El Reno. My daughter was getting nervous as she lives in Yukon, which is nearby.

The Kfor TV Meteorologist, Mike Morgan started saying the storm was getting big and looked like the one in Moore a week earlier~! He began telling people to outrun it by heading south and to leave their homes unless they had underground shelters.

Kfor’s advice was so contrary to regular precautions and what other channels were saying. It also went to Facebook fast and my daughter received notice to run.

My daughter lives in Yukon with her 3 babies ages 1,3 and 4 Her husband was at work in Kansas.They were safe in their Yukon home until they heard TV CH kfor 4 meterologist Mike Morgan’s urgent message was to flee if their safe room was ‘above ground’ and told them only those in ‘below ground’ could survive it-

She looked out the window and watched her neighbors get into their cars and flee. So she made the terrifying decision to also leave as she is new to OK but didnt know where to go. She fled, like her neighbors , heading south as advised by TV 7 the repeated facebook messages, only to get stuck with 1000s in the I-35 gridlock!

They became sitting ducks~

The closest listed shelter I could find online was down in Norman~
She saw the storm coming fast behind her and another storm coming from the south west. I stayed on speaker phone with her and watched the radar and CH4,5, & 9 as well as the weather Channel and Noa site.

Traffic was bumper to bumper.I told her to get off the highway and she was able to exit in south Moore, then turned down another road still heading south but then got on N 27 as I tried to find any place on map for her to go to seek shelter from the storm. Then she saw a man in front of his house, pulled over to ask directions.


While Part 1 Video has been deleted from youtube, this next video picks up after the Yukon debacle  but you can still hear Mike Morgan telling people to get underground. That itself is fine – if there is a place you can go underground at. Again however he was telling others to head south, like he did when the storm was approaching Yukon.

Thank God they got off the road in Moore when they did [but that too was unsafe with another Tornado bearing down on them].

That local resident, Mr.Henthorn let them into his family’s shelter & saved them~
Fleeing so close to impact was BAD ADVICE! ~especially with commuters trying to get home.

I bookmarked that Kfor news cast that told Yukon residents to flee less than 10 mins before the expected impact, BUT now see they deleted it. Why? …Seems they deleted other videos that shared his reckless advice. The youtube above was taken from a recorded radio announcement simulcasted which the author of the youtube was able to save and added  storm coverage as well.I thank the person who put this youtube together so others can see and understand  how wrong it was for Mike Morgan to make such reckless remarks  which sent 1000s more into harms way. His remarks could have caused my daughter  & grandchildren to be seriously hurt or killed that night.

Why did Mike Morgan, who is supposed to be an experienced meteorologist and veteran TV newsman, take it upon himself to break all the safety rules that caused the added chaos and put so many 1000s more in the direct paths of those tornadoes!! If he and that station thought he was doing the right thing, why did they delete the youtubes that showed him and what he told so many to do? Some say he owes Oklahoma an apology. I think he owes  them a whole lot more. my daughter has since returned home long enough to pack her bags and take her children to stay with my older daughter’s family in Missouri. She is terrified from her ordeal fleeing that night and more so with the predictions of more storms to come, now seeing that Yukon, Oklahoma  doesnt have any public storm shelters.She will only consider remaining in OKC area if she finds a new house that includes a shelter; Just moving to OKC a few months ago, even with knowing that tornadoes occur, she had no idea that most places dont have public shelters. It was very disturbing to find that the schools likewise have not shelters.Back east every school has shelters, so this was unheard of for us. Even as a child in NYC we had shelters at all the schools that were also fall out shelters, safe from nuclear attacks during the cold war. I hope Oklahoma begins to install shelters  in schools and public places, so their citizens dont have to get caught in gridlock trying to flee storms in the future.

Meanwhile  I think Mike Morgan should be held accountable for his irresponsible announcements.

TV 4’s Mike is Ok’s Chicken Little!


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  1. a big part of the back up was OHP {Oklahoma Highway Patrol} closing the highways, and it wasnt just Morgan saying to leave, the stormchasers and other stations were saying the same

    • If other stations said to flee from homes, I must have missed it even though I had all the channels up in mini-screens on my monitor, side by side and when I heard Mike telling people to leave Yukon, My daughter got a message on facebook within a minute or two. I saw a comment on Youtube that someone said that a Weather Channel weatherman may have repeated Mike’s warning – BUT I havent found any of the video’d coverage to verify that.

      Drivers that were out were warned to find shelter and avoid I-40 as the state police had to close it due to tornado’s path and that it already had alot of traffic which they were telling to exit and go south but I didnt hear any of the other stations telling Yukon residents who were already in their above ground shelters or safe rooms to leave! If so, please provide a link to the videos to verify that!

      Others stations I heard told the people in homes were told to take cover and the sirens were blasting. My daughter , like many others. was already in her safe room, but terrified by the fact a tornado was coming. She wasnt used to tornadoes. She just moved to the area a few months ago. She tried to find shelter locations but there were no public shelters in Yukon. Her husband works a job that took him out of town, so she had to make that final decision as to flee or not, considering her babies are only 1,3, & 4 yrs old she was determined to keep them safe even if it meant having to try to drive away from the storms path.

      I had her on her cell’s speakerphone to update her from the radar & tv news stations to help her avoid the storm. She no sooner reached I-35 and began heading south towards Moore when the storm changed path and seemed to be following her! Traffic began slowing down as many others were trying to flee as well.She exited in Moore as I saw that other storm cell on radar and confirmed with the TV channels that another tornado was on the ground around Mustang that was heading right towards I-35 and Norman.

      At the exit she was then heading easterly but saw the approaching storm from the Yukon direction and the darkening clouds that were covering the western skies. She turned down N-27th street. By then she was asking me to find even a hospital in the area that she could get indoors at, when she saw a man outside his home and stopped to ask for help and directions.

      That resident, told her to bring the kids into his home and that he had a safe room. He helped her get the kids inside and his family shared their safe room. She said the storm’s noise, that howling wind that was deafening and somewhat similar to a freight train but not quite the same, went on for several minutes and they waited a while after it got quiet before emerging. Luckily the way this man & his wife had their home built was done by FEMA specs and withstood the storm.

      I began calling my daughter after the storm passed where she was staying but cell service wasn’t working.
      I then looked up the people’s address in the online reverse phone book directory and found them.
      I called and the wife told me the storm had passed and that they all were safe.
      They told my daughter to stay with them til the weather calmed down and was safe to leave.They were prepared to let her stay all night.They told me she was safe and welcome to stay as long as needed.

      Later when I-35 opened again, people were being warned still to stay off so emergency personnel could help victims who had been stuck on it when the storm crossed over it.Other TV coverage talked about a third tornado heading to Del City. There were smaller tornadoes also touching down for short paths for a few moments at a time so the area remained dangerous for hours. One count was 17 given online as a total but it was the 3 main ones that were spoke of the most on TV as well as the flash flooding from the heavy rains.

      My daughter remained a their home til midnite and then headed back to Yukon after the home owner verified with the state police by phone that it was all clear to get back to Yukon but to avoid any flooded area and downed electric poles & trees. She then kept her speakerphone on so I could help her through OKC streets by monitoring the radar & TV channels, to see which roads that led back to Yukon and she made it home in about an hour.

      Her neighborhood was spared and all the homes including hers were intact.She did all that terrifying storm driving because of Mike Morgan’s Chicken Little message to Yukon. She could have and should have stayed home.

    • Wrong. I invite you to provide proof of any of the major television stations or anyone in a genuine position of authority, other than MM, directly and specifically advising the public to get into their cars and flee from this storm. Gary England didn’t say it. Damon Lane didn’t say it. I know VERY well that nobody in law enforcement, emergency management, or the National Weather Service said it. WHO, specifically — name names — are you saying, other than MM told anyone to do this?

      • I CERTAINLY AGREE with you. I was also monitoring all the local TV channels and the Weather Channel and the radar. No one else gave out those Chicken Little warnings~!! MM did the exact opposite of what he was supposedly trained to do. He was wrong and forced 1000s to enter harms way, including my daughter and grandchildren, who all could have been killed that day and he never would be held accountable! He should be held accountable. He has now lost all credibility as far as I am concerned I will never believe what he says in his warnings unless some other weather stations concur.
        I will continue to listen to the Weather Channel and Koco. Even Ch9 gave the same coverage and right warnings and advice.

  2. Here is a copy of an email I sent to Mike Morgan on 06/01/13. He has not replied:

    Mr. Morgan,

    I don’t know you, but I feel compelled to email you and ask for an explanation of your advice last night for residents of OKC.

    I live in Wichita, KS. My elderly parents live in NW OKC.

    Last night, when tornadoes bore down on Oklahoma City, my parents were in their home. Their safety plan was to go to the innermost area of their home and cover themselves with blankets and pillows. This is what’s been taught and preached for years. But during your on-air weather broadcast, you instructed citizens of OKC to leave their homes and drive South. Even though this is contrary to everything they’ve ever been taught about tornado safety, my parents did as you advised.

    They quickly found themselves stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on I-35 as a tornado and high winds swirled around them. Being stuck in their car was probably the worst possible scenario for them in terms of their safety. I received several text messages from my mother including “We are in danger” and “We’re being hit.” As you might imagine, I was very worried and upset as I watched the stream of slow and stopped Interstate traffic on television. Fortunately, they survived and were able to get out of town. Of course, the roads were clogged with thousands of others who were also fleeing. They were not able to return to the comfort of their home last night and were required to get a hotel room. They’ll be heading back this morning.

    Tragically, five people were killed in the storms. I understand at least two of them were in a vehicle on I-40. Your city’s mayor was quoted as saying, “For reasons that are not clear to me, more people took to the roads, more than we expected. Everyone acted differently in this storm, and as a result, it created an extremely dangerous situation.” One has to wonder if the reason is because you encouraged it. I guess I’d like to know why you gave the advice you did. It seems like terrible advice, but my parents obviously trusted your judgment and deserve an answer.


    Ken Davis

    • Thankyou for sharing your letter to Mike Morgan. Maybe if enough people speak out, he will have to reply! While its true the storm was said to be about a mile wide by an on the ground storm chaser at the time and Mike may have still been a bit shelled shocked by what transpired in Moore the week before, it was still the worst advice any weatherman could have given at the time it was given. People were clinging to the TV news channels for information and direction as to what to do during the storm. Your parents, like my daughter fled because of the advice he gave out on radio, TV and was picked up by twitter and Facebook instantly and spread around, causing 1000s more to enter the dangerous roadways then were already on them from the rush hour traffic.
      Whether it be a public apology, a reprimand, a call for new guidelines during crisis broadcasting, something certainly needs to be done about this. Like you I was away from OKC but watching it on TV, online and remained on the phone with my daughter’s speaker cell phone as she was fleeing south. I thank God she was able to exit in Moore and by the grace of God found residents with a fortified safe room in their home that were willing to help them as the tornadoes approached them. I am grateful your parents made it through as well, but for being a heart patient and living far away from the actual danger, my heart is still aching from the stress of nearly watching my daughter and grandchildren drive off into danger. It still haunts me every hour of the day since Friday.I cant get the TV images and stories out of my mind and my heart breaks for the victims families, as I well know I could have also lost my daughter & her children that day.
      God bless you and your family~! 🙂 Ave

  3. Mike Morgan is usually right on! I lived in Moore for several years and depended on him for our safety. The days following that storm we have found out that his equipment was giving him readings telling him that this storm was about to be devastating. That being said my family is in Moore assisting our families and friends and we were in town for the May 31, 2013 storms helping from the May 20 storms and the only person I was tuned into was Mike Morgan and to hear the desperation in his voice I knew we were looking at a particularly dangerous storm. I believe that looking at the fact that 2 EF 5 storms have impacted a small area in less than 2 weeks both storms shattering previous records and I hate to hear of ANY loss of life more than 13,000 structures damaged or destroyed it is a lot !!! Mike Morgan was looking at the equipment and attempting to update to public and move them from harms way. The people of OK know how to deal with the weather but after seeing structure after structure leveled and I mean leveled I can see where people may have thought they needed to flee and needed to know which way to go and where. I remember when the storm hit on May 20 in Moore and we were trying to find out about our family and friends think of the words we heard over and over on the national news ” there is no way we can see with this devastation that if someone was not below ground that they survived”…. Those words were hard to swallow hoping family friends calling anyone ..ok … But we had our KFOR APP in the phone and TWC picked the station up and finally we felt like we had friends and family giving us information. So yes you can be upset especially for someone new to the area I was that person once! But MIKE MORGAN AND KFOR ARE OKLAHOMA AND DO TRY TO DO WHAT IS BEST FOR OKLAHOMA!!!!

    • The cell that erupted into this storm did not show signs for a long time.It was totally round with no hook echoes or other curves. It was smooth all the way round, whereas the ones before it had all those curves the weathermen usually point out that say can produce tornadoes having those hooks and rotations that the radar shows. The weather at that point, while it remained rounded cell was that it would pass with the others which at that point were moving north east and passing OKC causing rain and lightning. Their clouds were low and crazy looking but they marched on. My daughter hasd her things together for her and her children, prepared to hunker down in her safe room. She kept watch of the skies from her back yard and was already scared as it was a very nerve wracking afternoon. She said the skies were very similar to what they were the day Moore was hit on 5/20 – they were low clouds, fery heavy with lots of swirling above and lightning, moving very fast.

      The last ominous cloud cell was just slightly SW of El Reno when it suddenly developed those tell tale points that it was becoming a potential threat. Then outside of El Reno it erupted into a grouping of multi- vortex tornadoes that were observed forming on the ground by storm chasers who reported bck to the stations. There was no way to be certain initially by just the radar. Like a flash mob suddenly appearing in a mall to sing a song, this one last cell suddenly developed multiple smaller tornadoes that merged together and grew before many witnesses eyes and was captured forming on video by many different people both veteran storm chasers and amateur photographers with cell phones who happened to be in the area as it formed. it was not like other storms seen at their onsets before.

      Mike Morgan while reporting it, you could see how nervous he became and the shakiness in his voice.He did however break the main rules in broadcasting coming storms that is to tell people who were already in their homes to prepare for impact and those on the roads where to move to avoid it. He told people who didnt have below ground shelters, many who were home in Yukon and had above ground safe rooms and who would have been better off in their safe rooms, – he told anyone who didnt have a below ground shelter to run south!!

      That was the worst thing to say at such a critical time. He said ” Its 6:22 and the storm will be impacting Yukon at 6:32″ giving insufficient time for so many to be able to flee the storms onset.

      His warning should have followed the known protocals for public safety. Surely he was well versed in that being a public figure who had guided people through so many previous storms. He should have kept them updated to the storms activity and where it was heading. He should have told those who were out in cars in the area how to get out of harms way.He should have urged those in unsafe homes such as trailers to get to safer structures.He shpuld have told those already in safer structures to prepare for impact and get into their safe rooms. He should have told those already at home to get to their safe rooms or to a neighbors safe room.

      Instead he sent 1000s more into harms way, panicking them by saying anyone in any above ground shelter or safe room would not survive the storm, thus adding critically to the traffic jams and gridlock, which made many people who were previously safer, now become sitting ducks! My daughter watched all her neighbors simultaneously get into their cars and leave. She then was faced with the critical terrifying decision to have to take her babies into her van and also flee! She kept her cell phone on speaker so we could talk while she headed towards I-35 like she saw so many others doing.i had to become her eyes listening to the TV stations and watching the radar. As I saw the radar showing the direction change, she also saw it in the clouds as they were following her on I-35 into the traffic jam. She made it 28.5 miles as I saw the new paths and the TV channels said a new tornado was evolving SW of I-35 heading towards it and Norman/Moore. I told her to get off the highway and she did and then was heading east, but the first storm was also heading east and slightly south and the new storm was heading directly NE towards Norman and Moore. She turned on N-27th st and was still in harms way. I was trying to find her some shelter in the area, a hospital or other larger structure but time was running out. Fortunately a local resident on N-27th was standing outside his house looking at the approaching storm clouds. She pulled her van over and asked for directions and help.
      Thank God he told her to bring the kids into his home where he and his family had a FEMA approved inside fortified safe room. His wife and daughter graciously shared their above ground safe room and helped with my daughters terrified babies.They heard the storm pass by, those sickening loud sounds the wind makes.They were all terrified but safe in that above ground safe room.They were lucky. There were other mothers with children that day that were also out in cars and vans in harms way that didnt survive. There were seasoned storm trackers who were hurt and othes that didnt survive.

      The storm may not have caused the same damage as it did in Moore’s EF5 [thank God] wich later made it harder to determine precisely what it was.the damages were EF3 damages in most locations but the measured size and width of the storm were 2.6 miles making it the largest in history.The amount of mini tornadoes spinning out of this storm was many and some were reported to have also touched down for a few minutes in other locations and run only a block or two and go up again. The bulk of the storm cells major tornado however, with its carousel of satellite tornadoes, was on the ground for little over 16 miles, rivaling the 17 mile run of the Moore tornado in on ground duration and path. it differed however in causing less damage over a wider area. The additional severe thunderstorms, producing torrential hurricane like winds and rain added critically to the danger and damage.

      Even the mayor said after the storm that it was unknown ‘why’ so many suddenly took to the roads around 6:25 and caused such impossible traffic jams on all the roads heading south.

      So while Mike Morgan may be Oklahoma, he was in effect with his warnings and advice becoming Chicken Little that day. His words caused alot of harm, physically and emotionally to many people who were also already nerve wracked from Moore. While he was not responsible for the storm itself, he was responsible for what he told people to do during the storm. Those listening to him, trusted him and did what he told them to do, which on may 31st was the wrong thing to do.

      I had mini windows up with TV 4,5,9 – each with CC to read what they were saying and switched volumes to whichever station was giving direct warning advice. I was watching and turned volume up on Mike when he described the storm that was about to impact Yukon. He stated the time 6:22 and that the storm was to impact at 6:32.He said to those in their homes to get into their cars and to run, which was the exact opposite of what every other station was saying. He sent people into the path of the storms, even if that one didnt turn SE, there was another one forming that went NW and also crossed I-35 only minutes later. HE WAS WRONG!

  4. I suggest your daughter and her family move back to where ever they came from. I don’t think she has the nerves to live in Oklahoma. She might want to forget living in hurricane prone areas also.

    • Mind, you may be right. while my son and I did live in Ok several years ago, his house had a shelter, so had we ever gotten such a large storm, we would have been prepared. They did have one on Mem’l weekend that year that did take out power for 5 days in town and in parts of Ft.Sill. Walmart was great as they set up generators and provided ice for those who needed it as well as other supplies when many stores couldnt.
      My daughter & her husband [who was a Marine] have dealt with many types of storms in the past and were able to handle them, as she did this time with her husband out of town.
      We were monitoring Ch 4,5,9 TWC & NOA’s site all afternoon.That very last cell in the group of cells that had already passed through OKC that day, didnt look as threatening until minutes before the tornado evolved.Mike was a good weatherman and has been highly respected for years and he knew better. He knew commuters were on the roads, at the very time he scared many into entering the roadways that otherwise would have stayed home.
      The direction he sent people from Yukon into was the same path the storm also turned on! There was another tornado forming below Mustang that was heading NE and crossed I-35 People got hurt that wouldnt have been there had he not told them to run.
      I watched the extemded coverage of Moore online as it happened. i have kept a close eye on OK since my daughter moved back there a few months ago. She has now left and is staying at my oldest daughter’s in Missouri and is uncertain about going back to OK. With 3 babies to protect, she does not want them exposed to what has killed other children recently.
      I grew up in NYC – All our schools have storm shelters. We used to have shelter drills at least once monthly. That was during t he cold war era. Schools still carry fallout shelter symbols for public safety.
      I moved to Pennsylvania back im the mid 80s to a small town of 500 .The school in that town has a fall out shelter as well. Oddly last year it was hit by a tornado that took out all the trees pn Main St and many rooftops as well as some homes being totalled. No one in town was hurt or died. Most houses there have basements and the school building and Fire Hall both have public shelters.
      My daughter lived at Camp Pendelton during the fire stprms and some minor easrthquakes. She said she would deal with an earthquake any day over an OKC tornado!
      Not living there, many find it amazing and bewildering that there are no public shelters in OKC. In fact durimg the storm the only one I could even find online was down in Norman!
      Why have people in OK been so conditioned to accept not having shelters as a normal way of life?
      Why is it that when a storm is approaching that kids in school are not released when the schools offer no shelters?
      Why dont the schools and public buildings have shelters?

      In Mississippi last year after survivng terrible tornadoes, a poor man managed to get an ‘old conix box’ and rented a backhoe and put it underground in his yard. He said it cost him about $500-

      Surely OK could at least put in some underground shelters cheaper than a million dollars each school, if only a conix bx per class~! Funding should not prevemt folks from having a safe place to go in a storm.

      While I do understand from friends in Fletcher, that most storms dont hit populated areas, recent history in OK, Mo, Ar,Ia, In,Ill, Oh, Ms and others, that suggest a chamge and storm patterns and ferocity .
      Populated areas now getting hit.

      I heard in your news that there is a lottery to determine who gets funding for a shelter once when they apply!

      Why not have a lottery – a real one – to raise state funds to install real public shelters state wide??? Many who buy lottery tickets, looking to win, could care less who else benefits, so why not benefit public safety?
      BTW I know alot of awesome Okies in Lawton & Ft Sill area, where I lived and was a shelter manager during Katrina. Finding shelters didnt seem to be a much of an issue there as it is in OKC and its surrounding area.

      I dont care how tough YOU think you are Mint, you are flesh and blood and you cant stand up to a storm! Rather than standing with partyline rhetoric about storm shelters, upu wojld be better off joining with other Okies who have decided ‘enough is enough’ and lobby or fight to get shelters installed near where you live.

  5. At the time that Mike Morgan gave the warning to Yukon residents the tornado was on the path to hit Yukon, I am sure he knew just how large this thing was and how strong & deadly it could be. The wind velocity in the ElReno area tornado was now rated as an F-5 with winds at 300 mph and having a 2.6 mile width…….do you think he should have just said “go to your shelter or safe place in the interior of your house & hunker down? That is ridiculous…….
    There were experienced storm chasers with their fancy equipment that got caught and some were killed when the storm made a wild and sudden veer to the SE. Mike even said “I have never seen this happen ever – that it took such a dramatic turn”. This caught everyone by surprise……….In a minute things changed.
    I guess if it would have stayed on path to Yukon – Mike would be a hero now instead of being criticized for warning people to get out of “harms way”. I stand by Mike & the crew at Channel-4.

    • On May 31 at 6:22pm, when Mike was making the announcement, sure he was rattled and said it was suspected to be over a mile wide by a spotter near El Reno.
      Mike also said it was expected to hit in 10 minutes.

      After seeing what happened in Joplin, Mo. a couple of years ago and pics of Moore and seeing how much of it was decimated, there were also homes that were spared, like the one my daughter sought shelter at on N-27th St.

      That family had their home custom built and also had a fortified Fema approved safe room built into the center of it. That home withstood the storms.I will be forever grateful to the Henthorn’s. They are heroes~!!

      Telling commuters that were already on the road, where to go towards to escape the path of the storm was one thing and very necessary as they need to know which roads will safely guide them away from the path of the tornadoes..

      All the TV & radio channels said pretty much the same concerning that and were telling those at home to take cover and those on the road below a certain point to head south.

      Telling those who were already in their homes and preparing to enter their above ground shelters and safe rooms, when only 10 mins was left to impending impact of the storm was wrong!

      You may have an affection for Mike for past performance, however his performance on May 31st was reckless and dangerous.

      Mike broke the primary rules of crisis broadcasting, in causing so many who were tuned in and believed & relied on him, led to panic on the southerly roads and thus many more ran into danger instead of away from it.

      He was also giving the same advice as the storm approached Del City.

      He was saying what he wanted to say [perhaps in light of what happened in Moore a week earlier] instead of what he should have said, which would have been for those in better built homes to get into their safe rooms or shelters, whether above or below ground. He said only those with below ground shelters could withstand the storm, thus many who would have been secure in their homes decided to flee south as he suggested.

      As it turned out, Yukon was spared, so had all those residents, including my daughter & her babies, stayed in their homes, they would have been safe.Her home and neighborhood in N.Yukon was untouched.
      That’s a fact.

      After my daughter left the Henthorn’s home in Moore, that took her in for safety, [thank God they were kind hearted people who do exemplify that strong faith based Oklahoma Strong character]

      Later that night she had to work her way around many streets in OKC that were flooded and had power lines down.
      It was raining hard at times, but she made it back home to fortunately find her neighborhood and home had been spared.

      During a crisis you look for leadership and direction from the news media and weathermen.They are your eyes and ears. They are the pros to be relied on.

      There was a crisis and all the weathermen and women on the ground, as well as at their TV or radio stations worked hard to try to keep the public informed, safe and as calm as possible.

      You can not intelligently speculate as you did in your comment, that had the storm gone otherwise and people were saved otherwise, that it would have made Mike a hero. That is ludicrous.

      You can stand by Mike all you want.

      I am going by all I have seen that night through the live broadcasts and collectively by all the weatherman I could monitor! It was horrifying for me as well, being over a 1000 miles away and not being able to save my daughter from the potential harm of that storm and listening to her voice on the speakerphone in her van, hearing her 4 yr old daughter crying for daddy.

      I just hope for his sake and yours, he never makes such a potentially catastrophic mistatement like that again and as much as you may emotionally wish to excuse what he did,
      [ If you were to apply your same line of reasoning to any other scenarios, its not a far reach to excuse other people of other socially unacceptable ‘mistakes’ such as those that lead to injury or death, as an otherwise likable citizen that loses his cool for one reason or other and causes injury or the death, or kills someone else – whether by ‘accident or by momentary emotional breakdown’.
      Wouldnt such a person most certainly be held accountable??]

      Mike needs to be accountable for his broadcasts – which BTW – were removed from Youtube – no doubt to try and hide his blunder and his responsibility for unacceptable crisis warnings.

      All public figures need to be held accountable, not for things that are out of their hands but for the things that are within their hands or power.

      Mike is in a position of power and he is a professional. That wasnt his first rodeo~ he knew better~ he still didnt give the warnings the way they needed to be given and people listened to him and people were endangered as a result.

      Last count 19 died and most were in cars before they died, including another young mother with her baby in a van~!!

      How many might have heard his warning on their car radios and went directly into the storm since he told them to go sxouth and they did ?
      How many were stuck in gridlock because of the sudden surge of people from Yukon that all got snagged together on I-35 and others southerly roads ?
      How many of those who died, did so by following his direction? I guess there is no way for anyone to know for sure, is there?

    • I can see how you feel about Mike Morgan’s suggestion, what I don’t understand is why since you were tuned in to all the TV stations, NOAA and TWC and had you daughter on the phone why you didn’t tell her getting on the road was a bad idea, that no other station was suggesting that and she should stay put. If she is still so shaken she can’t return to her home she really needs to consider relocating. Oklahoma is not for her. As for shelters, I agree new schools should be built with a shelter that could be used by the community also. It is a matter of money and chance.

      • When my daughter got married her husband was a US Marine. After 2 tours in Iraq she was home during his first tour and then living in Phoenix during his 2nd tour so she could be closer to family when she had her first baby. Both his father and my oldest daughter and oldest son lived in Phoenix. Her husband was then stationed out of Camp Pendleton, so she wanted to remain close for when he returned and then they lived by Camp Pendleton when he was stateside. After reenlisting he was sent to North Dakota where they resided and had 2 more babies..

        He sought employment prior to leaving the Marines and was hired by a company that is based in OKC, thus they moved there a few months ago. After training he was sent out into the field and was assigned to a place in Western Kansas, 3 hours from home, so he works 2 wks on and then gets off time. She therefore spends alot of time home alone with the kids., in a beautiful new brick home in Yukon.

        The reason I stay online when there are storms in her area is because I have a better computer and 32 inch screen so I can place several stations up at the same time.

        I didnt want her to leave her home that night
        and she was scared but prepared to go into their safe room, When Mike made his warning to leave, she looked out the window and saw her neighbors all get into their cars fast and speed away.

        While it still looked best on radar for her to remain home and the other stations were telling people to take cover, the sirens went off and she felt that being new kid on the block that the others must have known better having been there longer, so she decided to do the same and leave.

        What she wanted me to do was to keep monitoring the weather, to be able help guide her as she tried to make her way south east away from the storm.

        It was her decision to leave Yukon but once made, I could only try to help keep track of what was being said on the TV channels, TWC & Noaa to keep her informed and know her location as she traveled.

        Once she got onto the I-35 traffic began to slow down and the clouds were getting more ominous.

        She said it looked like the larger storm cell was behind her in her mirror and then saw more dark clouds to her right as she headed south. She was trying to get to Norman as they had a listed shelter there. She didnt have enough gas, the road was too congested so I told her to get off at the next exit which fortunately she was able to do.

        In her attempt to continue SE she turned onto N 27th as the clouds were closing in so she asked me to find a local hospital or municipal building that she could stop at to take cover.
        As i was searching S.Moore she saw a man standing out in front of his house, so stopped to ask directions as she was terrified of something happening to her babies.

        Fortunately that man, Mr. Henthorn, had built his house to withstand most storms and he quickly invited her and the children in as the storms were just a few blocks away. He helped her in and met his wife as she and their daughter was about to go into their fema approved safe room. My daughter had no idea how fortified the house was, she was out of time running as the storm was overtaking her. She would have stayed in a closet or under steps, at that point, anywhere safer than a van! She just wanted to get back indoors away from the storm.

        Thank God, she was prompted to stop at the Henthorn’s and God bless them for generously inviting her in and helping her and the kids.

        They very well may have saved their lives that night.

        Now my daughter and her husband have to reevaluate their living situation as he too was extremely worried about them as he was 3 hours away at work.

        She does not want to return. She only had an above ground safe room and now is aware that under certain storms it will not be sufficiently safe enough. That of course has her rattled. She is now at my oldest daughter’s just north of Springfield in a town with no recorded tornado activity historically,While it is 2 hours further from her husband’s job, she is again close to supportive family and safer.

        She likes OKC, she doesnt like not having a safer dwelling..

        Their current house is a rental lease for a year. They have been seeking a location to have a new home built which would include a below ground shelter. She had a false sense of security with the current house being new & having an above ground safe room yet with the recent storm in Moore. as well as what happened on May 31, she has decided to remain in Marshfield as long as there are strong storm threats in OKC~ I dont know if she will; return to her Yukon home or not or if she does, it may only be to pack and move.

      • I guess it didn’t occur to her that maybe the neighbors getting in their cars and driving off were going two miles down the road to their friend’s storm shelter.

  6. It occurred to her they were leaving in a panic which caused her to panic as well. I told her to ask one of them if they knew a safer place to go but they ran so fast out of there that she couldnt, so she was forced to decide whether to run south of hunker down. She also saw those pics of Moore the week before as well as the clouds that were in that storm as they passed overhead a bit before the Moore tornado.the sky was as frightening both times. so she only had a minute or two to decide as he made the announcement to flee at 6:22. Her neighbors were gone by 6:24 so she grabbed her kids at 6:25 and left.At that point it didnt matter that other stations were telling people to hunker down. She was already unnerved by all the storming that went on most of the afternoon. Mike was a pro and she only needed 1 pro to say go and he did.Seems even seasoned locals fled too or else the roads wouldnt have been as gridlocked as they became.
    The most ridiculous thng about Ok however is all the PR that was drummed into locals heads for the passed few decades to just accept that there are no public shelters or that their children can be held in schools that have now shellters in an area that is so much more prone to tornadoes, more than most places on earth!

    The state and fed govts should have worked on ways to provide shelters decades ago and should have already retrofitted any school out of compliance ages ago. To instead lead its citizens to believe its normal to not have public shelters or to deter them more by saying it will cost too much money, how much is a kids life worth anyway?

    One person tried to justify the fact that there are no public shelters by comparing it to California’s earth quakes~! The error in that comparison is that California does have regulations that require retrofitting buildings out there to comply with earthquake safety standards~! On the east coast, where I grew up, every school and nearly every public building I have ever been in had storm shelters! why is it then that in an area so prone to storms that residents have literally no public place to seek shelter at ? Or IF running south is the only way, why is it that the roads have not been enlarged or storm roads [dirt , macadam or concrete] haven’t been added that would ease evacuation routes?

    Then why is it that those who have sought loans or grants to have shelters installed have instead been placed on a lottery system because there are not enough funds allocated for it? Such a life or death causing issue should be at the top of everyone’s priority list, rather than simply waiting to see who gets hit next and who is spared!

  7. I am a degreed meteorologist, and have worked as a forecaster for over 20 years. AveHurley, you are completely correct. NEVER should an entire metropolitan area be told to flee in their vehicles. EVER. That is simply AWFUL advice to give a metro area, with minutes notice. The fact is that interior rooms of most homes will easily survive EF0 to EF2 tornadoes…and EF0-EF2 tornadoes comprise 95% of all tornadoes. Only 5% of all tornadoes are EF3 or greater; only 0.1% are rated EF5.

    Furthermore, though, let’s consider even the 5% of tornadoes rated EF3 or greater (very strong to violent tornadoes). Even within one of these tornadoes, the portion of the tornado’s damage path which actually sustains EF3 to EF5-level damage is only a SMALL PORTION on of the total area of damage. When you hear of a “mile wide EF5,” that is in many ways misleading. Only a SMALL FRACTION of the damage path — perhaps on the order of yards wide — has actually sustained EF5-level damage. It may surprise some to know that even with a tornado that damages dozens of neighborhoods, and thus hundreds and hundreds of homes and businesses, that if ONE SINGLE STRUCTURE within ONE of those neighborhoods exhibits damage consistent with an EF5 tornado, then the tornado is rated EF5 — despite the fact that vast majority of the damage within the damage path falls into the EF0 to EF4 category!

    If you think this sounds strange or incorrect, consider the Moore EF5 tornado of May 20 as one example. While many news reports following this storm stated that “a two-mile wide EF5 tornado struck Moore,” the fact is that the ONLY LOCATION within that tornado’s 17-mile long, 1.3-mile wide damage path that experienced EF5 damage — the ONLY LOCATION — was at Briarwood Elementary School. That’s right, ONE STRUCTURE. Now, that is NOT to downplay this tornado; this was a devastating tornado, and a much more substantial number of structures did experience EF4-level damage (but even then, only a very small portion of the overall damage path was rated EF4). My point simply is, that even in one of the most destructive, powerful tornadoes such as this one was, the vast majority of the damage caused by such a tornado is easily survivable. And in fact, the vast majority of folks within the damage path DO in fact survive — particularly those who are properly sheltered in a building. While it is an undeniable tragedy that two dozen people lost their lives in the May 20 Moore tornado, the fact is that THOUSANDS of people were within the overall damage path of that storm and yet SURVIVED. THOUSANDS.

    Meanwhile, on the other hand, even an EF1 or EF2 tornado can easily roll a vehicle — not to mention the very minimal protection you have in a vehicle from projectiles sent airborne by the tornadic winds (and flying projectiles are the cause of many — if not most — injuries and deaths in a tornado.) THIS is why meteorologists, emergency managers, highway patrol, and other agencies responsible for protection of the public have, FOR YEARS AND YEARS, advised folks to “shelter in place.” The vast majority of folks — even in tornadoes rated at the highest EF-scales — will survive if properly “sheltered in place.”

    Meanwhile, just the thought of thousands of people trying to flee from a metro area at rush hour just minutes ahead of a potentially tornadic storm causes public safety officials to literally cringe. This was the absolute WORST advice that could have been given — and is the equivalent of malpractice, in the medical field. This should cost Mike Morgan his job, in my opinion. His advice — thankfully — turned out NOT to result in a tragedy of major proportions ONLY because the storms remained largely non-tornadic after he advised folks to “flee” (which, ironically, makes his advice ALL THE MORE AWFUL, as NO strong-to-violent tornado occurred within the area where he assured folks that they would only be safe if underground — or for the remainder of that night in ANY area!) Sadly, if a strong tornado HAD developed, within one of the storms that later tracked eastward across the EXACT AREAS which Mike Morgan told folks to flee to, THOUSANDS of folks — who were stuck in their cars in bumper-to-bumper traffic on all north-south roads in the metro area and unable to escape — would have been injured or killed. It is by God’s grace that Mike Morgan’s advice did not lead to a tragedy of immense proportion.

    Bottom line — in a tornadic situation, one is INFINITELY safer being properly sheltered in their home, than they are exposed to the elements in their vehicle. That is a fact — one which will NEVER change, and one which is as obvious as the nose on your face to anyone involved with public safety. The fact that literally thousands of Oklahomans trust TV meteorologists with their safety dictates that such negligent and dangerous advice as was given by Mike Morgan MUST be examined and dealt with.

  8. You guys are so wrong, People should have minds of their own, not everyone is in the same position, so no one is responsible for anyone else. I thank him for the job he does. Oklahoma needs to grow up and learn to do things for themselves and quit placing blame on others. Kfor needs to stand up and stand behind Mike Morgan for the job he does everyday. Shame on all of you for not being responsible for your own life.

    • Well, IF he was so right, why did KFOR remove all the youtubes of his coverage of the storm as it approached Yukon? People frightened of an approaching storm, taking cover the best they knew how and what did he do? He sent them directly into harm’s way !! Yes each person is responsible for their own actions. All those who entered harm’s way by yielding to what Mike Morgan recommended are at fault for watching him & listening to him, according to your way of thinking…Perhaps you are wrong?

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