They struggled down the smoke filled stairs~ they lept to their deaths ~ they died saving others~ they shall not be forgotten ~ 9/11

There is a saying about not looking at the roaring lion, but at the ones
crouching in the grass.The roaring lion is the one who is distracting
the prey while his pride goes out and captures & brings down the
prey.They bring it back to the roaring lion who then takes the kings
portion and then they devour whats left.

I worked at the WTC in the 80’s and have family members & former
school mates that worked there up til 9/11 I remember the fire drills
and bomb drills we had where we would have to walk down the stairs from
the 96th floor where I worked, to the mezzanine at the 78th floor, where
we would wait for the all clear announcement that we could go back to
work, or if we had to leave the building.

The stairs were short steps so I would hang on tight to the stair rail
to be careful not to fall. Walking downstairs after a dozen flights or
so becomes rhythmatic but starts to give a cardio workout. As I would
descend, like others, would think it was just a drill but wonder what if
this was the real thing?

I remember my office overlooking the south seeing Staten Island, the
Statue of Liberty and the Newark Airport. Even back then when looking at
planes coming and going from the airport, watching them at altitudes
below me.The building used to sway in the wind, 6 ft in every direction.

On windy days, the swaying of the building would make me queezy as it
swayed on its 4 large sub-basement springs.I wondered about fires and
planes, most did at some point or another.

I remember 9/11 as I was in a Pennsylvania hospital recovering from
surgery. Breakfast was brought to me and I turned on the TV to see a
view of 1WTC with smoke coming out. It was unclear as to the cause at
the moment as it was caught on video from the direction of Staten
Island. My heart ached.

I remember the 94 WTC bombing where my youngest brother, John Cosgriff, a
new policeman in the NYPD , on the job for about a week, was stationed
by the WTC and that my niece worked there as well.

As my brother approached the WTC, he saw a man, badly burned running
from the smoke filled garage of 2WTC. He called backup for help and ran
into the burning building, helping victims to come out of it. He
continued battling the smoke and went up the stairwells as they were
filling with black acrid smok. His flashlight beamed no further than 14
inches before his face since the smoke was so thick. He told people to
hold hands as he led them down a dozen flight of stairs, out to safety
as other rescue workers arrived on scene. He suffered smoke inhalation
as he kept going back in to rescue more people. He was later featured on
the cover of Newsweek and received a hero’s award from the city

Now it was 9/11/01, 7 years later as I watched on TV from my hospital
bed. Was he in the building this time ? Was my niece still working in
the building? I got on the phone and called NYC – all phone lines were
down. I stared at the TV and a second plane came and watched it as in
slow motion, pierce the northwest wall of the upper floors of 2 WTC and
then it was clear.

We were under attack~ I began to cry, seeing those stairwells in my mind
from years before. Seeing the crowds trying to rush down the stairs in
that thick black smoke, as others in non smoke filled stairways were
wondering if it was another drill or if it was for real, knowing that
only those on the floors that were hit would know what was happening ~
that there was a real fire and that those who were on the floors where
the plane pierced the building, would have seen as they died.
Announcements were being made for people not to panic, some even thought
it was just a drill so they waited too long to leave their offices.

I could hear their screams when they encountered crumbled floors and
smoke filled halls, echoing in my mind, as I wept. The phones still were
off line, as they remained offline for the rest of the day. I couldnt
even get through to any of my family on Staten Island, so didnt know if
more planes were crashing.

Then the Pentagon was also hit. Then they announced Flight 93 was
hijacked. I know the military was scrambling as our nation was under
attack. It was so surreal as I lay there in my hospital bed, worrying
about those in the WTC that were fighting for their lives and watching
in horror as some jumped to their deaths.

The flames grew, the ground was smoke filled. People were running from
the buildings with blackened faces, gasping for fresh air. My brother in
law John, a firefighter stationed in lower Manhattan was there as he
worked stationed in lower Manhattan.. My brother Chris, another NYFD
captain, was on the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge at headquarters
when it occurred.

He and his men put on their gear and ran across the Brooklyn Bridge
against the tide of panicking people, who were making their exodus from
Manhattan, fleeing for their lives. Running against this overwhelming
tide of people hindered getting to the scene, but may have saved his

By the time the time he and his men arrived, along with hundreds of
other firefighters, who had already arrived were in the building helping
evacuate the people from within, they began doing what NYFD does,
saving lives and fighting fires. This was different though. It was of an
enormous scale.

My brother was outside the building when it began to collapse. My
brother in law had been on another fire call up town when it happened
and was also now en route to the WTC. My youngest brother John of the
NYPD was on the Staten Island Ferry on his way into work. He was told
only the night before that it was his turn to come in late as they had
staggered work hours, so he was an hour later than usual. Others in his
unit were killed as the towers crumbled.

As people desperately began to jump off the building as the flames grew
and they couldnt be saved, their bodies began hitting the pavement and
those on the ground with all t he smoke became targets of living
missiles. A priest who hung out at the fire halll my brother in law
works at, was struck by a victim who had jumped to their death, killing
him as well.

As the first building collapsed, an inverted cloud of smoke and ash
flooded the streets and was choking those who were fortunate enough to
escape. Firefighters continued to work pushing through the smoke and
debris as they rushed to save more of the people trying to flee from the
second building before its collapse.

The 2nd buidling came down faster than the first. After the thundering
roar and the inverted plume of smoke that flooded the streets
surrounding the WTC complex, a white ash covered everything. There was a
surreal silence met with a strange tweaking sound like mechanical
birds. The tweaking was shrill and constant. It was the autoresponders
on each of the firemen who were trapped and crushed during the collapse.
Every tweak was sounding off from each of the more than 340 firemen
that died that hour along with numerous civiilians, police and rescue
workers that died so valiantly trying to rescue the victims of the

More than 50,000 people worked in the WTC and estimates of how many were
killed was initially upwards of 10,000 and miraculously later with
accounts made was reduced to just under 3,000. That means those rescue
workers efforts saved up to 7,000 people that day~!!

How can America or the world forget? How can any elected official even
consider allowing the placement of a mosque near Ground Zero?? How can
moderate muslims continue following allah and their imans who support
acts of terrorism? How can we as a nation elect someone whose national
birthplace is still a mystery? How can more than 400,000 Texans decide
to convert to islam after 9/11 ? How can Dearborn Michigan become like
the new western Mecca? How can a Buffalo muslim radio station owner
enforce Sharia Law and murder his wife because she wanted a divorce? How
can it be that America is such an entertainment oriented society that
our youth have basically spent the last several years becoming more
apathetic and gullible and self serving that they profess not to care
about what is going on in Washington and are convinced they cant make a
difference when Obama was able to rally students and liberals to vote
him in allow him to ascend to power?

While islamic jihadists may be the minority in the muslim religion and
while there are many good decent muslim moderates in the world, their
religion is controlled by hate for Jews, hate for Christians, hate for
the West and hate for all who are not muslim.

This is a war without borders.This is an imperialistic religous war to
conquer the world. It has been waged since Abraham cast out Ishmael and
it will continue to the end of time. Now this imperialistic enemy
officially declared war on America, hitting what is considered to be the
god of America, our financial empire~ thus they hit the WTC – twice –
in 94 and now in 2001.

These jihadists have been doing their terrorism for centuries and are
the ‘religious zealots’ of islam~

They have leighway in how they go about interpreting the laws of islam.
They get validation from imans who bless their efforts in killing the infidels
they encounter.

They are encouraged to use any means necessary to further their agenda
for world domination.That means they will lie cheat steal deceive and do anything
conceivable to defeat those they consider to be enemies.they will say
‘allah is love’ which is not true~ allah is a demonic entity that hates
human life and hates God. They gain ground among those who are agnostic
and those who are against western religions for various reasons. They gain
ground among the apathetic and disillusioned in society, as well as among
the oppressed and the poor.Its not that they care for any of these, but they strive’
to gain temporary allegiances with the disgruntled in their host nations.

The demonic entity known as allah wants to be god and claims to be god and
so those who serve allah experience an soulful sense of satisfaction
when killing the infidel or any who break Sharia law.

They are fully persuaded and are convinced that they are serving allah and
that allah is the god of the universe.They feel justified in what they do.

They are deluded and deceived and most dangerous, since they hold no
value over human life as evidenced by how wantonly they kill even their own
and are willing to die for allah to them, is their ultimate
sacrifice – to which they believe they will receive heavenly rewards.

Jihadists dont fear dying and are motivated to kill as many they
consider to be infidels that that can kill. They have been doing it worldwide for
centuries and focused on 3rd world countries for centuries. They cultivated
relationships with England and the US to educate them in Western ways.
They traded oil leases and development rights and formed alliances with the
rich in many nations so that they could work towards gaining political power.

This is why they can not be totally stopped or reasoned with.
They have many allies underground worldwide.

They will pay lip service publicly only whilethe they dont yet have the power need
to be in full control of the lands they occupy. They are growing and there are over
1.5 billion of them worldwide as they increase their numbers and gain allegiances.

They have learned western ways and while they despise us they are using our own
laws to conquer us from within. They have overrun Europe and England,now that they
have secured presence in the middle east and far east. the methods they are using
are working as they gain political power whereever they go by manipulating and
empowering the poor of each nation to side with them against the ruling powers.

By utilizing socialist reforms in the nations they occupy they set the stage for
their eventual takeover of nations.They will stop at nothing less than world domination!

Once given mutual rights with each nation’s hosting infidels,
they then continue on to effect the sublte changes needed
that will enable them to gain an upper hand, such as using
national laws to gain entry that then gives them the foothold they need
in order to conquer their enemies from within as well as without.

Wars and terrorism are the smokescreen, the roaring lion they use. Then while
a nation’s resources are focused on dealing with the roaring lion, they have
their pride of lions in the grass, infiltrating and herding the public to the
position they want them into so they can strike~

Less than a year before 9/11/01, I was back visiting in NYC at a family
reunion and brought my grown children and grandchildren to the WTC as I
was showing them the city. WE walked through the undergroundWTC mall
from building to building and considered going to the top. It was $13 a
ticket at the time. I had brought them there when they were younger, but
since our group Sept 2000, as no one expected that a year later it
would all be gone.

The aftermath of 9./11 will never escape me nor lessen its impact. How
it has lessened in impact for others is beyond me. This is a war on
terrorism and it has hit our shores, but goes on daily around the world.

I am not against he muslim people.

They are born into their national religion just
as everyone is born into their own.

They dont know any better.Many feel trapped within it since to renounce islam
invites a death sentence through Sharia law.

I am against the demon they serve, who lurks in the shadows
enraging the hearts of the jiahadists to kill through terrorism.

I am not fooled by their Qu’uran that cloaks its words with inuendo and

It is the true islamic’s goal and purpose in life to dominate the world
and eradicate their opposition, all others that dont become part of them.

They are a parasitic wandering international society and a global threat.

They are dispersed world wide settling in other nations and have been
intermingling with infidel nations of people [converting them to islam] to
gain acceptance and political clout~
They become part of the nations they intend to
conquer but reject everything that nation represents..

They use their own muslim people as sacrifices to effect a shield for
themselves as they plan and plot their moves over the course of generations.
Any of their own people that convert to other religions or just want to
reject islam, become targets of retribution by Sharia Law, they become
like the infidels and are rejected by their families, communities and nation.

Islamic jihadits will destroy and do kill their own just as fast as
they kill those they consider infidels, any who oppose them.

They use their ‘moderate’ members, as a buffer to gain acceptance while the
ones in control, the jihadists are encouraged and sponsored by their
imans, who run the mosques and collect the donated money from the
moderates in order to fund more terrorism.

So to put a mosque up at or near Ground Zero is, in itself another
attack on the WTC~ and the USA!

Communities where they propagate, they increase in population and then
form gangs that keep pushing others out of the community so that they
can control the section of each city or town they occupy. They claim the
area and put up a mosque~ which becomes their headquarters and a symbol
of their victory over those they consider to be their enemies.

Anyone who is not one of them, is an enemy.
Anyone that doesnt obey Sharia Law is an enemy .
Anyone who is not one of them is in danger.

Now as we approach 9/11/11 , 9 years after their devoted jihadists
sacrificed their lives to allah and blew up the WTC, Pentagon and were
responsible for Flight 93 being shot down, have declared victory over
the US since while we were occupied focusing on the wars in Iraq &
Afghanistan, they have been busy funding propaganda within the US ,
brainwashing youth and liberals, put a blood muslim into the Presidency
who is lobbying for the muslim cause, by socializing America and
bankrupting the government.

We have a chance to save America and need to beat them at their own

We need to clean up our own government~!
We need representatives in office that will protect our national interests and
our free American lifestyle.
Too long corruption has been rampant in government.Now it threatens
our very way of life in America and the US as a nation is in peril of being
financially ruined and forced into socialism which will break our standing
in the world and reduce us to a 3rd world power. Once this happens America
will no longer be the home of the free, but be subjugated by the islamic world.

We need to educate and wake up America and vote out all those who
are influenced by their islamic roots or deceived by the message of
islam into being complacent and letting islam’s foothold to grow here in
America, as they plan on populating and gaining footholds in politics
and counting on American apathy to vote them into office and turn
America into a socialist regime, which they then can introduce Sharia
Law to become the new law in America and worldwide.

America is still great, but the current government is weakening us as a nation.
We need to instill a sense of patriotism in our youth and elect officials that will
serve the people and ideals that America was founded on.

We need to end apathy and get involved in saving our own nation from the
enemies now within our borders. Our laws should first and foremost protect
our nation and our way of life and not become the enablements for foreign
powers to come in and take over and destroy our way of life.

America may not be perfect but it is the best nation on earth and now is
a target of those who hate us and are jealous of us and of the God we choose
to serve. Islam hates the Christian, the Jew, along with all other religions and
lifestyles. They kill those they consider to be less moral than they hypocritically
claim to be. Its happening in Europe and now its infiltrating our borders.

America needs to wake up. We need politicians like Sarah Palin who are
intelligent , sensible and not easily fooled.


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