Sargents FLEA DROPS almost killed my cat~ OTC Flea remedies are toxic & can be lethal & need to be banned~!

WE HOWEVER STILL HAD THE WHITE CAT & THIS YEAR [2011] SHE CONTRACTED FLEAS SO WE BOUGHT THE HARTZ ULTRA GUARD PLUS Collar at Walmart and it slowly killed her over the course of a month. I thought she was getting a urinary tract infection so was going to bring her to the Vet, but then by her behavior I remembered what happened to other people cats from drops & collars.

By the time we removed the collar and were going to bring her to the Vet she died.

So here we go:

It’s flea and tick season, again.

My dogs already got fleas and brought some into the house. 2 of my son’s cats also got out and caught some. Last but not least MY cat, who has never been outside, got some too~

My cat , who never goes out, caught the fleas despite her relatively new flea collar and was itching terribly to get them off and spreading them as she went from room to room.

I found her on top of my bed and saw 3-4 fleas hop off so I caught and killed them immediately.It was the 30th, so I had one more day to wait for my check so  to buy her another flea collar.

Last  month I picked up a single dose tube of Sargents Cat Flea drops at a discount store in Big Flats NY to try on my cats, but had just put flea collars on each of them, so didnt use the drops right away. 

I also have a 3 pack at home of Hartz for the dogs, but my son said he didnt want to use them as his vet had some sort of pill he wanted to get for his pups & dogs as we have 7 and I planned on treating them all at the same time.

Now we will never use any flea drops ever again. They are not safe! All the over the counter {OTC} remedies by Sargent, Hartz, Bansect &  smaller brands, use insecticides that poison the pet  while killing the fleas. Pets may become lathargic or irritable, vomit or shed fur or scratch causing sores or fur loss. While the majority of animals do not die from this slow poisoning, it shortens their lifespan, as it enters their sebaceous glands & actually causes them continual pain til the stuff wears off~

Vets have safer brands~ Advantage, Frontline, Advantix – The ones for cats is based differently than the ingredients for dogs. Dog Flea Drops are lethal for cats & also for sensitive dogs. Problem is you cant judge how sensitive the dog will be.  Last year a healthy Labrador Retriever had a flea bath with Sargents for dogs~ Over the next several days he lost his appetite and strength & though the  pet owner took him to the Vet, all they could do was watch the poor dog slowly die as the poison in the bath destroyed him from the inside out~

The Government doesnt set the regulations good enough to protect our pets. Sargents Customer Service told me they need the Vat #s of the bad drops since they ‘outsource’ them abroad and sometimes get a bad vat~!!! Some vats can be too strong and thus more lethal.

Sargents asked me to send in my Vet Bills as though they were going to reimburse me but all they did was weigh out their liability since I told them the tube was discarded at the Vet’s so I couldnt return the carton or tube.  I did let them know which store I got it from and also contacted the store to see if any more from that vat were there, but unfortunately they sold them all.

Many owners dont even associate their pets sudden illnesses with the application of these products since often the reactions slowly start and take days or even weeks til the animal dies. In my cat’s case however, the reaction was severe & life threatening withing 2 hours~

 They can and do kill pets~they aren’t just repellents, they are poison!

They enter the fur and go into the sebaceous glands of the animal and that is how they get rid of the fleas but they also affect the animal’s central nervous system! Any animal can have a reaction at any time too .

So even if you used it before and didnt notice any harm, doesnt mean it isnt having an accumulative effect on your pet and the very next dose used could be the lethal one~!

Meanwhile at the time I didn’t know how devastating Flea drops and other Flea products are . I was under the impression that the same medicine[which I now know is a poison] worked the same for cats and dogs as they get the same fleas.

I thought the medicine was only toxic to the bugs and not the pets! Many people are under the same assumption I was. It is almost kinder to shoot the pet than to put Sargents or Hartz onto them making them suffer~[not really shooting, but by example its quicker than letting these supposedly safe flea products on them that cause pain , suffering & even death in many animals]

I thought they were sold based on size of the animal, so that smaller doses were for cats and puppies and larger doses were for dogs. I thought when my cat reacted that I may have used the dog tube by mistake, but later my son checked all the tubes in the draw and the Hartz dog ones were unopened, so he told me that I did in fact use the cat drops…. Regardless, both are toxic to animals~!!

I believed that was the only difference was volume of drops to be applied, but even ones designated for larger dogs, can be quickly lethal to puppies and smaller breeds of  dogs.

I didnt know that some dog doses even have something different in them that the dog’s liver is supposed to be able to process but that the cat’s liver can not process.

So why sell toxic pet products?? 


 I later learned about this at the Vet’s when it was already too late!

So, on that night, I then had this single dose tube for the cats,  but since we have 3 cats,initially I was waiting to get more of the drops to treat them with at the same time, since their flea collars weren’t as effective as they should have been as they each were scratching with fleas~ I DIVIDED A SINGLE DOSE TUBE FOR 1 CAT AND PUT JUST 2 DROPS ON EACH OF OUR 3 CATS….SO if anything it should have been less effective, but never lethal~

 Two of my son’s  cats had recently gotten outside and so they too, were  bringing in fleas, even though they had on relatively new flea collars! That was why I was going to try  the flea drops.

My cat however was  never outside, but between the traffic of the puppies being taken out for ‘walks’ and the other two cats having gotten out, my little cat wasnt immune and her collar obviously wasnt working either.

She was scratching nonstop and over the last few weeks was  losing fur down on her back by her tail. Her coat had lost its luster.

I told my son that I was going to make an appt to get her  neutered this month so she too could start going out like the others.

I thought her sudden hair loss was from some displacement activity as she goes into ‘heat’ so often which was why I didnt let her out either as I didnt want her to get pregnant.

It didnt occur to me that the hair loss was from from the Bansect flea collar that  I put on her just  over a month ago and yet there were fleas on her anyway so what good was that collar doing? It was not keeping the fleas off and so I thought I had to try something else.

I then decided to divide the one tube I had,   up over the 3 cats and would just get more in the morning.  [so I thought]

The other 2 cats each got a few drops each as they were the ones going out the most.

Then I squeezed the last 2 drops of the open flea drop tube medication  and  put them on my cat’s neck, thinking it couldn’t hurt using so little and hoping it would  bring her some relief, if even  for just the night. 

2-3 hours later she was writhing in pain seizing and convulsing, foaming at the mouth!

I went to pick her up, she bolted and ran into
things crashing her body all over the house and ran into the

My son  caught her and  placed her into a cage , while I  began calling vets in our area.

Our regular vet was out of town and it was night.

Another Vet called back and arranged for his Vet tech to meet us at his office and she began the treatment to try to and save my poor little cat.

 She cut off the Bansect  flea collar and said she was going to give her a bath in Dawn Dishwashing detergent, to remove any residue of the flea drops. I  gave her the empty Sargents Cat Flea Drops tube, in case she needed it for determining what antidote to give or to call their company. I didnt know I should have kept the tube for proof of what it did to  my cat~!!

 She said the standard proceedure was  to put an IV  for fluids in her [to prevent dehydration] and give her  a variety of meds to stop the seizures [ methocarbomal & valium & 1 other med]  and whatever else the Vet may determine as necessary and would call us the next day.

We left and went home worried as she looked like she was going to die.

She remained in the animal hospital 2 days on the  IV for 1 day and then observation & then allowed to come home to recover.

We are lucky since many pets die  from over the counter flea remedies, since the government doesnt properly regulate them.

Many owners don’t even know that these flea products can do what happened to her. My son said she looked like she had rabies with all the convulsing and foaming at the mouth~

 The Vet  bill however was $485 payable immediately with no payment plan available! I live on disability but it was the beginning of the month, so I hadnt yet paid my bills and diverted the money to paying the Vet.

We were very grateful that they saved her ,but unprepared for such a large bill, which forced  me to stay home all summer as I couldnt re-register my car til August as I had to catch up on my own rent & household bills first.

These poisons used in pet care products should be illegal.Anyone who has had a similar experience should blog about it, write to their Congressman & Senators as well as their State Representative’s offices ~! The more people who report these  reactions will eventually force the government to look into it and ban the cheap  toxic ingredients that the manufacturers are still ‘legally’ allowed to use. Sargents claimed that only 1 in a 1000 animals have the reaction, but there is no way to prove that since many owners are unaware that it is the flea products making their animals sick~!!

Since they are sold over the counter everywhere, Hartz and Sargents & Bansect are well  known brands,  many  people assume them to be safe but they aren’t~They are all toxic~!!

They use pesticide based poisons in  their ingredients because it is cheaper to make and they make a great profit on them, but they could use safer ingredients that will work, but corporate greed prevents them.

Sargents Customer Service Representative said to me on the phone ‘only’ 1:10,000 die, but after reading so many horror stories of adverse reactions in pets and the lengths and expense owners have to go through to save their pets, I bet the fatality rate is much higher. Other victims agree.

I  joined HartzVictims Org and am now  joining with other organizations in making other pet owners aware of the dangers of flea drops on cats.

No cat or dog should have to suffer this way!

Its hard to believe that only using 2 drops  was so devastating to my cat!

 Worse now is all the stories I am reading online of other pets dying terrible deaths from owners not only using  flea drops, but flea shampoos and even flea collars cause illness , allergic reactions and death.

 I will not put another  Flea Collar  on any of my pets  ever again as sure enough the spot near her tail is already starting to grow new fur and her coat is softer again- that fast! – only a few days~!

So the flea collar was causing her fur to fall out since she was a kitten, but it didnt seem like the collars fault to me since the fur came out at the base of her tail  and not around the collar area, because the poisons used in them enter the sebaceous glands just like the flea drops do and can cause hair loss anywhere on the pet’s body.

Since she didnt lose fur around her neck I didnt associate the fur loss to the flea collar.

The Vet recommendes Advantix Flea Drops and so treated her before she was discharged from the hospital. Vet offices sell the safest products, Frontline, Advantage  & Advantix and can tell you which one is right for your pet~ It will cost a few dollars more, but save your pet alot of misery  & maybe save their life. It will also save you a fortune on Vet bills should your pet have a violent reaction.

She said Advantix and Frontline are the only ones they feel are ‘ safe enough’  for animals and that none of the over the counter Hartz or Sargents products are safe! She said that  most Vets already know this and do tell their patients but many people assume that all pet products sold are safe, when in fact they are not.

Why then are they still allowed to sell them and use the ingredients that prove time and time again to be so dangerous to pets? Not enough complaints have been filed with our politicians to cause them to do anything about it~!!  WE all need to let them know that this is not acceptable  & these products need to have their toxins removed from their products and be replaced with the safer ones.

Ave Hurley

Accidental Cat Poisoning story:


29 thoughts on “Sargents FLEA DROPS almost killed my cat~ OTC Flea remedies are toxic & can be lethal & need to be banned~!

  1. Hi Ave,

    Surely your vet would not recommend Advantix for a cat. It is a dog only flea treatment containing pyrethrin which cannot be metablolised by cats and so is extremely dangerous for them. Maybe they meant Advantage as both Advantage and Frontline are available for cats and do have excellent safety records.

    • Yeah , you are right~ They told me over the phone and I misunderstood. They put it on her before she came home.Still she was allergic to that as well as her hair has been falling out unilaterally and she looks pathetic . They said the drops should be wearing off by now and I guess they are because I found a few fleas on her the other day! They are easy to find though since her fur got so thin, poor thing. She is a bit embarrassing to show anyone, with so much fur having fallen out she looks like she’s on chemo or something. She looks so skinny! But she is eating well and is very active again. I just wish there was a way to be rid of fleas altogether but living where I do , on a farm, it is impossible as my son’s dogs go in and out of the house and they bring more back in.
      I wont use flea drops again, but the flea collars we got in Walmart seem to be useless too.
      i have a bottle of Sargents flea shampoo from last year and read the label and the crap has that pyrethins in it too~! Also we have a bottle of cat flea spray from Walmart, also Sargents I think- maybe Hartz – but that too has pyrethins so I wont use those either now.. I saw that video of the lab that died from shampoo and I am not taking any more chances with my cat. We just have to wait the flea season out and keep picking the fleas off as we find them…
      The Advantage is the one the Vet used , but with all her fur falling out I dare not use it again.

  2. Oh wow that sounded awful, poor kitty.. I never trust over the counter flea meds,I’ve never tried using them or will I ever.. I’ve been using advantage for many yrs , its the only brand i trust. My cats are happy, living scratch free 🙂 makes me happy..

  3. Hi. My cat is severely allergic to advantage. Do you think it would be ok to use the Sergeants flea shampoo on him? (My situation is kinda the opposite of yours.) Thanx for reading.

  4. NO!!!!! Dont use it ~!!!! If you cat is severely allergic to advantage, Sergeants will probably killl him~~~~!!!!!!!

    It is safe to boil lemons and mix into a little water and use a spray bottle, to put it onto your cat~ Then rub it against the grain of his fur. It emits a citronella repellent to the fleas without poisoning the cat~

    At least if the cat licks it, it wont harm him..

    Sergeants flea bath has a derivitive from the pyrethrins. I have Sergeants Flea Spray but wont use it anymore either as it places small toxic amounts into your pet. Some withstand it while others react swiftly.

    It all needs to be banned.. !
    A guy bathed his dog, a big dog, hosed him off well, but still the poor dog got sick the next day and died several days later.You can read other accounts on HartzVictims Org.

    The problem is many animals die and the owners dont realize it is from the toxic build up in the pet’s body from using this stuff. Some animals survive several doses and suddenly drop dead while others die right away.
    Cats in particular will often crawl off and sleep when they may be in alot of pain and sick and show no outward signs.

    The flea poison causes excruciating pain to your pet!

    It isnt worth it!

    Sally’s Beauty Supply sells a non toxic gel with a lice comb, safe for using on children~ Its non toxic and you put it on and let it catch the buggers and then comb them out and flush them down your toilet~

    Once you are done combing them out, use a mild dish soap – Dawn is recommended and safe – and wash your pet off thoroughly, because even when stuff is non toxic – IF you pet is allergic – it can still harm them~!

  5. I put this product on both of my cats. The day after the application, neither one was acting like themselves. The 2nd day I noticed they wasn’t eating as much. The 3rd day, they wouldn’t eat or drink and was very slow moving and would no longer jump up in my lap. I thought maybe they ate a bad mouse or just wasn’t feeling well or something. On the 5th day after the application, one cat would not even stand up. I took them both to the vet. There wasn’t much she could do. Gave them a shot to take down the fever, and told me to wash them in Dawn dish soap. I did, however one cat died last night. He was having seizures. It horrified my children. My other cat is still not doing too well. He won’t eat and will only drink very little water. He can barely walk. This is so horrible. I feel so guilty because I’m the one who bought this product and applied it to my cats. Please, please, please take this product off the market. I don’t want any other families to have to go thru what we’re going thru now.

    Sergeant’s Silver® Squeeze-On for Cats & Kittens more than 5 lbs.

    Sergeant’s Silver® Squeeze-On for Cats 5lbs and over offers three way protection against fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. This revolutionary formulation quickly kills fleas and ticks, yet continues to be effective for up to one month for long lasting control. Also, repels mosquitoes including the mosquito that carries West Nile virus.

    Etofenprox, the primary active ingredient in Sergeant’s Silver Squeeze-On for Cats has a very low toxicity profile providing an effective yet gentle squeeze-on alternative.

    Sergeant’s Silver Squeeze-On for Cats and Kittens is labeled for cats and kittens 12 weeks of age and older.

    • I am so sorry your cat died. Has the other recovered or has that poor cat also perished? I do understand the guilt, as I was the one who also bought the drops placed on my cat.
      The products with permathin derivatives need to be banned and these companies, Sargents, Hartz,Bansect & others, need to be regulated better to force them to stop using the cheap pesiticides in these products. Sure they kill the fleas, but also kill the pets… Some pets tolerate it seemingly better, but they too are poisoned continuously with usage and their lifespans are certainly being shortened by them.
      Using boiled lemons in spray bottles rubbed in against the grain of the fur really does repel the fleas without poisoning the pet~!

  6. I also used Sargeants on my dogs… My dog hated it. She kept trying to rub it off all night and did not sleep. I thought it was just that she disliked having the oils on her back, but when she kept bothering me all night long, I realized that the Sargeant drops were irritating her. I immediately washed her. That brand needs to be investigated!

    • It needs to be banned~ Its a neurotoxin that enters their sebaceous glands and remains active 6-8 weeks. While it kills the fleas, its slowly killing the animal as well.
      Its a cheap ingredient with a big profit margin. While there are safer ingredients to use, they choose not to as the government regulations are lax and need to be changed. I placed complaints with my Congressman and Senator as well as my State Reps offices. More people need to complain to get this issue resolved. I am glad you had the foresight to wash it off your dog before it was too late~
      Poor animals~!! We try to help them with items we assumed to be safe as they are for sale over t he counter and while they may be cheaper than a vet would sell, they still are rather expensive especially if you have more than 1 pet. We currently have 7 dogs and 7 puppies & 2 cats, so keeping them flea free is not easy but I wont use those pesticide flea products every again.
      Boiling lemons, to get the citronella oils out and placing in a spray bottle, then rubbed against the grain of the fur, helps cause the fleas to stay off the pet, just like it keeps mosquitos off people. Since the pets lick themselves, it is safe and wont harm them. Just be sure not to get any in their eyes as citrus based liquids can sting, just like they would with us.
      This year the fleas arent as bad as last year, thank God~ I guess its cyclical maybe, but last year we were all getting torn up by fleas. What my poor cat went through was horrible. She was so tiny and thin, fur falling out~ it took months for her to regain her strength and weight.
      She is now nearly twice the weight she was when poisoned by the Sargents products. Hartz & Bansect are just as bad~! So beware them all. The Vet has a product that is safer & you dont need appts to get them but can stop by any vet office and they will sell them to you. Their flea products costs nearly 2x as much, but the ingredients are safer for the animals and I would rather spend $18-20 for the right meds than $485 on after care from being poisoned by Sargents again~
      Sargents CS told me by phone that they want the stats & vat #’s of any of their products that cause reactions, because by their own admission, they outsource the making of it to other countries & sometimes the batches are stronger than they were intended which makes them more irritating [lethal] to the pet~
      I had given the vial to the Vet office which they discarded so I didnt have that to send in with the claim, even though I already told Sargents on the phone I didnt have it but they said to send in the Vet bills anyway, eluding that they may refund the costs but then all I got 2 months later was a note saying sorry it happened but with the docs I submitted they didnt feel culpable~!!What baloney~!! All t hey wanted my vet bills for was to see it was from poisoning and wanted to weigh out their liability in the matter.
      I wish enough people would join together to start a class action suit against them and all over the counter pet med co’s that use permathin based flea remedies~!!

      Have a good week, I am glad your pet is recovering :)Ave

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  8. I just got back from emergency vet care in Dayton, OH. My 3 yr old cat almost died from Sergeants flea drops. I put half of a vial on him around 10:00 this morning and a half hour later he was gagging. So I washed off the drops and then about 3:00 in the afternoon I couldn’t find him. I had to climb under the bed to get him out. He was shaking and his teeth were locked shut. I couldn’t get him to eat or drink. I took him to the vet and they still have him. It costs me over 300.00.
    They bathed him and have him on IV fluids and he had some kind of injection. My heart is broken. He has never been away from me. His Mama abandoned him and so I had to bottle feed him. He thinks I am his Mama……I am his Mama.
    Please don’t EVER buy over the counter drops again.

    • I am so sorry you have had to go through this too~!! If you have the carton & tube it came with, you can contact Sargents Customer Service and then they will request your vet bill. Depending on whether they think they can get away with it or not, they may pay you vet bill. They pretended they were going to pay mine, but then because I was initially confused assuming I may have used dog flea drops, they wouldnt pay my bill. It wasnt until after I said I assumed I had used dog flea drops when my son went into the drawer where they were kept and showed me that I had not used the dog ones, but actually did use the cat ones and its just that they are that lethal~!!
      I have poor up close vision and after my cat had that same horrible reaction your cat had, I just assumed I used the wrong one. I had brought the tube to the Vet thinking they needed it for poison control or something, but they threw it out. Later when Sargents asked me for the tube I couldnt provide it so I lost my proof and they wouldnt cover my Vet bill.
      Now I tell everyone who goes through this horrible ordeal to place a claim, be firm with them, document everything and even get a note from your vet stating it was from Sargents~ I had to use an emergency Vet as my regular vet was out of town. That vet only gave me a bill for treatment without any letter of cause. My vet bill was $485 and my cat like yours was hand fed by me since she was 3 wks old. It took several months for her to recover. I am glad she has and have been careful with her ever since.
      Sargents, Hartz, Bansect and any other flea product containing those toxic ingredients needs to be banned. Current regulations have it that they arent breaking law~ so law needs to be changed~!!
      Write a letter to your Congressman & Senator. The more people who report these problems with these toxic products, we may eventually be able to get legislation to end this poisoning due to corporate greed.
      Sargents & the others rather pay an occasional vet bill that make their product safe~ its all about corporate greed~!
      The only way to stop them is to change the regulatory laws concerning them and it will take every victims’s voice to catch the attention of the legislators~

      I hope you cat has a speedy recovery~ You did the right thing bringing him into the Vet~ He needs the IV fluids and muscle relaxants and valium to ease his pain. It is excruciating pain for the poor pets~ that is why they seize and spaz out. It is criminal that Sargents & the others are willing to cause these problems in our pets~!!

  9. i recently used hartz ultra guard on my cats and one of them was okay but the other cat started loosing fur right away!!! they need to ban this crap!!!!!! now my cat is loosing fur in multiple spots. my wife is freakin out and wants to do the same thing to the people who did this to our pets. i will NEVER use this garbage again. and i will let every one i know about these products. DON’T USE.

    • I should have known better too…We have a white cat named Fluffy that had so many fleas she was rippingher own hair out by the roots. We gave her baths but she had so many still, I decided to try another flea collar – the Hartz Ultraguard Plus. Initially the bites around her face started to clear up and the spots where she had pulled out fur, seemed like they were growing back. Suddenly last week she acted ‘wierd’ hiding and sleeping, meowing alot when awake. Then she began staggering. it was a Sat night so we began looking for a Vet Sun morning but the closest one opened was over 2 1/2 hours away and she went downhill so fast, we didnt think she would last the trip, so we opted to try and make her comfortable. I did wash her off and removed the collar. I even went and bought her some wet canned gourmet cat food. We said we were going to bring her to the Vet in the next town the first thing Mon morning.. We kept her in the bathroom on a pillow but she died before we could get her to a vet…
      All these flea products are just sooo dangerous… The mfgrs prey on us and our vulnerabilities in wanting to get the dang fleas off our pets.
      Fluffy was 4 yrs old and it is hard to believe she died so fast.

  10. Hartz is owned by globalist, and they don’t care about your cat or your dog, all they care about is making money at any costs. They will never be shut down, they kill animals because they know we need product and their product hasn’t been tested, its pure pesticides. They know what is in their product. No one will come against this company because it is a billion dollar company which owns many other companies, including meow mix. They pay off FDA and its why for a century now cats and dogs are dying and suffering dispite all the letters , complaints, etx….they do not care about you or your animal, they only want your money

    • My grey cat now lives at my daughters,. fully recovered and not near any animals that can reinfect her with fleas as she has always been an indoor cat. I am back at my sons’ house and the other cat, the white one got fleas bad early last summer. i had given her several baths but the more I got off her the more she seemed to have. I would never buy the drops again after what happened to my grey cat a few years ago but this cat needed something so I bought the Hartz Ultra Guard Plua collar. She initially seemed like she was getting some spunk back, running around the house and keeping busy but next thing I know she was hiding and crawling off to corners, sleeping all the t ime. That lasts Sunday she wouldnt even walk,. so I removed the collar and bathed her again, but she was so docile and limp and just wanted to lay down. We caklled Vets and none were open within 100 miles so we decided to heep her warm and cuddled and bring her to the Vet that opened in the morning.

      It was too late, she died early next morning. …so the damn collar slowly killed my son’s cat~!!! Plus insult to injury she was still loaded with fleas so the damn collar didnt even get rid of the fleas like it was supposed to ~\

  11. I just noticed tonight around midnight that my cat Isis was having trouble walking. A few days ago my girlfriend had put one tube of Sergeant’s Gold flea drops on the cat’s neck. Isis has been acting fine until we noticed she had wounds on either side of her tail, at the base. I had assumed these wounds had come from the neighbor’s cat because it had just given birth to a litter a few weeks ago and thought it was a territory thing. So i stopped feeding her outside so the other cats wouldn’t eat her food. For the past few days Isis has been elusive and usually has come home at night to eat.

    I believe, after reading various sites, Sergeant’s Gold flea drops have posioned Isis, who is just over a year old, has been spade. We bathed our cat tonight to hopefully remove the residue of the flea drops. All we can do now is wait and see what happens. It doesn’t seem like taking Isis to the vet would do any good. If she survises this posioning, we are only going to use organic alternatives to flea medicine. Eventhough it may take more effort to maintain a healthy cat, i believe slowly posioning our animal will be the wrong thing to do. Hopefully regulations will change and things regarding both human and animal medicines will become more transparent in the future.

    • I got Great Value Applesauce with cricket legs in it.I also got tube 5 lbs opf hamburger that ‘hissed’when I opened it and smelled like a dead body.I had just bought that at the same time I bought the bad sausage~! Unfortunately I ate some of the sausage, first bite tasted ‘off’ but I thought perhaps the spices…Second bit from a different sausage gagged me..I had swallowed it as I was always taught never to waste food, having come from a large family. Then I drained the sausage and they looked like chia pets!! All worms poking out that were trying to escape when I was parboiling them. I mean there were literally hundreds of different sized whitish grey worms~!! I immediately put my finger down my throat and tried to vomit out the pieces I had eaten, getting only part of one out.I bagged it in case the doctor was top check what kind of worms they were.
      I couldnt eat any sausage again for nearly a year, but now inspect them very carefully for any white stringy things under the casings. I will never buy sausage from Walmart again~!
      I suppose I should contact a lawyer. Their insurance people called me several times and tried to get the piece of sausage I froze that I had puked out. I had brought the bulk of the sausage and the bad hamburger back that same night. They did give me a gift cert card for $20 in my refund.I didnt buy any more meat however as I went right over to where I had bought the sausage and saw others had those stringy things under their casings. The Walmart people took all the other ones dated like mine, off the shelf. Might have happened during transit that if temps rise the eggs hatch fast and start growing into worms fast.They can also go dormant til room temp and they will try to escape when being heated.
      It still grosses me out~!!

  12. My roommate used the Seargents Flea Drops for cats on our 3 cats. About an hour later, one of the cats started flipping, flopping and running spastic around the house. I immediately looked up online “allergic reactions to flea drops” it stated to bathe the cat in dawn dishwashing soap to remove the oils. My daughter did this, and of course the bath stressed the cat out even more. I figured they may be ok after that, so we went to work. My daughter called me about an hour later crying, telling me that Marley…one of the other cats….was having a seizure, foaming at the mouth, and shaking. I told her to also bathe the cats like she did with Ziggy…the previous cat that had got the drops put on him first. The cat that got the drops last…..”Bisquit” seemed to be walking around scrunched down and just seemed to be exhausted. I asked her to give each of them a little bit of benedryl, because it was what I had used for allergies with my own kids and a vet once told my roommate to give her cat a small dose of it for the itching from fleas. The next day, Marley and Biscuit seemed to be calmed down, but Ziggy was still flopping around, being spastic and would not eat or drink anything. So I called the vet, explained everything and she told me to bring the cat in at 5:20 that evening. Long story short….they kept Ziggy overnight, going to do an IV so he wouldn’t get dehydrated, as well as like “Dialysis” treatment… put him into a “coma” like state, filter his blood and remove the toxins from the flea drops that my roommate had put on him the previous day. So far the vet bill is 261.00 and that is only if no other treatment is going to have to be made when I talk to them this morning. The other two cats are still walking around differently, not foaming out the mouth though, but still twitching. I am going to ask the vet if there is a pill that I could give them. She mentioned something about oral medication….but since Ziggy was not eating or drinking then the pill would not help. Going to keep my fingers crossed as I know it will be much cheaper then to put all 3 of them in the hospital. YES!!! ABSOLUTELY!!!! these products need to be BANNED from being sold over the counter. I am really hoping that enough people tell their stories about this tragic medication from Seargents.

    • Sorry for what happened to your cats and good you gave the benedryl~! The only pills I got from the Vet to use was methocarbamol which was actually the same med i am on for muscle spasms and while I did pay the vet of course for his pills he told me I could ‘in the future’ use the others if cut in half to lower the dose to 250 mg but with my meds that wouldnt have worked since mine were 750mg and there was no way I could have safely matched t he dose to be safe for my cat – so still vets know best when a pets life is at stake. The repeated Dawn baths do help get the poison out of their systems. The more frequent the baths the faster the pet will recover.The bathing process however, especially on a sick cat is also stressful for them so being sure to continue the benedryl til they are well is important as well.
      My cat was sickly for 3 months after the incident and it took nearly a year for her to regain a shiny healthy fur coat as her’s was shedding and had developed bald spots and spots from stress licking that apparently itched her still, even though they were not the spots where the flea drops were administered to . That med/poison absorbs through the skin and travels along the lymph node system and into the rest of the fur head to tail so its no wonder some spots become itchier than others.

  13. My husband put Sargents flea drops on out 8 year old cat. It was heart breaking. May Caspin rest and play in peace.

    • So sorry about your cat~ With all the things going on in the world, the govty still hasnt stopped these companies from selling their poison and when I spoke with Sergeants a few years ago they came off like it only happens once in a while, so its like they are willing to gamble with our pets lives since there is little we can do about it but be sure to report it anywhere you can, your state rep, the FDA and other sites listed.
      did your cat survive? If its ongoing now, be sure to use DAWN dish detergent and scrub the cat good making sure it gets on the skin and then rince well. Repeat daily til cat starts to feel better. My cat was given methocarbomal , valium and an IV with some pain meds too.The poison absorbs throuhg their skin and eminates into the fur which is how the fleas die, but so many cats get it into their lymph glands and it is horrible the pain they feel, some dig at themselves and their fur falls out. It took 3 months for my cat to recover. She now live at my daughter’s house as she has no dogs so I dont have to worry about her getting fleas again BUT I miss her.:)

  14. I have friend a cat the I adored edwina she was so beautiful and sweet and 2 more have been effected. ..edwina and tinkerbell are dead with a two days apart another is fighting for his life at a high price and she’s on fixed income so you can imagine her fears of running of the means to save his life

    So she’s been calling EVERYWHERE for action to spreade awareness. ..I’m going to help ..please someone guide me…where , and to whom to contact …this needs more attention
    My fb page is Jahida Diaz or email me
    I need some unity and power of the ppl to fight their kind of $

    • Hello Elaine~! So sorry to hear what has happened to your friend’s pets. My cat did survive but the cost was crippling to me being on a fixed income it took the rest of that year to catch up on my other bills. of course her life was worth it but was an unexpected burden as those companies are typically trusted by those who buy their products. They are just another example of the ongoing corruption in out governmental system at present with guidelines either too non specific or someone turning their head the other way. Some animal rights people actually blame those who use the products , having a disdain for those who take what they consider to be a cheap way out by buying over the counter products for their pets. What they fail to realize that even to spend $7-10 f0r an over the counter remedy is often a sacrifice on the owners parts since many with pets are on fixed or low incomes so for them to make the sacrifice to buy the over the counter remedies is the best they can do and then when something like this happens they receive criticisms rather than condolences or help. I put the posts out to try and gather people together to want to lobby against the companies that sell these products, even writing to State Reps and Concressmen with less than favorable results. Seems big money gets a voice but those of us lacking big money or clout are ignored. These companies will send a ‘sorry note’ at best and as with the one I dealt with, since I had already lost the packaging [proof] they took an incident report, later doctored it to cover their own liability in the matter and did nothing more than evaluate the probability of me being able to sue them and win. They only pay off vet bills on those who have saved all the evidence and then get their vet to document the incidents as to point to their liabilities and occasionally pay off someone’s vet bill. In my case I gave the vial with the #’s on it to my vet who discarded it before I knew I needed it to submit to the company.

      Also when I made my first post only hours after the cat was at the vet, I assumed I must have used the puppy drops instead of the cat drops since the reaction was so violent.I thought I had to have done it wrong. I had several vials out of a wrapper in the drawer I was saving the flea meds in and some were for cats and the others for dogs. it wasnt til the next day that my son did a count and then shpwed me that I had used the cat med on the cat. Oddly however, each of my 3 cats had flea collars on and I had only split one vial over the three of them so my cat hadnt even received the total dose before reacting!! How much worse it would have been had I gven her all of it. The 2nd cat was okay but the 3rd cat did develop a raw bald spot from the meds, but otherwise was also okay and lived another 2 yrs.

      I spent more than 1/2 my posts having to defend against critics who only read the first post and the one on Heart Mountain’s site trying to tell them I hadnt actually used the dog drops at all – but some peple like to criticize no matter what. At least my cat is now happy and healthy. To avoid any more issues with fleas, since my sons dogs do pick them up when they are out, I now keep my cat at my daughter’s house since I had the cat neutered and visit between both houses. The cat, Napoleanne is doing great and is now going to be 7 years old on the 4th of July, living a life of cat luxury 🙂

      The same process [FDA] which does the approval of these poisons as remedies are the same people who quality control over children’s vaccines that are manufactured abroad!! This kind of crap happens to children too!! Studies are being done with some results indicating vaccines being at the root of conditions such as autism and more. For this reason my daughters will not have their children immunized~! The problem is widespread and comprehensive.

      If you can think of any more ways to battle this , be sure to post here so those who follow this thread can join in support with you~!

  15. My two cats acting similiar to first response can I use palmolive dish detergent to get that mess off my cats and 1 dog ? I don’t have dawn

    • You must get Dawn~!

      It will cost a few bucks but it is the only detergent recommended by animal care providers It was used to clean opil slicks off wildlife~ It has specific anti grease properties that can break down the components that hold the poisons that are absorbing through your cats skin.

      I understand wanting to use a handy mild detergent but it wont help remove the toxins from the pets skim!
      While any shampooing is better than no shampooing – you have to realize that these concenrated toxins are and hve been absorbed through your pets fur and skin and are soaking down to nerve endings and their lymph system where it begins to degrade the pets health- rapidly in many cases and slowly in others.

      When I rushed my cat to the Vet for an emergency vist – the first thing they did was lather my cat up withg Dawn!
      She was washed over with it several times and rinsed between each application.

      Just as Dawm can dry your skin out, as for me I cant use it for dishes as it dries my hands out terribly and I have had dry chaff skin as a result when trying it for dishes in the past. I also use Palmolive for dishes so understand it being handy.

      Whatever that property is however is exactly what your pet needs to pull out the poison and it will need to be repeated several times over the next several weeks~ Environmentalists use it on all sorts of wildlife after oil spills~!

      My cat spent the next day at the Vet and was bathed 2-3 times during her stay. She was also given Methocarbamol [Robaxin] 1/2 human pill equivilent 23x a day for a week.The vet also gave her Valium[ sameaswith humans just a vet dose level]The MethocarbMOL helped reduce her muscles sever contractions. The Valium helped her damaged nerves~!

      The poison is very painful neurotoxin that absorbs under the skin and works its way down into the lymph nodes and then travels all over to pet’s body and for those who are ultra sensitive to it and they react by runnng frantically into things as though trying to get out of their own skin! Some animals degrade so fast they just want to crawl off into a corner, hide and then many die.

      Its very important to use the Dawn to get it to draw the poison upto the surface away from the glands it goes into.

      It cost me over $500 to have my poor cat treated and I was already on disability so eing it happened at the beginning of the month before I paid my rent ~ my landlord had to wait and it left me broke the entire summer BUT my cat survived~!!and she has since fully recovered and I keep her t my daughter’s home where there are no other pets. She doesnt go out at all so has not needed any further flea potions.

      I wish I had known about the Dawn before administering the drops to my cat .I also wish I had known just how dangerous those drops were and how you can never assume just becuasethey are for sale that they are safe. Yhery need to be banned and taken off the market but here it is 4 -5 yrs later and is still for sale and 1000s of pets are still dying every year!

      For my son’s dogs I found an online vet that now supplies safer remedies that I can buy wholesale from him asd he gives me specific instructions on how to administer meds properly.My sons dogs are now flea free as well and also free of worms and other things common to pets.

      Please get a small bottle of Dawn and use it just for your cat and use the Palmolive for your dishes!

  16. About a few days ago I put the Sergeant death squads flea drops on my precious little kitty that a purchased at a Dollar General your run of the mill murican budget stores that sell cheap Chinese goods wait a minute..thats all this country sells. Although he did not receive some of the horrid effects that some of you on here said for your cats (balding, seizures, foaming of the mouth) He wasn’t acting like the cat I knew. He would just lay around all the time and act lethargic. He did not act that way till the drops where administered. So I worried and looked up Sergeant death squad and found it to be the culprit. I washed the back of his neck with Dawn dish detergent and a little after that he’s came around thank you God. I’m just hoping it did not have any adverse effects on him or shortened his life but he is back to the cat I know. Of course nothing will be done about corporations like this and of course our prostitute “representatives” (government) do not care. Money is their God and working for * interests that pay them handsomely to destroy innocent lives and profit. Look at what even us humans consume that the government passes off as okay. Gmo’s, tap water that hardens kidneys and causes arthritis and a whole bunch of other ailments.

    • Good that you got the Dawn and washed it from your cat however its a neurotoxin and some is absorbed into their lymph system
      so its recommended to do several washings the first week to catch it leaching out and removing it to prevent reabsorption as cats lick themselves.
      Most likely your cat will be ok as it already was washed and is returning to normal but its sad how this stuff causes such reactions in pets we are trying to help.Anything with neuro applications can cause pain and how can we know how much pain our pets are in or pain they develop chronically as a result.
      My cat is now almost 7 years old and living at my daughter’s still and doing well but gets ‘touchy’ so not sure if thats because of pain or not and she has become less tolerant of other cats as my daughter has tried to provide a companion and each time other cats have been brought in she has had reactions like tremors and vomitng but whether or not is borne out of her bad reaction to what she went through, we will never know except to say that prior to that we had 2 other cats that she got along with well.
      One also had this med and was demonstrating reaction for a few years and died with a flea infestation later as she was an outside cat hard to keep indoors and though I bathed her when she had the fleas, there were too many. She was a bag of bones so trapped her into the bathroom provided plenty of food and water and yet that other poor car just faded til she died. The one that was treated at the vet however that started this whole tore is doing well.
      I hope yours continues to do well.

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