Hobson’s Lighthouse by Ave Hurley & Art Promotional tips

“Hobson’s Lighthouse”


by “Ave Hurley”

Based on my original [mirrored] image acrylic painting done several years ago, this digital repainting has taken on a new life and appearance of its own, as I manually, digitally repainted it at 1200% resolution, one pixel at a time,creating details that my finest 10/0 sable brush never could have done.

In particular I digitally repainted this using a pointalism technique, adding in details to the US Flag and windows of the house and lighthouse. The US Flag is proudly flying and added in a double masted sailing ship going off into the distance. I added new details to the foreground and changed the coloring overall and re-painted the waves and water.

RELEASE: April 2012, so, if interested, please bookmark this page and come back soon, or email me and be among the first to obtain a copy of this fine digital painting.It will initially be available as a limited edition, hand signed Artist’s continental sized glossy finished postcard, meant for framing.

SIZE: 4.27″ high by 5.25″ wide.

LIMITED SIGNED EDITION : I will only have 100 printed of this and will number and date them when the printing is commissioned.

Price: $5.00 for a collectors first edition art postcard with free shipping.

Other sizes will be available by special order as this can be printed in any size up to 16×20 which will be on my POD Sites shortly. I will be making Giclees of this in sizes up to 12×16 by the end of April when my print shop is once again set up here at my new shop. Just contact me here at ArtRave.


Above is being used as an example of what you as an artist should do in describing your art when posting.

How to ‘use’ [ArtRave] & any galleries to help promote your art work & increase chances of making sales:

1. List your art in the Gallery [ and other galleries you belong to]

  • Use your Artist ID# [if you have one, or use your name in the title bar along with the title of the art, ] I personally assign a page # to create a uniform inventory online that I use on all sites I belong to.
  • Give full description of your art : size, Medium used, Price, contact info.
  • Let viewers know if the original is for sale or not and give a price.If you sell this art as a print, let viewers know if they can purchase directly from you or not and if there are any limited editions, signed versions and what sizes are available.
  • Provide your contact information and correct URLS to where your art is being sold.Also include your profile page URL since viewers may want to read your BIO and check out any other information you provide there.
  • Viewers are unlikely to search for your art, unless you provide accurate information
  • Check your Gallery page URL using your ID# & page number [example: AH-001-034] at the end of the URL being assigned. This will identify your art in search engines along with the info placed correctly in the Title bar
  • Use the same title info, separated by comma’s and quotation marks and paste into the Tag line along with other descriptive words, so searchbots can index your work on Google, Bing, Yahoo etc..

2. Repost your art into the FREE Promotional ArtRave Categories that apply – even if more than one.There are over 100 & this is a free service to all artists from any art site. Only rule is it has to be ‘family friendly’ since ArtRave is a family friendly network, geared to helping emerging artists online to succeed and promote all t heir art sites collectively.

3.Open a second window, to start a blog post on the piece. Be sure to upload the picture and put the Gallery URL as well as the Category URL for the work and the complete copied description you provided in the Gallery, including any sites you have this art for sale at.Keep the blog open til you have all the pertinent information copied there.Tie your info together across the net~!!

4. In the blog, write a short paragraph about the art, whatever inspired you or details about the location of where the art took place or any info that might stir more of the viewer’s interest. This may mean the difference when the viewer is making their choice in buying your art over other art they are checking out. Remember art is competitive and viewers are swayed by many factors, including the topic or appearance, the story, the price and how the art makes them feel. You need to make the feel good about your art without making a hard sell. The viewer must always feel in control over what they are seeing, but you need to present your art in a way that will make them want to see it enough to own it.

5. Copy your blog into any other blogs you may have online. The more you spread the news about the same piece of art, the more it will show up in search indexes and be more available to art viewers.

6.Copy the URL of the blog into our Facebook Group and or other promo pages that are available. Be sure to use the Like buttons on the Gallery and Category pages as well as on the Blog pages when available.Twitter it too. Do each and every Like available – Twitter, Facebook, Google+1 and also post urls & your short paragraph about your art into any of the clubs you belong to and on the sites you belong to.

If you learn to repeat this process for each work of art you upload online, you will be self promoting your work using these tools and your art will get noticed and have a better chance of reaching the viewers that may choose to buy it.

It is not enough to just upload a picture to a random site and hope that some millionaire will come along and ‘discover’ you and make you rich overnite. If you dont go about presenting your work properly and energetically online, you will remain unlikely to sell your work .

This process or system I have laid out is simple and works.I have sold alot of my art this way.

Now for more promotion and advertising, you can use ad agencies, but they are expensive.

If you want an alternative, collective low cost advertising for your art, consider buying a banner ad here on ArtRave. I was doing them for my art but now do it for other artists as well. [or read my forum on ArtRave & do it yourself~!]

While other sites charge alot per day to advertise, you can buy a low-cost ad that will last an entire month for less than you would pay for one day on most sites. [this just covers bandwidth & site support] You can choose what art and site you want viewers to go to with your banner ad.

I also have a Top Artist Ad services which are banner ads with per clicks. Unlike other banner services, I DO NOT CHARGE PER CLICK – ~!

Most adlists charge over $100 a year and up to $.35 per click thru~

I only charge $25 per year and have no click thru charges. I worked hard learning how and creating all these additional services to share with other artists to provide you with an effective way to show, promote and sell your art online.

Do not fool yourself by simply loading art and leaving it everywhere.

I created ArtRave as a promotional artist network, but it is not enough for you to simply post a piece of art and disappear as some have done. That is a waste of time and bandwidth on your part. You need to be proactive if you wish to sell your art online anywhere you go. If however you do it using ArtRave, you will see more results for your efforts and I will help you along the way more than any other site will.

Have a good day 🙂 Happy posting and promoting~!!



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