Stewart Traill, the Al Capone of the 21st Century!

March 14

What do the following have in common???

Olde Good things, [ now net worth over $7.4Million as of Aug 2010 according to Scranton Newspaper]

S&G Photographics.

Christian Brothers Carpet Cleaning.

Stewart Traill is the man behind the plans.

The Forever Family became  the Church of Bible Understanding .

The ‘tax exempt status’ achieved in 1976, became a ticket to ride for Stewart Traill ,who emerged  like a ‘mob boss’.

His achievements make him comparable to the  Al Capone of the 21st century~but with ‘one upmanship’,  since Capone was finally nailed for income tax evasion, Traill has that covered from the gitgo…First, become a ‘church’ and then work the flock. He had a willing [although brainwashed] army of  workers paying as little as $1 day for endless hours of work. Thousands of coverts passed through COBU over the next 30+ years.

[It’s a wise man that learns from the mistakes of another!]

Just like Al Capone……………..

Traill is all powerful, charismatic, devious, elusive, enigmatic, unscrupulous, admired, loved, hated, feared, envied, covertly runs his enterprises, eliminates the competition hands down.

The parallels that can be drawn to both men is undeniable.

Each started a life of [con/ crime] at a relatively early.

Both left school after having different  ‘social’ issues.

Capone’s was over a physical incident with a teacher,

Traill’s was over an incident with his  physics teachers.

Both scraped at  menial odd jobs.

Capone worked at a candy store and a bowling alley.

Trail worked  repairing used vacuum cleaners and selling them at flee markets.

Both made their ‘big’ money through other peoples hard  labors and sufferings.

Both showed/show  no remorse.

Both married Irish women.

Both had junior sons they each called “Sonny.”

Both set the stage for one of the most notorious careers in modern American history.

Capone’s recognized talents in his ‘crime field of endeavour’ got him quickly elevated to running his ‘organization’ . He operated his organization in virtual darkness.He was increasingly psychotic and a dangerous man.

Traill’s recognized talents in his “religious field of endeavour” got him elevated to running his own cult. He operated his organization in virtual darkness. He is becoming increasingly psychotic  and also considered a dangerous man by those whose lives he wrecked.

Capone’s bootlegging during Prohibition made him a fortune catapulting him to investments in other businesses and investments.

Traill’s maneuvering to attain legal ‘church status’ gained a  tax exemption number,  amassing him an unaccountable fortune, using members as a hard working slave labor force, catapulting him into multiple business ventures and setting off a money making machine that can not be accurately assessed. He has professional tax people looking for any and all loopholes to avoid as much tax as possible.

Like Capone eliminating Colismo for his reluctance to move forward into another area of crime business.

Traill soon began systematically eliminating  workers reluctant to comply with his brainwashing techniques and in his business .

When city govt’s began putting pressure on either, each , moved out of the city limits, running their enterprises in created safe zones for operations, leaving there workers behind and controlling from a distance.

Both shared a sense of entitlement.

Both were/are narcissistic, lacked/lack  empathy for the people serving them.It took 30 years before anyone got any group insurance and that is centralized, while the members are dispursed nationwide.

Al Capone was notorious for control over large areas of  Chicago during Prohibition Era.

Traill’s is notorious for details in maintaining control in all of his members and enterprises. The Christian Brothers Carpet Cleaning Service knocked out the competition in most of NYC  through little or no labor overhead as members were brainwashed into working for as little as a $1 a day. Evenings were spent going out witnessing and bringing in more recruits.

Although Capone’s “organization” was making a great deal of money from illegal prostitution and alcohol, much was laundered or unacccounted for.

Traill’s “organization” is making a fortune off of wielding its ‘tax exemption status’ soliciting donations and a retentive  slave labor force in his business ventures and human rights violations having members work 7 days a week and sleeping on floors in  filthy rat infested warehouses and cold water flats.

Both Capone and Traill  remained virtually immune from prosection due to witness intimidation. Capone killed his opposers, Traill works them to death.

Both Capone and Traill were reputed to have several retreats and hideouts.

Both bought retreats in Florida, running their operations from a safe distance.

Neither were ever indicted for their commonly known crimes.

Throughout their reigns a number of attempts have been made to bring them to justice.

Both had issues with infidelity in their marriages.

Capone tried to whitewash his image and be seen as a community leader by creating a daily milk ration for the school kids of Chicago to prevent Ricketts.

Traill  white washes  his businesses and avoids taxes by starting a feeding program for children in an Orphanage in Haiti, even becoming eligible for Government grants and receiving them, as well as tax free donations for the ’cause’.

Capone always did his business through ‘front men’ and no accounting records were kept in his name.Even his mansion was under his wife’s name.

Traill also does business through  ‘front men’ in his COBU.He claims no salary on record and pre-empts the IRS for getting him for tax evasion.

Capone headed  the list as public enemy # 1 for corrupting the city.

Traill is #1 public enemy of all those whose livelihoods and youth he stole.


In certain ways Traill also reminds me of the late John Gotti.

[charismatic, powerful, enigmatic, rich ]

I met Mr.Gotti when he frequented a place I used to work at when I was 18-19 yrs old. He was always polite, generous and very well groomed. [As long as you didn’t cross him , he could be your best friend.]

Unlike Stewart,  Mr.Gotti enjoyed being a  public celebrity, but history reveals more.

Outwardly however, Stewart may have appeared to be  the opposite of Gotti, as there was nothing dapper or classy about Stewart, but he  enjoyed his celebrity status within the Cult itself.  Stewart wore junk clothing  was unkempt  yet endeared members to himself, projecting an image of servitude to keep the ranks in line~ although apart from them he lives a life of luxury.

They were alike in their quiet under the counter way they doing business and cheating the laborers giving as littel as possible but collecting gross returns.

In private when visiting the Phil Center House , I occasionally crossed paths at night with Stewart, coming to or from the kitchen while I was  reading room and Stewart would be cordial and engage in chit chat asking about what I was learning in the bible, for a moment, but as time passed he became all but unapproachable , like the Great and powerful “OZ”,,,,

His devilish genius is up their with like a dictator.


The Church of Bible Understanding {COBU} emerged out of a small groups of fellowships on the east coast in the early 70’s.

They were kids who newly got saved and mostly that loved Jesus and wanted to serve him with their whole hearts.While many youth of the day were partying and getting high, these kids looked to Jesus to rule their lives and found fellowships together and walked the walk and talked the talk.

They were however young and impressionable and one older man, a  devious power hungry narcissist,  a man who was/is charismatic and so deviously wormed his way into this young fellowship, gaining trust and position began directing their steps into the direction that would eventually enslave them to him and remove their hopes for any quality of life in this world.

He was and still is a ‘destroyer’ holding [willing?] brainwashed captives to this very day and leaving in his wake, are all the people whose lives are still sorely affected by his treachery.

This is an account of the days when he was openly transforming these young Christians into his brainwashed servants.

What he does may not be ‘technically’ considered illegal,  it should be and we need laws like the RICO, to prevent people like him from doing what they do.

But how? It is so insidious, as the victims he still controls have been socially cut off from the world of today and most fear re-entering it. Believe it or not, it is happening in NYC and other places around the US~! today……………….

It began in 1976, when COBU forces focused more on recruiting new potential work force members,  than in teaching about the love of God, using their professions of faith as a tool to control them.

It was more involved than any could imagine.

Stewart Traill  was charismatic and had that ability to mesmerize many people.

The original members who sensed things going wrong were systematically being discredited and eliminated as  they now became a liability to Stewrat’s plans of birthing his own little nation of drones.

This was partly due to  to the changing over from small self financed fellowships [that donated some money to Stewart] to a centralized pooling of finances, to which Stewart was in control of and began making the decisions on how members would live and where they would live and serve him.

He made some deals in NYC and Camden to buy some run down warehouses ,  then began herding COBU members out of their original fellowships across the country,  into living in NYC warehouses.

Unfamiliar with NYC life and having no social contacts outside of the COBU,  members became enslaved for the ’cause’, [still thinking they were serving Jesus] but  actually being fed into Stewart’s BORG of worker drones for enterprises he was about to establish….

Stewarts’s  ability to initially impress certain  vulnerable people who would be open to listening proved fruitful for his business endeavours.

He saw who he could control as opposed to who he couldn’t. His focus was on control.

A pivotal part in his plans including gaining a tax exempt status and for that the group needed to be incorporated as a church and it was in 1975.

He needed that ‘front‘ of  a Christian fellowship, as the means to achieve his ends.

Emphasizing about remaining faithful was one of  the ‘vehicles’ used to compel people to comply. Those who did not were verbally abused and shunned and cast down, to either escape or openly leave, but  most had to escape.

How people left  was also carefully calculated on Stewart’s part.. He couldn’t  just allow people to leave while they were looking at all justified or that would lead to others leaving…so those leaving were  discredited .

He needed to keep a ‘retentive work force’, so it was instilled through hard work and a series of long nightly meetings, that to leave was  leaving Jesus and  to not yield to the group, under his direction, was disobeying Jesus and punishable by hell fire. To leave was to backslide, losing all hopes of attaining heaven.

He could then surmize who would be suitable to be ingrafted or trained to stay and work.
Around May of 76 the word was sent out not to trust the ‘older’ long time members of any authority and the chain of command was broken, making  him  the sole authority and spokesperson for God.

Newer, younger members were encouraged to verbally attack older members who were then shamed and shunned into submission, while the new recruits got a pat on the head and became Stewrat’s favorites & were developed into an almost  type of Hitler Youth, to report anyone who might be into sin…[that is anyone revealing Stewart’s plans]

Understanding the bible was no longer was the main precedent, compliance to Stewart’s plan was. They were being brainwashed.

This also encouraged a sense of  less true spirituality and  more minor narcissistic tendencies to emerge within the ranks and those who were good at being Official Reprovers [OR’s} made everyone else fearful and careful not to be questioning or being dissident…anyone catching on and questioning Stewart was made to think they were sinful and had to repent, losing status attained and brought low to be ridiculed .

COBU got more and more militant, more physical labor, more compliance, more willingness to snitch to get  a pat on the head from Stewart who was systematically setting up alliances with those he could trust to control and eliminate those who might eventually expose his game.

Out with the old , in with the new

Eventually picking up homeless people who had ‘no life anyway’ and began exploiting them, as well as those with in the ranks, so long as the wheels kept turning and Stewart’s power increased as the  money rolled in..

Well here are some more of my thoughts on his devilish genious and under the counter achievements in the early days of COBU…

Now after manipulating and controlling thousands of people from 1971 through present, stealing their youth, energies, faith, dreams and more, Stewart has extracted his profit by the sufferings of those he controlled “in the name of a jesus,[not the real Jesus] making them think to disobey Stewart and his gang[or inner circle], was to be backsliding, sealing their fate to go to hell’a  fate worse than death and prevent most from exposing the entire scam to the outside world officials.

By these methods he has controlled some for over 30 yrs! In exchange for giving their lives to his control, many have however learned to work in various businesses with the brainwashed privilege of donating their paychecks back to Stewart’s church{COBU} to avoid taxation.

They are ensnared since they can not leave with more than the clothes on their backs into a world they do not know.

Stewart in turns has provided minimal room and board and a stipend for each member.

At one point it was $1 a day for up to 18 hours hard labor! Sundays, the sabbath was cancelled so workers could make more money for Stewart’s ambitions.

A member earning up to $1000 a week could expect a stipend of up to $30 and carfare of up to $30. Money given to  the members is  in cash envelopes.

Governing boards of elite members have to penny pinch on each member or they themselves lose rank and privilege. Instilling the thought of crucifying their flesh to be sure they wouldnt ask for more.

Many members were/are underage runaways as well as adults with various degrees of personality disorders, less likely to complain of their abuse.

Those who can manage enough thought to question anything are suppressed or shunned and most eventually run away with the clothes on their backs and a trash bag of personal belongings reflecting the fruits of years of servitude to this inhumane system of human rights violations.

They would move the ‘drones’ through the underground apt/warehouse system , change the kids appearance [haircuts, dyed hair etc] and names and feed them into the church to become worker bees.

Moving them around to unfamiliar surroundings, never watching any TV , limited contact with nonmembers outsiders, instilling fear of the outside world and guilt so they would stay and not know  how to leave or where to go.

They were constantly told that their own thoughts were evil and had to bring their minds under subjection, causing them to police each other and tell on anyone that would think of dissenting or questioning Stewart’s authority of those who answered directly to Stewart.

Stewart handpicked certain men who would follow his direction in exchange for a piece of the action, thus motivating others to do his dirty work.

He once ordered several men to beat his own minor son senselessly for shoplifting.The men were arrested after the boy was hospitalized in Philadelphia’s Childrens Hospital, but  only received probation and Stewart himself  was never charged! This happened in Philadelphia at the ‘lamb house’ where new recruits were conditioned, brainwashed and fed back into the work force.

Stewart Traill did/does however keep a paranoid sense of self preservation, never letting even his trusted enforcers be secure in their own positions. Secrecy was/is paramount to keeping control.

Any enforcer who showed/shows any inclination towards establishing more power was/is demoted quickly.

Keeping even his enforcers off guard Stewart Traill,  became more powerful. He had/has enablers in business legal matters create ways to hide and launder money and cover their tracks so nothing could be traced to Stewart.

He also  had everything placed under the church name to avoid taxes and recriminations but generous allowances for himself that were more than a king would receive. He would often say that he takes nothing from the church, since in fact it is laid at his feet.

The huge cash flow from these slave laborers, coupled with donations sought from corporations, government grants and outside volunteer sources mushroomed into a huge money making machine that can not even be estimated.

Some of this money and donations has been funneled and reinvested into other business ventures, creating new businesses that gradually have been detached from their original source.

Much of these practices are not unlike how organized crime attempts to go legite~Still it is blood money of those who were his slaves.

The transition from unskilled child/teen/young adult laborers to repairmen refurbishing used vacuum cleaners and selling them at flea markets[sales jobs included men and women] went to carpet cleaning services when Stewart purchaced 10 carpet cleaning machines in 1976 out of church funds.

‘Privileged’ loyal members would take a carpet cleaner and go out in the streets of NYC seeking businesses to clean carpets for. As the money began to flow, more carpet cleaners were purchased and more laborers sent out.

There was now endless work opportunites.

Women members were sent out  with ‘flyers’ soliciting businesses and making appointmets for the men to come and clean carpets.

Contracts were soon made  with area businesses and corporations as the sales people sent in to negotiate deals by undercutting every business in the city.

This was easy since the work force was slaves.

Stewart would have the enforcers push the men to work days, nights and weekends. It was not surprising that much of the work done was performed in places actually linked to organized crime in NYC.

Some notoriety occurred when the Seinfeld TV comedy series once made reference to them as the “Sunshine Carpet Cleaning Cult”.

I talked with a member once who bragged about making over $300 a week. I asked her how much of that money did she actually receive in hand, since when I was in, they took my entire paycheck and never gave me an allowance.They were supposed to pay my debts off out  of the money I ‘donated’ but never did that either.

After repeated questioning she finally admitted to getting $10 a week [and not every week did she receive it but when it was her time of month and she needed sanitary supplies]!

Having a soda was a luxury and indulging in the flesh…

The workers slept in sleeping bags on the floors of dirty broken down warehouses in the Hell’s Kitchen section of NYC.

Up to 130 members shared squalor living conditions, having only 2 toilets and having no bathing facilities.

Members would weekly go to public showers to get washed. Lice , roaches and rat infested, one member told me that he bought dog flea shampoo to try and get the bugs out of his hair!

Since there were ‘some’ married families involved in the early days, children would often become sick and have to go to clinics. When the same addresses came up for so many sick children, the Board of Health was sent in to discover the squalor and shut down some of Stewarts home warehouses, forcing him to buy some run down tenements and scatter his flock.

Members were then moved into overcrowded  apartment buildings, living in ‘shifts’ while the carpet cleaning business {Christian Brothers Carpet Cleaning Services} was born.

At this time any new marriages were strongly discouraged, celibacy and devotion were overly emphasized in the nightly meetings.

All efforts went to creating a strong work force and keep costs down.

Area businesses  made complaints to city officials as the COBU’s Christian Brothers Carpet Cleaning Services was putting others out of work.

Charges were filed for tax evasion and a new loop hole was found and employed.

Members were now given their salary checks as ‘independent contractors’ so the Christian Brothers didnt have to pay tax on their behalf.

Then to keep all the money in Stewart’s pockets, these salaries were/are then donated to the COBU as charitable contributions.

This way members also avoid paying taxes, but lose everything in the process~!!

Members live/d meagerly off their allowance which never enables them to be able to afford to leave the group.

Delving into the authenticating  the tax exempt status of the ‘church’, Stewart Traill told the members about the movie “Marjoe Gortner” and that the best way to beat the system was to establish a charity that was cheap to run, such as an orphanage in a third world country…

Stewart picked Haiti, the poorest country in the eastern hemisphere. One where he would come out the winner regardless to anything else.. This made the church look good to the public but was another way for him to exploit humankind.

Starting the mission was a stroke of devilish genius..feeding starving children..

They began soliciting larger corporate donations as well as government grants to assist in this mission , while not being monitored by any one.They accept any type of monetary or physical property in exchange for tax credits to those who donate.

These donations can not be totally accounted for since some who give, do not require charitable write off declarations.

Many antiquities ‘donated’ are then warehoused in  Scranton Pa., under member guards and stored til they can resurface in yet another business of the church, ” Olde Good Things” E-bay store and sell valuables for thousands of dollars.

Tax accounting is now done  very professionally and what is written down and accounted for has so far, met basic requirements to elude government detection, however this is an underground religious named version or organized crime!

COBU is no better than any other criminal enterprises in America, only more subtle and devious, undetectable except, perhaps by those who escaped its grasp and now live in anonymity, mentally , physically and spiritually abused for decades.

Imagine if Al Capone played himself off as an evangelist? Even most organized crime families draw the line at that!

Today, with over 25 yrs of guaranteed good service, Christian Brothers Carpet Cleaning Services are located  in NYC, LA , SanDiego and Florida.

Customers have no idea of what evil enabled this business to form. It is said they even employ some outsiders which give the appearance of a normal enterprise.

The mission Orphanage  in Haiti was plagued with stories of abuse and mismanagement.

Young members went there to care for the children yet were unqualified in child care and many orphans have been beaten and abused without justice ever being served. Corporate donations still keep everything afloat and Traill still prospers from it.

He flies one of his 4 church owned planes to deliver the goods to Haiti with Uncle Sam’s picking up the tab under the Bush initiative of funding faith based human needs programs.

He has often had female member stuff up to $15,000 cash at a time in their clothing to go undetected.Where was that money going?

Stewart meanwhile could receive accolades for his human services, ironically…

Under the auspices of this charity, donations of planes, plane parts and services are covering most of the costs of operations.

New volunteers, kept separate from the ‘drones’ have been enlisted to upscale the operation, making it look more honest.

Most people are unaware of the sinister purpose of Stewart Traill have been unwittingly offering their services in good faith.

At least the orphans get fed…the higher percentage of what he collects to do this is however funneled into other ventures while a minimal percentage is used for the good.

Where are the Rico laws when you need them?

How can a used vac repairman gain the power and position attained by Stewart Traill????


52 thoughts on “Stewart Traill, the Al Capone of the 21st Century!

  1. Dear Web Administrator:

    I was in COBU from 1974-1983 and Thank God I “Got Smart and Got Out!

    “God has graciously restored the years that the locust has eaten and done for Me far more abundantly than all I could have ever asked or imagined!

    He is such a faithful God!

    I thank you for putting this info up where others can be warned and saved from the miserable pain that so many have endured thinking that they were giving up everything for Jesus!

    Yours in Christ and once again thanks so much for this site!–

    Greg and Ann Walker!

  2. This is great and well needed, also Stewart needs to be taken to court.

    I received my social sercurity statement and those years of service to the cobu are blank,

    I want that money.

    Eddie Dean

  3. I was a member of C.O.B.U. from 75 -83 and returned briefly in 96 .

    I have struggled terribly to adjust to life out side the cult .

    I always believed in the back of my mind that I needed to sell everything I had and return to C.O.B.U.
    if I was going to have any hope of being saved from hell.

    The real issues with C.O.B.U. are where has all the money gone to?

    Stewart is not required to account for any of his actions by the members .

    All the members are to afraid to confront him.

    The I.R.S. records of the churchs finaces look very very suspicious and actually very deceptive to me .

    The orphanage should be a tremendous sucess but it is a wreck. And what about the orphans ?

    Why havent any been adopted by members of the church or anyone for that matter ?

    Why don’t any of the members run their own business or pay their own taxes or have their own households or families . Members should at the very least be paid for their work in church business’ and pay taxes .

    Which other Christian leaders is Stewart consulting with to be certain his teaching is accurate ?

    I think Stewart is well aware of how he is abusing his authority.

    Whether or not he is , something is very wrong .

    His sexual escapades with some of the female members is what caused the majority of the ex members to become ex members .

    Why are current members not asking if Stewart is misbehaving with any female members?

    Why is Stewart above reproach ?

    The problem is he has intimidated all of them into being afraid to ask any questions about what is going on.

    They all want his approval and will do just about anything to get it.

    Their intentions are good.

    It may be going a bit overboard calling Stewart a mobster.
    I believe he is deluded and has found way to justify his behavior.

    It will be much harder to convince God .

    Sincerely Jeff Alge
    EX COBU Member

  4. Ave,
    I was in FF, CoBU from 1974 until 1978 or 1979.

    You speak the truth.

    I look back and can’t believe how willing we all were to not question it all, we were all so sincere and trusting.

    To be so dedicated to God sustained us all, yet I don’t believe I will can ever be such a fundamentalist again.

    Chris Gauci

  5. I have been trying to get in touch with Greg Walker for years. Can you give him my email address? Thanks!!

  6. Wow, reading this made me relive those years- so true.

    Why does one pilot NEED four planes?

    It was my money that helped him to get his “toys”, while I rode the crowded subways, walked the streets of PAtterson, NJ alone at midnight, and slept 2 hours a night, went to work with no lunch money, was actually called names by brothers in the church, accused of things I didnt do, etc…..

    and to Stewart Traill I was a face in the crowd, a “paycheck”…and was also told to get an upgrade in a job to make more money, but had limited skills; after all, could I go to college?

    NO….Women were treated especially poor….we were always manipulators in the men’s eyes.

    Stewart wanted to make sure that marriage was very difficult, so we could never “achieve” it….

    I left in 1985 after 10 years of it…(living in the New Jersey fellowships was especially harsh)-

    I was very sleep deprived and malnourished and took ricks in the name of meeting goals!

    How many young women would go to a man’s apartment at night to talk of Jesus!?

    I had no identification on me so I could have been an unidentified body!

    GOD protected me all those years…

    Stewart will have to stand before the living God one day and there is no escaping that–and he will have to answer for his actions.

    I also wonder what will happened to this COBU group when Stewart Traill passes away.
    Will they all disperse? Will it end? Or will there be a new Stewart to carry on?

    I feel bad for those still there.

    I believe that most of them are truly sincere and mean well….but it saddens me to think of the women who will never have children and gave up personal lives because of Stewart.

    And the men too, never being fathers or seeing the real Jesus. So sad.

    I knew children that grew up there, that was their childhood–I would love to read a book from them!
    And Stewarts own children disowned him! That says alot.

    Thanks–I could go on and on…(I also went to Haiti and saw the abuse)..

    .I also handed out flyers and spent years working in the carpet business, in fact I was one of the last women to work in the business…

    I made flyers for their carpentry business and they made more $…

    I helped them get rich! No pay here.

    Doona (Cavnar) Goding, Pennsylvania

  7. I came and left and went back and repeated this from 76 to 80 when I finally came back to the Washington DC fellowship I was branded a emotional backslider and was forced to live in a Gospel Mission on fifth and G.

    I worked at the Holiday Inn with another brother and was faithful to show up for fellowship nightly I finally asked Jimmy, Stewards current second in command If I could move back into fellowship.

    He asked are you still being emotional..

    I said yes timidly, Since I was used to being the yes boss drone I had turned into…

    Needless to say I left and never looked back after six weeks of living in horrible conditions and having to get up at six am daily at the gospel mission.

    I knew that Steward forbid girlfriends and I was not a likely candidate for his no marriage rule…

    So I just gave up on the fellowship and on Christ since it was impossible for a horrible backsliding reprobate like myself to ever go to heaven apart from Steward Trail and COBU.

    I sentenced myself to drugs,alcohol,woman and a life of sin that destroyed me.

    Because I ate his lie and believed that I could never be faithful enough apart from the COBU!

    Finally, at 48 years Old Jesus has brought me home.

    I may not be perfect by I am saved by the blood of the only Son Of God and will be perfected by him not by Stewart Trail.

    This man needs to go to prison he is the Al Capone of Evangelism!

    • David do you no a Timothy Parker from Wahington, DC who went to Philadelphia with a brother Jimmy around 1978. He was my best friend and left and went with the COBU? I to was a part of COBU. I say the light and got out of that mess

  8. By God’s grace I took the good and left the rest during my stint at COBU.

    A rare thing, it seems.

    I still like the color code, see it as a valid interpretation device, and the lamb workbooks.

    Since I left the Church of Bible Understanding so quickly is there any way to get at the other publications from COBU????

  9. I would love to be contacted by anyone who knew me from the COBU in Cleveland,in the late 70’s.

    This cult did horrible spiritual damage to me,that I suffer from to this day.

    My name then was Alease Brink.Donna Deming was my “shepherd”.

    I struggle with weird,tormenting religious fears every day of my life.I think alot of it began with the COBU!

    Please feel free to contact me at

    Even COBU members who did not know me personally,let me hear from you.

    Maybe,you can help me find a way to be freed from these thoughts.Your Sister in Christ Jesus,
    Alease Brink Davis

  10. Doona,your post really hit home with me.I never lived in the commune,but I can relate to the wierd abuses we suffered in the COBU.

    Its strange,but none of us ever seemed to question why Stewart had a mansion,4 planes,etc…

    I guess we somehow thought he either “deserved it”for being “God’s man”,or that he actually needed it in some way,in order to do God’s will.

    It all sounds so stupid now,looking back on it.We were young,trusting and idealistic people(the very kind of people that join cults!)

    I’m so glad Jesus protected you in those dangerous situations.I,too,feel sad that many of the brothers and sisters gave up their dreams of marriage,children,careers,education,because of that evil man ,Stewart.

    My biggest dream was to fall in love and be married…which,in itself,put me in conflict with the COBU.

    “Liking a guy”was a big no-no,and treated like a major crime.Every time two people showed an interest in each other,it had to be immediately dealt with,broken up.I saw this happen a number of times.If a couple(boyfriend-girlfriend)joined COBU,Stewart would send them off to live in other states.

    This was in order to try to break up their relationship.He would have married couples living for a year in a warehouse with hundreds of other people.They had no privacy,no intimacy,no time alone,obviously,no sex.

    At the time,I didnt think too much about it,but now I realize that is such an abnormal situation for a husband and wife.Im sure Stewart wasnt living this way with his young wife!

    It must have been an attempt to break the married couples up,or something.

    Who knows,it was all so bizarre.Sometimes I would start to feel as if I had somehow dreamed the whole thing,it seems so unreal now.More like a nightmare…

  11. I left the COBU on March 21,1977.I was married on March 21,1981.It didnt occur to me at the time I chose the date.Maybe at some deep level,I knew I would not have ever married,if I had stayed in the COBU.I always kept diaries back then,that’s how I know the exact date..

  12. Good for you to keep diaries! I wish I had…

    I know being in Cobu made it nearly impossible to marry…and those who did had so many more demons to deal with if they remained in fellowship…

    Stewart didnt want any marriages or procreation since it would have dipped into his profits!

    I didnt marry til 1986 and divorced in 2001 from another x cobu member.

    WE were involved for over 30 years and are friendly as of the time of this writing.

    We have 5 children and 12 grandchildren so I feel very blessed indeed to have escaped Cobu when I did.

    I still feel sad when I think of girls like Joy Irey and Megan Clark who were left with little hope of a future as women and now , still single and brainwashed into Cobu and obeying Stewart, are working for nothing and not doing the kingdom of God the service they believe they are doing but are rather serving and supporting Stewarts deception and greed.


  13. Anyone affected by Cobu or interested in what happened there and is happening in the lives outside the Cobu is welcome to our yahoo support group to read up and or join openly.
    The url is :

    Or feel free to join us at :

    Thankyou for participating on these blogs.

    There are issues to discuss with friends and may God help all who were and are affected by

    what Stewart Traill has done to their lives~


  14. Although i left long ago a life time in fact i still think about all that went on.

    I was in new york when i left for good.

    I do know that i found JESUS there.
    “”for by grace are yea saved through faith and that not of yourselves it is the gift of GOD.

    It is hard to deal with because I know we were trying to serve the Lord
    and to be taught that its the only way to serve Jesus.

    It is still depressing to think about and its been 30 years…

  15. I had left after 2 1/2 years. 77-79. I took the time to re-evalute my relationship to God. I needed to come to grips with my weaknesses and his grace. Somehow, I don’t think we could ever just throw off the Law of God yet to live by the Law exclusively would mean death.

    I find many of the previous posts lacking an important point. Back in the 70’s we had little or no good introduction to the Bible. Stewart did that. Using fun games like Nuggies or guessing the color. I found later, after I left, he was often correct in the interpretation. Some things still remain unclear but I consider the Bible teaching, whether correct or not, an important introduction to how God uses the Bible to teach us in various depths and ways.

    After I left and was finally reconnected by Grace to God, God was able to reveal to me many, many things that connect so much to what Stewart presented.

    My position on this is that You can’t build a church on Understanding. That is because the church already exists. It is the vine spoken of in Romans. We just partake of the same bread and are therefore part of the same body.

    • Hi Fred~
      While some of the basics Stewart ‘knew’ having been a son of a preacher, it was easy to fool and mislead the fellowship simply but encouraging them to do the right thing as far as reading the bible, praying, witnessing and fellowshipping , yet he managed to keep aloof and let the mystique about his special relationship with the Holy Spirit that kept him apart from everyone else.

      It was because most [at least 99%] were faithfully trying to serve Jesus, but Stewart managed to harness that power and zeal and convert it all into a cash cow for himself.

      He had people driving one another to their breaking points while he alone prospered as a result of their efforts as most who later left had nothing to show for it, many only having the clothes on their backs and walking the streets homeless.

      Thank God most have recovered but there are still many out there suffering for what happened to them in Cobu~

      WE have some online support groups where people can talk it out and those who have healed offer help to those still healing and together look for answers to understand how it all could have happened and they be so deceived, some for more than 10 years~!!

      Still about 40-50 remain under Stewarts control and serve him.

      We pray for their eyes to be opened including Stewarts eyes to be opened so they may all be set free from the bondage the devil has them under.

      You are welcome to join us at : where you can search the archives and find links to other x-ff/x-cobu sites.


  16. Hi I am Linda Sue .

    Started in Allentown on 137 Church st.

    Lived in the dorms. New Bill Willis, Patty Daniels, Joany Peter george was my friend that came in after me.

    I ve been in several fellowships.

    Last one in Syracuse NY, With Janet F, Primo jane Joe dave Chuck.
    Picture under Janet Feathers # 1, #68 many others.

    I moved out in1975 Fall.

    I kept in contact with sisters and Brother Pete.

    Nothing can keep me from serving my Lord even a church cult.!

    • HI Lynda~

      Patty married Jeff & they live in Texas I think~
      Janet Feathers has been in contact on the x-cobu websites.

      Good you got out in Fall of 75 ~!!

      I was blessed to get out in July 76 when it really changed into a cult.

      I remember Primo being in Syracuse. Dave R is now an evangelist in NYC.

      You are welcome to join us at : where you can search the archives and find links to other x-ff/x-cobu sites.

      Did you know Jim Hurley? He was in the same time as you. He was in Allentown & later the CL of Reading but then left & came back to Center City under Rem L.

      Rem left in early 76 as did Jim shortly afterwards. I left a few months later but did visit the new NYC operations and saw it was bad so never rejoined.

      Jim & I married 10 yrs later but had alot of COBU related issues that hindered us in our marriage. We were better as friends and later divorced but remained friends til he died last year.

      I hope all has gone well with you and for you since you left.


  17. Sadly, Church Fraud is a very real concern, with potential risk from the outside as well as within. There are simple steps to increase the security of a church’s finances but it is difficult to know where to start. I recently found out about a Christian Accounting firm that offers online tools and support for churches. They have some excellent resources as well as an online questionnaire that will determine whether a church is at risk. Their service is called Weeds in the Garden.

  18. Let us love our enemies. Let us know that King Solomon wrote ” A wholesome conversation is a tree of life.” Let us believe that God loves us all and has prepared a place for us that endure to the end. Confess your sins to one another and the root of bitterness will not get a grip on you. I wanted to Marry Betty Kirshbaum but it did not happen. I made the colour coded Bible for Stewart Traill. I told Stewart not to get remarried to Gail but he would not listen to me. It was after that I left the man. The Apostle John said “Beloved keep yourselves from idols.” That includes Stewart Traill. Do not idolize him but quietly walk in the Spirit of Christ. The Apostle John also wrote “Beloved know this, your suffering produces a good character.” The twelve days of Christmas are celebrated from December 25 to January 6. Merry Christmas everrybody.

    Your brother in Christ

    Terrance Ralston Coulombe

  19. Hello. I was a carpet cleaner in Brooklyn in the early eighties. I then lived in Reading PA. Then moved back to Brooklyn. There was a guy Ephrem Jenkins that I mostly worked with taking the carpet machine on the subway to go to jobs. Apparently he stole some jewelry one day that I didn’t know about and then they asked us to leave. I wasn’t even told what happened until a couple years later when I ran into some members in Manhattan. I only saw the leader three or four times in Bible studies. I thought it was odd that this man with a very long white beard was with a very much younger woman. I also remember having many bible studies with a little guy with a red beard.
    I would love to talk to you.
    GOD Bless

    • Hi Scott, You remember right and I am sorry you were subjected to the Cobu of the 80’s as I have heard stories about how much more difficult it was to live in what they still called fellowships at that time. I was in 1975-76 just as it began to spoil. Things went downhill rapidly after the fellowship was incorporated and changed from the FF to the Cobu~ Many of us older ones saw it coming and tried to help for a while but each left in time. I left before it got as crazy as it did later in 76.I was shocked to find out it was still existing in the 90’s and more so that there are still some that are in it today~!! There were however many sincere members throughout the years that didnt mind the slave labor part as they felt [at least for a time] that it was worth the sacrifice to learn more about Jesus. Unfortunately once Stewart implemented his plans to build himself an underground empire and cash cow, the Holy Spirit will not inhabit the haunts of demons and it was and is demons driving Stewart to continue his charade ruling over those who are still deluded enough to remain in that captivity lying to themselves and trying to forge their salvation through works, fear and tremblings… Glad you are free from it~!! GBU~! Ave

  20. Stewart Trail is John the Baptiste
    Hilton Lawrence is the Return of the Christ you are waiting for

    Publish book —–>Invitation to the last supper

    • Hmmm. Stewart Traill has a style of an old testament prophet but did he turn the hearts of the fathers to their children? Did he turn the hearts of the children toward their fathers? I think not. The holy scriptures teach us that if they say of Christ here he is or there he is do not believe it for the coming of the son of man will be as lightning comes from the east to the west. How do you respond to that?

      • We perceived Stewart had the style of an old testament prophet, but did he really? He was set on his own gain the entire time and still is. What sort of prophet does that make him or profit as he did and does~ a bad or false prophet at best, yet he often declared in the earlier days that he was not a prophet, so perhaps one of the few true things he spoke.There are many clever flim flam religious scam artists out there and for that perhaps he was among the best or at least of the best that could scam young naiive Christians into doing his bidding as a virtual slave labor force. He did well at turning children away from their parents, like a pied piper to a pack of rats, he had people live as such in filthy warehouses, sleeping on dirty floors with poor hygiene facilities, yet while members were badgered into the wee hours of the morning listening to his concordance filled verses,everyone had to continue to crucify their flesh and drag themselves off to physical labor every morning and turn over their paychecks to his Borg of a church.We know better now that its decades later that we aren’t to run after every reed shaking in the wind nor leap to places where some say there ‘He’ is~ that we know that the day of the coming of the Lord will be in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye when all the dead in Christ shall rise first and those of us who are still left will meet Him in the air with them.Yet just as that one sinner on the cross repented before his death, we can pray that one day Stewart likewise repents rather than having to face fearfully falling into the hands of our living God as vengeance is His and He will repay. GBU~! 🙂 Ave

  21. Apparently I made a mistake. The twelve days of Christmas may be attributed to December 14 to December 25. Of course the Gregorian Calendar is different from the previous lunar calendars. I the old testament it is written of the twelve days of gift offerings.

    • While some may count every day the Sabbath and others count the last or first day of the week as such, each being fully convinced in their own minds, as long as they remain faithful to what they do know as true, then likewise it doesn’t really matter which 12 days are which or what pagan holiday is overshadowed by attributing Christ’s birth to it. Some argue He was born in October and others argue the year, but most important is that He was born and did do the things He set out to do and accomplished the purpose for which He was sent, praise God~!!

  22. I am all for exposing issues but there is a whole other side of Stewart that I think that you, quite frankly, want to ignore.

    Can it be possible that Stewart trully had a life changing experience in his life? In this world today, it is difficult to know what to do when God becomes real to you. It seems that no matter where you go or what you do it does not fit the bill.

    I remember someone saying that when “Stewart rots in hell….” Oddly that is not our place to take and may be setting us up for judgement. “Judge Not……

    Jesus said that if Satan cast out demons then he would be cutting his own throat. (paraphrased)

    Satan would not put in me the building blocks of faith in Jesus Christ.

    I suggest treating Stewart like a brother in Christ and not like the devil. We will be held accountable for this.

    We should be praying for him like we would if our friend or husband or wife started to go off track.

    I am not even sure if he is alive anymore but if he is I will be at least one of those, who left the church, that still remembers, and prays for him and the church.

    • Most of the former members I have spoken with agree that they would like to see Stewart repent for what he has done that has hurt so many over the years, some who have not even gotten over the damage wrought in their lives as a result of the abuse suffered in Cobu. I was a luckier one, I suppose, as I got out in July76 and while much of what happened in the FF/Cobu has contributed to what has happened later on in my life and certainly was part of who I am today, little of what affected me was by Stewart. I joined to learn how to better witness, which I did. I was saved 2 years before joining the FF. Learning how to approach the Bible from a different perspective, I learned from the members of the fellowship a few months before I ever met Stewart, so I was not enamored by him as the others were.Thins he said that made sense were often biblical quotes and concordance references lumped together.

      Still whatever verses he quoted in Big meetings, I jotted down for later reference. When I would later look up the verses, I would read before and after and be led on my own spiritual journey in the Word not having much to do with whatever he had talked about during the meeting. Still it was good as it got me reading parts of the Bible I may not have read prior to that.
      The Borg was still forming when I left so I never had to sleep in any of those dirty lofts others had to live in nor had I anything to do with the creation of the Carpet Cleaning business, although I had met with Stewart back in the early Spring of 1976 discussing the problems with unemployment and how many members had no food which was why I was feeding them out of my own money.

      Stewart said to me that if they don’t work they shouldn’t eat but I told him that if they had food to eat then they could go out and find jobs~ He said it was a good idea and within a month it was announces how we would all pool our money together to take care of everyone, which initially sounded good to me and was what I had been talking to Stewart about earlier. I didn’t mind giving in my paycheck to help everyone to eat and have their needs met, but soon I found they were buying ‘dent cans’, spoiling vegetables & fruits and cheap meat parts to distribute. Sure it was food but far from sufficient, buying day old breads and everything cheap. Then the funds were supposed to pay for replacement clothing and shoes but they made it near impossible to request a new pair of shoes as you were pushed to ‘crucifying your flesh’- so had to really justify the need before it was granted.

      Money collected was supposed to give back 10% for personal items but I never received 10% of any of the money I gave in. It only took a couple of months to see the money was being used to buy up real estate and that everyone had to suffer or be considered into the flesh or back slidden. Leaders were changed, normal houses were closed and members were being sent to sub standard housing and forced to work long hours. Most did so willingly as a service to Jesus, not realizing it was fueling the greed of Stewart and he was the one who was beginning to live like a king~

      He sold out for whatever reasons. He hurt many people.Whether or not he is/was ever saved is between him and God. I would hope he was at one point saved and that he returns from the error of his way as the Lord is willing that none should perish but tha all should come to repentance. I hope all who were hurt by him are/were healed and can /do forgive him [for his sake and theirs]. Still it is reported he is alive and still ruling the roost and living large~

      He used the earlier members to build the financial empire he now enjoys while many of those who worked so hard for him thinking they were doing it for Jesus are still living in poverty or below and many have many medical problems as well as psychological and spiritual issues needing to be resolved.What he did was vile and wrong and last heard is still doing so.
      Pray for those who despitefully use/used you and pray the Lord brings him to repentance while there is still time, letting no root of bitterness take hold of your lives so that our prayers are not hampered.

      Of course most have realized it was important to let go and forgive him and have done so, but there are many others still struggling that have not reached the point where they can forgive him, since the Bible also stipulates that the brother doing the offending has to come and allocute~ say they are sorry and ask for forgiveness~ before you can openly forgive him! Without repentance there is no remission of sin.So while many still cry for him to repent openly, they have already forgiven him in their heart but grieve that he portedly still acting as despicably as he always has.

      While there may be a few out there, I have not encountered any former members that have acted bitter enough to say they want to see him rot in hell..

  23. Thumbs up Ave. That comment has long been needed to be said.

    I am not sure forgiveness can be real unless there is repentance. Yet, Jesus said it on the cross.

    I was 19 years old when I joined up in ’75 and did have some personal responsibility in me, as opposed to those who were involved at younger ages.

    I had a strong work ethic, (my Dad), I also realized I needed to be aware. I kind of wish I was more sure of myself in what I was seeing. I do remember speaking about something being wrong but I really couldn’t put my finger on it.

    For me, it all began to fall apart around the time they were giving colors to the brethren based on their degree of faithfulness.

    I wept bitterly that I became so separated from good fellowship and found comfort in other things.

    My faith in God was put to the test, like it had been before I got saved. I had to believe all things were possible if I believe.

    In the end I blame myself for not trusting God from the beginning. Believing more in what I had to do to be saved than to accept my salvation as a gift.

    It has been up and down these 30 something years since I have been out of the church but I know now that the testimony I preach comes from my heart, with experience, because I love our Lord, NOT because it was part of my salvation.

    I know God has more for me since I am more and more encourged everyday to be part of the real church and help bring it to unity unto the Day.

    God Bless you sister Ave.

    • Hi Fred,
      I was in the hospital a few weeks ago and missed this post til now, so sorry for the late reply. I think many if not most of us have been up and down over the years tested as by fire. I have come to the conclusion that for all the examples we see in the bible such as Jesus, Job, Noah,Jospeh, Daniel, Shadrach,Meshach, Abedneggo, Isaac, Paul, Solomon, David, Peter and so on, that we too each go through our own flood, fire, lion’s den, crucifixions, false imprisonments, marytydoms, exiles and so on depending on how our individual faith and purposes are being established and even like Sampson, some of us go through more hardships due to falling for some of the weaknesses of our flesh. but are again restored when we call out to our Father in Jesus’ name~ Youa re precious to our Lord and He will uphold you throughout every trial even when humanly we may fail at times, He picks us up and puts on back on the right track. GBU~! Ave

    • Hi Fred~! I am glad and encouraged that you have continued on in faith and have found peace with God over the years and are continuing in the way He wants you to be~!! We live in evil times that are getting worse so we need to cling to that old rugged cross and remind others to do likewise 🙂 GBU~! Ave

  24. By the man on the cross defending Jesus to the other criminal on the other cross, it implies the man by his defending Jesus during his own pain and suffering, that he had demonstrated remorse, looking beyond his pain and showing compassion to Jesus in that day. Despite what the man , a known thief and robber, did during his life, he had admitted he was getting what he deserved [sign of remorse] that what is interesting and hopeful is that it shows even at the hour of one’s death, they can repent~!!

    So no matter what kind of life a person has led, even though he couldnt possibly right the wrongs he hade done, he was sorry and still got saved and went to heaven as Jesus said so ~ His ways are not our ways says the Lord , praise God~! that He is willing none should perish but all should come to repentence….so clearly demonstrated. Still it would be foolishness for someone to think they can deliberately wait til the last minute.

    The Holy Spirit searches the hearts and MINDS of men and judges accordingly ~ so likewise if someone deliberately sins til their last hour thinking they can con their way into heaven, they need be aware that God is nobody’s fool and it is whatsoever a many sows he will reap, but we from this we can learn to trust God more, that He takes no one until He is ready to receive them.

    The ignoble or fools dont believe in God and dont care about eternity so they will not be calling out for His mercy while they are dying. God has put eternity into the hearts of men so those who receive that and concern themselves about that will turn to Him as Jesus said ‘all that the Father has given Me will come to Me and him who comes to Me I wil not cast out~!”

  25. Thank you. What State are you in now? I have been reading the epistles of James, Peter, and John. These are really very impressive. They are also not very large tasks. Let us do the will of the Father. This is what Jesus taught us. Christ will rise in our hearts after our hearts have turned to love our father and the hearts of our fathers have turned to love their children and not before. That is why it is written in the last sentence in the old testament that the Elijah must come and turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers before the Christ will come.

    • I am back in northwestern Pennsylvania now. I have been around the country over the years but mostly in Pennsylvania. I left and went to Minnesota for a while but came back and bought a home here last year 🙂 GBU~! Ave

  26. Hello I am a Black American woman and I remember when I first met Stewart and Gail. I must had been around 11 years old and my brother was around 12. We were called the little lambs. Back then it was so fun and the food was really great. Coming from the Ghetto we got great meals at the missions, was able to go on trips and the older young people was great. I remember so many of the older young people whom I remember being so gentle and loving. My goal was to one day grow up and go to Haiti with them. However, I felt Stewart was strange. It was kinda of confusing to me as a child because I knew something just was not right with him. I was kinda afraid of him. I remember Gail and I thought she was so beautiful and kind and quite. She always back then wore a body or swim suit with jeans and she was very thin and tall. She had long hair and she never spoke. At age 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 I thought it was something kinda of strange with their relationship. BUT who cared at that time my parents ALWAYS faught so it really did not matter. As I got older we was use to the old Van picking us up and off to New York, Philly, etc we would go. I wonder what made my mother trust them. Thank GOD nothing happen to us under their care because again the Young Adults were so nice and kind. When I turned about 15 and my brother was 16 we started noticing little changes maybe we just never noticed before……….they would stand people in the middle of the large group and it was almost like the person standing in the middle of the group was being fussed with or something…..all I know is I did not want to be stood up and comfronted like that. I started noticing more and more indiviuals was standing there crying or something……..ughhh I was to young to really understand what happen. It was so long ago. Today, I am 46 and I still remember his teachings and his coldness but I also remember the love of his followers. I think about these people a lot through out my life. I am glad I did not grow up into this cult but I am glad I had the chance to meet the young adults that was serious about their beliefs. I am glad they came into my life and changed it…..but again I am glad I got out and as an adult I am Buddist but in some strange way I still believe in Jesus. So if some of you was from the Washington DC Mission I just would like to tell you back then you guys saved my life. I hope you are just as kind and loving as you was back then. My point is yeah yeah Stewart was a strange person……but his followers was changing people lives because you changed and saved mine. thank you to the Mission that was in Washington, DC from a little black girl that needed you at the time……….peace

  27. Pingback: Stewart Traill and The Church of Bible Understanding | Mysterious PA

  28. hello these are still workin to # 1 stewart hope you leave this religious sect ,,,,,stewart just wants many they have many store in new York and California Pennsylvania Scranton pa 400 Gilligan st 18508and brook st sctanton pa 18505…..people all with cheap labor and latin who work hard for these pirates …..# 2…..kevin browne # 3 tim mcandrews # 4 linda mcandrews # 3 Barbara mac # 5 jerry m # 6 joe stren #7 jim di #8 Barbara b #9noel b #10 bob muller #11 sara #12 Alicia b #13 Alvin #14 ana #15 Andrew p # 16 bob d #17 bob dunn #18 bob j # 19 bob white #20 Charles m #21 chuck #22dave c #23 Debbie s #24 Diana h #25 Dianne l #26 Elizabeth # 27 Ernesto #28 fayle l #29 fillip #30 Gregg b #31 haroldynne #32 hub linda #33 jay rohlph #34 jim o # 35 Kathy d # 36 Kristi #37 l;aurend #38 liz bailey #39 Margaret #40 mike w #41 pat fair #42 pat w #43 paul barne #44 paul bltthn #45 paul sz # 46 pegi #47 ron #48 Sonia # 49 steve b # 50 tarah #51 t l #52 tim jr #53 veronica #54 vinny m ,,,,,,, and more people … case Haiti faults orphanage run by well off us church ,,, abc news,,,,,,,,,please bye soon k m

  29. Was in the group from 1973 to 1983 – everything said above is true – definitely making people feel guilty if they leave the group, making them think God will never forgive them, etc. I left after we all were asked to vote if the “church” should buy Stewart a nice home in New Jersey (while we all lived at poverty level in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan) and when we voted “No” (I was there) he used the church money to buy it anyway.

    • Yes – He is alive – mid 70s by now – has a compound estate in Florida 4 planes and an entourage of servants. He is still with Gayle too & Haiti orphanage is still there.Last count was about 40 diehards still living ‘in’ the delusion~!

      • Hello. Do you remember any of the people from the Lamb House in Philadelphia? Does anyone remember his son, Stewart (Sonny)?

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