The way “Some” things are….

The way some are:

Some make mistakes in life and some pay for them, now or later.

Some have been lucky and gotten away with alot of wrong doing.

Some have willfully hurt one another and shrugged off their responsibilities.

Some think they can do as they please without regard to how it effects others.

Some think more highly of themselves by butting

into things they shouldnt or passing judgements they have no right to make.

Some should take an honest look in the mirror and shut their mouths.

Some should speak up.

Some fail to realize that their lives may be blessed more than some and gain

without merit.

Some forget their own faults, because they are ‘too busy ‘looking at some others.

Some live corrupt and like it.

Some just live.

Some go to church ,but don’t obey God.

Some don’t go to church ,but do obey God.

Some think they are better than others.

Some think wrong.

Some think they arent better than others.

Some think right.

Some think they know it all.

Some know they don’t.

Some cheat. Some are cheated. Some don’t.

Some live in darkness.

Some cast stones but aren’t without sin.

Some are warped ,

but hide behind considered success.

Some fail to appreciate

the important things in life.

Some think they are right.

Some know they aren’t.

Some are narrow minded, bigotted and racist.

Some are fools. Some aren’t.

Some pretend to have it all together but inwardly are bitter, cynical and ungrateful.

Some think money

can buy them out of trouble,

but it remains in their heart.

Some have rotten hearts.

Some lay up treasures in earth.

Some know better.

Some use the wrong standards to judge by.

Some haven’t a clue. Some do.

Some never grow up.

Some grow up too soon.

Some don’t know who they are. Some do.

Some don’t know what they are doing.

Some don’t know their purpose in life.

Some think this is as good as it gets.

Some think it can’t get any worse.

Some believe in anything they want to satisfy their own lusts, wants or desires.

Some enjoy hurting others. Some don’t.

Some are malicious. Some aren’t.

Some say that a fool delights in expressing his own opinion.

Some lack good character.Some don’t.

Some lack integrity. Some don’t.

Some lack a true relationship with God.

Some may fool others but not God.

Some think ‘What mom doesn’t know, doesn’t hurt her’.

Some don’t care…..Some do.

Some Words are powerful.

Life and death is in the power of the tongue.

Words destroy countries, governments, family, friends.

Some should not speak.

Some should speak up!

Some forget where and what they came from.

Some don’t know ‘who’ they really are.

Some don’t know why.Some do.

Some wonder what you gain by hurting others.

Some don’t get the Golden Rule.

Some think religion will save them..

Some people are ‘plastic.’

Some are genuine.

Some rather suffer and give.

Some rather be malicious.

Some like deception, treachery and lies. Some don’t.

Some live through others. Some don’t.

Some are good natured.Some aren’t.

Some give out of need. sacrificially.

Some give out of abundance and no sacrifice.

God looks in the heart, mind and soul. God judges.

Some betray for a share of the profit.

Some hold a confidence.

Some have different priorities in life.

Some have different dreams.

Some have no dreams.

Some have hope. Some have none.

Some steal the hopes of others.

Some have different luck or birth right.

Some value life. Some don’t.

Some thank God. Some don’t.

Some are sincere. Some aren’t.

Some ‘wink ‘the eye at wrong doing.

Some have no shame.

Some are arrogant, rude,loveless.

Some aren’t worth it. Some are.

Some are manipulative. Some choose not to be.

Some are proud and boastful.

Some are haughty and deceptive.

Some have it all, or so they think.

Some think wrong.

Some can’t admit.

Some bring shame.

Some are shameless.

Some are forgiven.

Some do not forgive.

Some blame others.

Some take the blame for others.

Some are guilty. Some sell out.

Some do their best.

Some do their worst.

Some help. Some don’t.

Some look down on others.

Some look up to others.

Some kick when your are down.

Some lend a hand up.

Some’s importance is delusion.

Some’s humbleness is of good character.

Some have no character.

Some believe in Jesus.

Some believe in the devil,

Some require praise.Some deserve it.Some don’t.

Some seek the best for themselves.

Some seek the best for others.

Some lay down their life for a friend. Some take it.

Some deserve accountablity for their actions.Some don’t.

Some wonder why? Some wonder why not ?

What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?

Some tell the truth. Some sell out the truth.

Some are hypocrites, white washed tombs.

Some honor . Some dishonor.

Some obey . Some disobey.

Some kill. Some are killed.

Some believe in Jesus. Some don’t.

Some obey Jesus. Some don’t.

Some follow Jesus. Some don’t.

Some trust Jesus. Some don’t.

Some are noble. Some are ignoble.

Some have the Spirit of God.

Some have religious spirits.

Some have demons.

Some have nothing!

Some have God’s promise. Some don’t.

Some think they are saved. Some don’t.

Some aren’t sorry. Some are sorry.

Some haven’t repented. Some have repented.

Some are God’s servants.

Some aren’t God’s servants.

Some have hope for the future.

Some don’t have hope..

Some are servants. Some are served.

Some live by the sword. Some die by the sword.

Some live by the Word

Some make time for God. Some don’t.

Some glorify God.Some don’t.

Some establish plans. Some don’t.

Some have pain.

Some have godly sorrow.

Some have to repay. Some don’t.

Some are blessed.

Some are cursed.

Some are warriors.

Some are cowards.

Some ask for help. Some don’t.

Some have burdens. Some don’t.

Some carry. Some need to be carried.

Some are blind. Some can see.

Some are lame. Some can run.

Some are deaf. Some have ears to hear.

Some are privileged. Some aren’t.

Some are evil. Some are not.

Some pray. Some prey.

Some have time. Some don’t.

Some work. Some get paid. Some don’t.

Some sing. Some cry.

Some rejoice.

Some mourn.

Some are warm.

Some are cold.

Some are sick. Some are not.

Some hate. Some don’t.

Some are happy. Some aren’t.

Some will get saved. Some won’t!

Some think. Some don’t!

Some suffer with Christ and will reign with Him.

Some make others suffer.

Some worship God.

Some don’t


If you believe in God and love Jesus say this prayer and mean it.

Write it down on your heart and read it every day of your life in how you live it.

Jesus said,”Choose this day whom you will serve.


Our Father who lives in heaven..Blessed be your name. Let your kingdom come! Help me to do Your will on earth as it is done in heaven.

I believe Jesus is my Lord and my Savior,Your only begotten son , was crucifed and died for my sins,that He was buried and You raised Him from the dead, giving Him the power to come again in glory to judge the living and the dead.

I ask you to fill me with Your Holy Spirit to lead and guide me and to deliver me from evil away from temptations.

Lord make me your child and witness in Jesus name Amen.


Share this with ‘some’…

God bless you!!


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