Walmart’s “Great Value Mild Italian Pork Sausage” is full of WORMS~!!!

I’m still gagging on Walmart ‘Great Value’ Mild Italian Sausage, cooked up, took a slice , tasted like pine-sol. Cut & tasted a different one that had a -soapy pine- sole type taste so spit it out~

Then I looked closely-It was FULL OF WORM 100’S OF WORMS – So Disgustingly GROSS~!!!

Since I had steam/boiled them in a frying pan, I didnt see all the long thin white thread like worms that had broken through its encasements and were hanging out cooked, as they tried to escape being parboiled.. [I parboil/steam them then take them out cut them up and add to sauce]…

Not this time~!!! I took off a small piece while cutting them and popped into my mouth to taste. Tasted like PineSol smells~
So I forced it down, thinking ‘agh’, just some different seasonings or maybe the frying pan was a bit soapy, so I decide to test another bite from another sausage to see if they were good or not..expecting the next piece to taste right….

Stronger yucky taste~! What the heck?? This piece I spit out…Couldn’t believe that the 5 lb roll of 80/20 hamburger I had just opened which let out a smelly gas, so it was bad and now the sausage was full of worms~!!

Earlier, before cooking their sausage, I had opened the new 5 lb tube of the 80/20 hamburger, which let out a gas hiss and had a slight odor~ I wrapped that back up planning to return it to Walmart. It wasnt supposed to expire til 7/14 & we only bought it the night before! So I had James smell it to confirm it was funky and put it back it the bag, tied it and placed it in the freezer so I could return it.

Because the hamburger was ‘bad’, I had decided to make spaghetti & sausage~ Yuck~!
I am glad I cook sausage separately before adding to sauce to cut down on the grease, but since I steam/boil it to get all the fat out, the water gets frothy a bit, so I didn’t see that each sausage had these long thin white threads popped perpendicularly through the encasements!Worms!!

Reliving the moment again, I had cut off a chunk from the end of a sausage [before seeing the worms] and had eaten a piece that tasted kind of like soap or pine-sol, thinking my taste buds were ‘off’… Then I figured I needed confirmation , so I cut another piece off another sausage and it tasted even worse so I spit that one out…

I took them out of the water, put them on a plate and then saw the little stringy things. I called James to see and initially he said it looked like it was just the encasements breaking down from boiling them, but ass we looked closer we then realized that there were more, as I turned the sausages over to look at the little strings, we then realized that they were long stringy white worms!!!!!

GROSSED OUT AND OUTRAGED, I IMMEDIATELY PUT MY FINGER DOWN MY THROAT- to try and vomit out the piece I had swallowed.

James called up Walmart and though they apologized and said to bring them back, we decided to take the ride 15 miles to them and show them so they could put out a recall.

So we took them back to Walmart – grossed them out too~ Told them they better recall their crap~ They said they get it all premade, pre-frozen and even though it had the label and UPC that they weren’t saying whether or not they would send in a recall~ Come on~!! If it was like that in my package, it had to be in others~!!

They gave me a $20 Gift Certificate [big deal!] but I can still feel that lump in my throat-

I know the worms were dead, but still grossing me out~!Thinking about it, makes me wonder if at the meat plant perhaps when cleaning up and scraping away scraps, that someone must have put them into the vat and processed them into sausages- since they had a soapy, pine-sol type taste…sick~! Disgusting – How many other packages will be like this??? Who else will be affected???

I love sausage, generally, but now cant consider eating any.. especially their brand. James and I then went to buy some non-meat food products, but I stopped by their sausage, seeing some packages still icy from being just brought out. They had a 7/18 expiration date – so they either sold out all the 7/14 or maybe did know about it and removed them all.

Out of curiosity I started looking real close at their new packages and could see that under the encasements they those too looked like there were little white stringy things…that if boiled will most certainly pop through.

Where ever this pork sausage was processed at needs to have the FDA go in and inspect their plant and make them get rid of all their wormy meat!!

DONT BUY GREAT VALUE ITALIAN SAUSAGE!!! Also dont buy Premio, as they are the ones who make it~!



2 thoughts on “Walmart’s “Great Value Mild Italian Pork Sausage” is full of WORMS~!!!

  1. Just cooked up a large rack of pork ribs in the crock-pot (bought at Walmart yesterday); I luckily cooked it all day long. Went to serve it and found a 2 inch chubby round worm imbedded into the meat. I am still trying to find a picture on line to see exactly what it is. Pizza night!!!

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