When someone says “Oh you are so annointed by God…”

Unfortunately,when someone confronts you after you have done something in the Spirit of God’s calling on your life and praises you with “Oh my God you’re so annointed”, it can be that very attitude in well meaning people, who think they are encouraging you, that actually are setting you up for a spiritual attack!

If God uses you specifically on occassions to minister any of His gifts, such as healing, people who misunderstand the way God uses you/us tend to want to label you/us as healers or prophets etc ,which while it is true that God has worked through some of us that such statements can begin a personal spiritual battle within, targetting us with a ‘spirit of religion’,or a ‘spirit of pride’, or ‘spirit of elitism’ and ‘others’ that can become the ‘fly in the ointment’ to our ministry over time.

Many men of God have at times been given gifts and used to do marvelous things only to later on become victims of hero worship and some feel inwardly isolated or that they begin to feel pressures to have to perform for others even when the annointing is not upon them.It can place a heavy yoke on them.

Although God does not repent of His gifts, He has mercy on whom He has mercy and there are times when a gift is used that is specific for a situation and yet some then misconstrue it and attempt to make a method or formula to cause the ‘gift’ to be operated on demand, which can and often leads to ‘showmanship’ and what can turn into a ‘sideshow act’.

I have seen men and women of God who when they first started out and gained some notoriety for specific gifts bestowed on them or miracles they have received, go on to later on present ‘stale manna’ in place of what God had done for them maybe decades earlier.

I have also on specific occasions been used by God to do some marvelous things to others on His behalf yet not something to be repeated on any grandscale levels.

Even men like Benny Hinn who said many years ago that if he could he would walk into hospitals and heal the sick, but he knew that God didnt always bestow action of the gift of healing simply at a man’s will or man’s desire.

He set out in growing worship services and during that worship it was asked that the Holy Spirit come upon them and sometimes did. Later his ministry grew and things changed.People came from all around expecting to be healed .Some were, some weren’t.

Betty Baxter was miraculously healed by Jesus as a child and had a great testimony of how Jesus visited her often only to later on when her ministry became more like a travelling side show where people expected a miracle every time she spoke, but again God doesnt work like that.

We are not to become like some Gehazzi’s, seeking reward from those who received the gift’s benefit such as healing as did Naaman the leper who willingly gave good to Gehazzi for what the prophet did. He receieved a curse in exchange for that blessing.For our actions here on earth as we obey the calling of the Holy Spirit, we are not to seek a share of the profit, which would become a stumbling block to many who start out to sincerely serve God.

People often want to give to someone they see as really operating in the gifts of the Spirit,and want to elevate such a person, holding them in high esteem, which often causes oppressive spirits to speak thoughts of self rigthteousness, elitism,grandiosity,false witness,pride,religion,self validation,defensiveness,evasiveness,spirit of doubt ,spirits of revelry,deceits,depression,despair,idolatry and so on that can actually separate us when others begin to say things like ‘you are so annointed’.

It is only in true humbleness before God and meakness before both God and man, balanced by being bold in the spirit before the Lord, like the apostle Paul, who was strong in the faith and not afraid to speak his mind~ yet he reminded whomever he was confronted with, that it was Jesus, His Holy Spirit that was at work through him and that he of himself was nothing without Christ.

Likewise we too must not set ourselves up through a sense of emabarrassment, when receiving such accolades, but with thanksgiving in our hearts, that the Lord chose to operate through us, to keep our own spiritual house swept clean and to be like Samuel the boy, sitting and waiting to hear from the Lord~ and to speak only what the Lord has given us to say.

“Speak Lord,your servant listens~!”

We can not put God into a box and pull Him out when others expect us to perform, nor when we seek a private interpretation for ourselves or someone else.

Paul had a thorn in his side,God’s grace was sufficient for him, as we all who serve the Lord also have that spiritual or physical thorn in our flesh, there to remind us of who we are and not attempt to use the gifts of God which were made manifest in us for our own personal gain.

Like Daniel operated in humility and his trust in the Lord, or Esther when she confronted the King, or even when Jesus was before Herod, who demanded him to perform ‘tricks’, we are His servants and are to perform as He did and then can do the things He did.

When He wants to speak through us, when we keep our vessels clean and our inward man is right before God, we can be prepared in our hearts to do His works purely and not as hirelings who are rewarded for such here on earth.

The Lord speaks through whomever He will, even the rocks would cry out, if He commanded or even speak through Baalam’s donkey, we need to teach others how God is ministering through us and how they too should prepare themselves to become vessels fit for honor before God and not just men.

Jesus said His burden was light and so it should be for us.

When someone tells me that I am so annointed, I can only reply that it isn’t me, but God choosing to work through me as being receptive and waiting on the Lord, not by anything I am or do, but by what He is, when He chooses to work through me.

The wind blows where it wills and you can hear the sound of it,so it is with everyone who walks in the Spirit of God and not walking in the spirits of their own self worth or pride or any other vanity that they do.


4 thoughts on “When someone says “Oh you are so annointed by God…”


    • I remember your name and dark hair comes to mind and I was there in Pine St, John, their daughter was little Audrey, a doll of a child! [I stood up to Bob when he beat her and he told me to mind my own business] I come from a family of 14 kids and I was one of the oldest and we never beat 2 year olds~

      When Pine St closed down at Bob’s command, we scattered into other fellowships. I spent a week or so in Upper Darby but one of my lambs owned a store in S.Phili & I worked there for him and his wife who was having a baby soon[at the time] so they offered me a studio apt behind the store in exchange for working as they couldnt afford a salary.

      I took the job and used it as a mini-fellowship with Terri Allen, my lamb who was underage but had permission to stay and to keep in contact with other Phili lambs.

      When the Camden Warehouse opened for Sat night meetings, I went there with Bob to look it over as he was talking about making it into living quarters and I for one was willing to work on it, but was not willing to live in it, since there were rats.

      I remember it being in need of alot of clean up and repairs .There was one room we used for Saturday night meetings to which I rounded up the lambs in Phili and we were picked up by van to go to the meetings.

      During one Sat night meeting Bob announced the new partyline that the younger ones shouldn’t trust the older ones and how the older ones were going to be shipped to the MTC ‘pit’ to be retrained as they were said to be too indulgent in the flesh! What hype it was!
      I began channelling my lambs into local evangelical churches as I was a church Christian for 2 yrs prior to joining the FF/Cobu

      Even though I was from NYC, I saw no benefit in living in a deprived state of mind and surroundings, so I for one was staying in Phili to help my boss & his wife { Manuel & Cruz] as I promised to help her til the baby was born by taking her hours at the store.I saw it as the next step in my own Christian walk and was already going to area churches on Sundays as when Rem was there he never opposed going to church.

      I had recently ended working at the Belleview Stratford Hotel and was receiving unemployment benefits at the time which covered my food and needs. Lucky again as Legionnaire’s Disease broke out a few weeks later!

      Then Bob closed Atlantic City and without warning sent Rick & Janet & their 2 daughters to my apt and told me that Bob wanted to see me in Camden in person…

      They took me there and I was then told that they were taking over my apt and that I was moving into the warehouse!~

      I refused and then Bob toldme that he had enough of me and that I was going to MTC in the morning and they refused to bring me back to my apt.

      When I originally joined the FF it was supposed to be temporary to help them after their fellowship on Staten Island burned down and I was getting married in May and so only planned on staying with them for a month or two and let them use my furniture til they replaced their own. My boyfriend got saved but then they broke us up and sent me to Delaware before going to Phili.

      I had a whole household of furniture which piece by piece was left along the way at different fellowships I had been moved to but all the furniture in that little apt was what I had left and personally owned so I told them NO~[that was considered rebellion and backsliding]

      I was stranded at the Camden fellowship as Rick & Janet went back to my apt leaving me with Bob to be shipped to the MTC in the morning~

      I agonized over the prospects and sat on the stoop of the Camden house trying to decide whether to stay or go.The emotional pull was strong to submit and go along with their control but I knew in my heart they were wrong and that I was being used!It took alot of guts before I had the nerve to consider walking away.I had no money and never went there by public transportation so wasnt sure how I would get back home.

      Finally I walked away and started walking towards Phili when 2 policemen picked me up for walking through a bad neighborhood late at night.

      They took me to the stationhouse and questioned me for about an hour about the Cobu but I was still in loyal mode . They wanted me to press kidnapping charges but I told them I was able to walk away and was not physically restrained by anyone so they had to let me go and brought me to a train that went to CC and I then found myself in CC walking back to my apt after 1am.

      I arrived at my apt at 2am and Rick wouldn’t open the door and told me to go away~! That was it… I called the police and told them that Rick didn’t belong in my apt and locked me out.

      The police questioned him and he lied saying it was his apt and that I didnt belong there and that his children were asleep. The police called my landlord who confirmed it was my apt and whereas I would have let Rick & Janet ‘stay’ with me I was not going to be put out by them.

      Rick then told the police that he had no where to go and that if the police let him stay in MY apt that in the morning Bob would straighten it out~

      He told the police that I was ‘backslidden and rebellious’.

      The police said they didnt care what my religion was, that as long as it was my apt that I could have him arrested for breaking in.

      The police asked me if I wanted to press charges.

      By then Janet and the children were awake. It hurt to have to say it but I didn’t trust Rick or Bob and wasn’t going to allow them to manipulate my boss either so I said I didnt want to press charges but they could go stay with Bob in Camden…they left.

      I wanted to talk to Stewart thinking he was unaware of what Bob was doing but the Big Meeting at 7/4 came and the van didn’t. They left me behind but did pick up some of my lambs uptown.

      I called Mike Romanoski & Jim Hurley to come get me and they were going to go to the Big Meeting and agreed to tell Stewart about Bob’s tyrannical behavior but we couldnt get the directions or address of the meeting so we spend the 4th of July in Phili.

      I was cut off, slandered and judged. Bob told everyone at the Big Meeting that I had backslid with Jim Hurley & Mike Romanoski!I was only friends with them at the time, but they too left the Cobu when Pine St closed. [I remained friends with them and later married Jim in 1986].

      I decided to return to NYC a few weeks later, back to my parents home and tried to return to some normalcy and visited the MTC several times trying to get a hold of Stewart, mistakeningly thinking he was trying to make things better when in fact he launched his planned agenda of creating a slave labor force to which exists til this day.

      I miss how the FF was before all those changes, when each fellowship was autonomous in that we were a fellowship, controlled our own money and where we worked , were allowed to keep our own possessions and buy our own things. We chipped in for bills and live communally until Stewart hit that 1000, dumped Shirley, seized power and the rest is history~

      Bob did me a favor. I was thus spared the bad times that followed after I left. Others werent so lucky.

      Still the Cobu had its effects on me for many years as it did to Jim and others. [Jim died on Jan 28th this year].


      http://xcobu4jesus.ning.com you are welcome to join our group~

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