Some days, or weeks, it doesn’t pay to go out ~!!


Seems like summer is finally here. Time to stop hibernating and go out and do some things.I have been in most of the winter and spring, so began to venture out on little projects.

Well last week on Father’s Day,  I had a sign to paint at a church in Addison, I worked til late Sunday night.  When I headed home, Kyle & I  had picked up some groceries, but as my arms were aching from painting upright, Kyle put the groceries away for me. Then hearing a hiss from inside the fridge, called me into the kitchen and sure enough the freon was escaping and the fridge died.

I spent the next 2 days contacting every ad within 150  miles to locate another fridge before the food all went bad and by Tuesday night we had a new ‘used’ fridge – bigger and better than the one we lost. I had questioned every fridge owner about their fridge for sale and had one lined up that worked good but because it was over 20 years old, the lady only wanted $60. I wanted to get that one but my son didnt, as he said it was too old and my friend said he agreed. Well there was another friend that knew someone in Corning selling one for $350 [ indicating it had to be good, right?] but that they were willing to drop the price to $250 since we were in a bind. I never got to ask any questions about it other than it was big – at least 25 cubic feet, maybe 27~

We got there , paid and loaded the truck and headed home. The boys got some friends to take off the doors to get it into the house. Did I say, it is a big fridge? Well they get it in and put together and hooked up- nice and cold works great~! only thing I noticed from the labelling on back was that it was old – perhaps 20 years like the $60 one I had wanted to get…oh well as long as it works, right? .. afterall its now a done deal..

At least we were able to save most of our groceries and I transferred them into the new fridge.Most of the food was okay still. That which thawed too much,  we cooked and gave to the dogs, so losses were minimal.

Only catch with the new fridge, we found out is to not touch it, if your hands or feet are wet…you’ll get a good jolt as James found out first, several times already…no one believed him at first. 

We checked the ground, looked okay, but still  its a shocking experience, that both Kyle & I found out as well. James won’t touch it now without holding something rubber.  I think I can maybe get a wire to put onto a screw on the back and maybe attach it to a nail on the wall or something like that to ground  it. I will research a bit first to see how to go about it. I will try later this week…[with it unplugged of course]

So tonight I planned on going back to that church to finish up edging the sign.
I never should have left the house~ jus one of those days~ As evening approached, I decided to just go and get it done.

I got up & got ready and left to go finish the sign. I only had to trim off some letters, backwards on glass.  It should have taken 1-2 hours tops.

I stopped at Walmart, 4.5 miles away from home and on the way, got a paint pen and an ‘exacto knife’ to trim the edges of the letters I already painted..

The pastor had called earlier and  said it looked good as it was, but I am a bit of a perfectionist. I said I would go today and finish touching it up.

So I pull out of Walmart making a right hand turn my subaru stalled~ first time ever.

I coast it to straighten out on the side of the road but was still about 2.5 ft from the curb, so first I put on my hazards & then open the hood.. go back try a few times, cranked like it wanted to go, but a new strange ‘whine’ like metal on metal or a ‘thirsty gear’ somewhere… so I stop as to not overdo the starter…wait a few then try again….wait a few longer and try again….battery strong, starter okay, but this obnoxious whine and almost grind sound like a flywheel or something, so I stopped trying,  as it was obvious it wasnt going to get better by my wishful thinking…

Fun , I am 56  & fat!! No tarzans out there to help this Jane~!!…. so I start to put it in neutral gear and steer it to the side pushing towards the next driveway…another church lot….not the one I was heading for… but they had a lot so in I pushed the car. 

2 young guys stopped and helped push it the last 12 feet, but part of me wondered if they were pulling instead of pushing as it seemed heavier for some reason.[slightly uphill] I turned the wheel to diagonally parked and stopped. I tried to turn the motor again, to see if they could identify the strange sound, but it mystified them as well, so they let me borrow their cell phone to call home.

My son was home the whole time, but both my phones are in my room and unless he is using them, doesnt hear them ring. So I called his cell, but it was turned off.

The guys were on their way to work, in the opposite direction, so the one said he’d come back after dropping the other guy off and if I was still there, he would give me a ride home.

After they left, I tried to check it out further and noticed how narrow the path was coming into the driveway and that my car was still blocking it too much, so I put it in gear and began pushing and straightened it out.

I had to push it nearly 20 ft til it was lined up with the edge of the driveway lot, out of the way of the Sunday church goers, expected in the morning. I wrote a note stating it broke down & I had to push it there to get it off the road and would be back to get it .

I locked it up covered the things in my back deck and  began to walk. I am not a good walker. I lean on shopping carts when walking so this was going to be fun.[not]

I got about a block away already my back was aching and I was huffing, so I put out my thumb to hitch…cant be that hard right? …4 passing cars later, I started to make goals of the next set of lights in the distance and began my journey.

Now I knew if I could get to the end of my road, that someone would stop, as there are no street lights, but bear , deer & coyotees, so anyone seeing anyone walk, usually will stop and offer a ride,  but that was nearly 2 miles away.

I gave up on putting my thumb out, just no way anyone was going to pick up a fat lady after dark —- you know how dangerous they can be~!

So I prayed…. I asked God to send someone to give me a ride…. a few minutes later, a truck stopped and pulled up beside  me and it was one of my sons friends with  2 kids and another friends girl ,giving them a home, in the opposite direction and out at a time they usually arent out~!! Now that was an answer to prayer~!!!

He didnt have time to check out my car, which was about a whopping 1/2 mile away…after all my walking~!!! but said he would come to tow it if I get a tow dolly. I thanked him for the ride home, but said that I would call my car insurance as it covers towing…

Timing is everything…My mechanic & good friend, Jerry who also does my towing, just left yesterday for 10 day vacation in South Carolina…It was also his church, I was going to paint.I know if he was still home, he would have my car in the shop already.

Figures, now I will have to get someone else to tow it but wait til he gets back to get it fixed.

Well I haven’t driven my van in months, since my sons said something is grinding in that too.. Maybe I will just stay home the next 2 wks til my mechanic comes back…

My back is now aching.Not sure if it was from pushing the car as much as I think it was more from walking.  I am still a bit hot and a little cranky, but glad to be back home. Good thing it happened nearer to home than not. Since it died while driving, it could have happened on the highway or up in Addison! That would have compounded the problem. Better that it broke down nearer to home.

The phone just rang and one of those nice guys, who tried to help earlier, called me to see if I got home safely. My number was on his caller id from when he let me call home . He said had I not answered, he would have told my son what had happened. Very nice of him to follow up like that~!!

Well for now,I just took a few pills and cranked up the AC to try and cool down and let my heart relax after all the cardio it got tonight .  Great prelude to summer.. Glad it didnt happen on my way out west~ The more I think about it I think it may be my serpentine belt as I was going to get it changed. I will have to look in daylight to see for sure. I have a spare in back of my car. If that is all I should be able to get my son’s friend Richard to put it on.Otherwise I will have it towed to Jerry’s so it can be one of his first jobs when he gets back from SC.

Guess it just gives me another excuse to stay home. I do mostly anyhow, as I am always online 🙂




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